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My way to the cuckold

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My cuckoldization began slowly, and I had no idea where it would lead.

I quit working, and that was the beginning of the end for me. I had a sizable bankroll. I want to spend the rest of my life with my wife, Karin, and their two children at their house.

My great love was Karin, a 1.65 m short woman who was little overweight. Rather than relying on me and becoming unhappy at home, she wanted to continue working as an employee at a bank.

Since then I’ve been in charge of the entire home, including cooking, cleaning, shopping, and ironing, as well as going out with friends or acquaintances after work and supper. Because of my dread of being abandoned by her and the total commitment I wanted to offer her, I acted in a modest manner towards her. Because she’s as smart as she is, she obviously noticed and grabbed hold of me. Because she was aware that I could only be so joyful at any one time, it wasn’t a surprise that we came up with the topic during one of our nighttime conversations.

Your browser history has been dominated by the themes of CFNM, cuckoo, and little cock in the previous several days,” says Christoph. – she slammed her fist into my face.

This is correct,” I said. I intend to devote myself entirely to you. Since I can’t make you satisfied with my small cock nonetheless, you should no longer have to go without other guys. What I really want is for you to be my slaving mistress and master. ”

Despite the fact that my tail was absurd in its regular form, every 12-year-old had one that was larger than mine. Adding insult to injury, the foreskin was excessively lengthy.

– your appearance resembled the trunk of an elephant. Out of humility and apprehension of failing, I stopped touching my wife. The dildo is something she always used, so I set one down in front of the laptop. Both of us were unhappy with the situation.

She said, “That’s great – I’m sure a lot will change in the future.” “First, you’ll be chaste; then, you’ll go on.”

1. The education

As part of her plan, the next day we traveled to a nearby piercing studio to have an acorn ring inserted into my frenulum. A fan of geometry may calculate that the ring was close to the glans ring in the slack condition, and that it pulled the foreskin back, but what was pleasant about a child’s tail belonging to a 50-year-old?

Piercing a man’s penis with an erection may be quite painful, according to the piercer.

A glans that is thicker in an erection will exert greater pressure on the glans ring’s groove.


“Let me deal with that.” His trousers were now clearly visible to the piercer.

Only if his prostate is inflamed will he be able to spray. When I had to learn to stop getting an erection, it was hell on earth.

It was always excruciating. My sperm count has risen after I put on the glans ring.

My impression was that it went up to the ends of my hair.

It is time for you to clean your body and your genitals, scumbag! Ten paddle strikes on the bare bottom were the penalty for non-compliance.

I had no idea what was about to happen. At your request, I put on a pair of thongs, sweat trousers, and a T-shirt and waited.

Let’s drive to Beate Uhse, please!

Just a few seconds after I stated it, it was already done. That’s where the next humiliation was waiting for me! We exited the store and headed to the next salesperson. In the next porn cinema, where unsatisfied males congregated alone or in pairs, hell was raging. Because it was Saturday afternoon, the perfect moment to deliver a slave, it was no surprise.

My spouse is in need of a butt-plug and Karin’s loud speech has caused the business to go silent. Everyone sat up and paid attention, and they all had their eyes on me. I was put on display in front of the entire world.

Nodding, the saleswoman walked to the correct shelf. “We’ll take the locked one, the inflated plug one and the huge cock one,” Karin stated after a lengthy discussion of each type with the salesperson. “You’re screwed by my pal,” I tell you.

There it was – not only should I be at your service, but a strange man was also supposed to shove me anal.

“What are you gazing at, then?” he asks. Then she yelled at me. “I’ll put an end to your bi-fantasies!” Karin went on to explain to the stunned onlookers.

After we made our purchases and paid, I was ready to leave.

“Don’t you want to say thank you, you horny pig?” she said.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, I added, “What can I do for you, my lady?”

Now, we’re going to the movies. Big Cock will be used for you, and I will be raped by a stranger, and you’ll blow a cock till you’re squirting and swallowing sperm! ”

Nothing helped, not even the weakening of my knees. Individual males had already arrived at the theatre to take advantage of the opportunity.

A huge venue with a large screen was Karin’s choice for the presentation. The film’s plot was never going to interest anyone regardless.

Turn around and kneel down!

Seeing my cock, which had shrunk to the shortest possible size for the scenario, I lowered my pants. About ten males cracked a chuckle at the same time. My wife grabbed up the lubricant when I turned and stooped. Some of the cocks that I saw being taken out and masturbated by males were so large that I could barely see them in my peripheral vision.

“Relax! Let go with the pussy!” During the time my wife was lubricating the dildo, I realized that my glans ring was becoming more and more inflamed.

I suddenly felt a tug on my groin area. As the males hooted, my wife slipped a dildo inside her husband’s rectum. In response to Karin’s command, “whoever with the largest cock should walk forward—a blowjob is promised!” Arrived was an unidentified negro. Its erect tail measures 23×5. “Swallow his juice! Open your mouth!”

