Sex with Roommate


 540  In My Room- Sex with the Roommate It was a lazy weekend afternoon and I was feeling extremely sleepy so I decided to take a quick nap in my room. My name is Rashee, I’m 25 and I live in Mumbai. I came to Mumbai to find work after having a master’s degree in…

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Fuck My Step Daughter


 493  Sex with My Step-Daughter Lima Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of My stepdaughter Lima celebrated her eighteenth birthday three months ago. She is, in my eyes, a pretty young woman, 170 cm tall, has medium-blonde shoulder-length hair, dark eyes, and a slim figure. In jeans she has a real bubble…

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 413  Romantic Story Under