It was an experience that I will never forget. We were able to blow cocks in front of everyone and I was even permitted to have my prostrate massaged. I felt the pain of the glans ringing and the calming sensation of the massed prostate condense into a concoction of uncharted passion as I sought to make the Negro’s cock shoot and take it up to the mouth.

Negro also pushed back and forth in my mouth as I sucked on his half. It wasn’t until a passion bomb went off inside of me that I realized I had no idea what men’s testicles tasted like. The Negro had sprayed his pleasure mixture on my palate as I was having a cold orgasm from a prostate massage. Even though I tried to choke it back up, I managed to get it all down.

I sank on my knees when the men applauded. I stood up when the dildo was removed from my rosette.

My wife had vanished. But it wasn’t she who had gotten under my skin; it had been an older man, and I could see that he had thoroughly enjoyed it. With his trousers down, his erection was plain to see.

Did you tell them thank you, Christoph? I was surprised by my wife’s accusatory tone, given the size of the tube in her shaved vulva. Cup-C tits that had not yet succumbed to gravity were played by two hands from behind. Getting my hands on her tits was already off limits.

Even though I hadn’t had access to our shared beds for two years, I could still hear my wife’s screams of delight as he chewed and blew his ancient pipe. Because the older guy demanded my whole focus, she didn’t let me watch her climax.

We exited the porn theatre an hour after my wife started filling my rear hole. Three additional cocks had to blow in the meanwhile.

As we climbed back into the car to head home, I remarked, “Thank you, Master.”

2. The acquaintance who lives in the house.

Your “ultimate fate as a cuckold” is to be fucked by someone else from now on. When I get raped at the Hotel Morgenrot tonight, you’ll take me there and then return me back home. “You little-tailed no-good!”

I was dying to see it. My wife engulfed me as we parted ways. God knows she wasn’t underdressed, even without underwear, a bra, or even a semi-transparent white dress that exposed her suspenders.

On the one hand, I was heartbroken that I couldn’t make you happy, but on the other hand, you were never a kid of unhappiness, so you weren’t bothered by your prominent existence.

She arrived two hours later. She had a stench of sex. We got in the car and headed back to the apartment. “Suck it up!” To show me her aching pussy lips, she laid down on the sofa and spread her shaved cunt. Finally, I slathered her in a thick layer of moisturizer.

And the next day was already the new date.

Why didn’t you clean the dishes, you little-tailed no-good?



Two years after I made the decision to stay at home with my children, she snapped at me. When I raised my eyes, I realized that I had been vacuuming. When I saw you with another man, I was astonished.

in the dining room of my house. “I haven’t done it yet,” I confessed. Having to wear only an acorn ring and butt plug for six months when there were no children in the house exacerbated my feelings of shame.

He remarked, “which is so hilarious, that’s your Sissi,” to which the man replied, “that’s your sis.”

It is Christoph,” my wife confirmed. “And he has a little dick!” said the person who brutally tortured my testicles with his hands. I made an effort to stop myself from having an erection.

The name’s Sabbir, and I’m your newest housemate. To avoid the paddle, we’re going to have a three-person marriage from now on. He’ll provide orders, and you’ll follow them exactly as I would.

Sabbir burst out laughing. Sabbir’s licking and blowing abilities were praised by my wife.

Let’s see what you’ve got, shall we? In response, Sabbir lowered his suit pants and remarked.

Blow him up.” She said the same thing at the same moment as her husband, Sabbir.

I dreaded putting my trousers down, but the outcome was a stunning 18×5 cropped tail that was just dying to be unleashed.

He watched her remove her dress from the corner of his eye while sucking on the tail with rhythmic suction motions. She was just wearing a thin strip of pubic hair since she had left her bra and underwear at home and decided to go out without them today.

She sat down on the couch and spread her legs wide apart. “Christoph, please lick me!” Remember Sabbir, too!

This is ludicrous. Occasionally, I’d let my tongue run over Sabbir’s crotch while occasionally licking my wife’s. I’d been using a locking plug with a key my wife gave me while Sabbir was using the key she had given him.

“Stop!”. My glans ring rubbed against my erect glans as Sabbir shifted positions and pierced my wife.

It’s time to orgasm on your wife, man! In Sabbir’s words, I was ordered.

Smiling, I knelt down on the sofa and began to rhythmically lick my wife’s legs apart with my clit and labia while showing her my ass rosette and showing my ass.

Sabbir began anal inserting his cock, still moist from my wife’s cunt juice, at my rear entrance. “Relax, it won’t hurt,” he murmured kindly.

I was penetrated by a guy for the first time with gentle forward-back motions, gradually deepening the bumps.

He was clearly having a good time, and I was too. I had to pay attention so I wouldn’t forget about my wife.

Suddenly, my bowel was filled with his warm load, I had an orgasm in my rectum, and my wife came in convulsive twitches that caused her vulva to spasm. We all arrived at the same moment.

My wife told Sabbir, “Well, I didn’t tell you – his asshole is good.” “That’s correct, but he can’t make you happy as a fagot,” the latter said. “But that’s why you’re here right now,” my wife gently said. Let him be our slave, because his asshole isn’t too big. He’s also good at sucking and blowing.

My fate had been decided long ago.

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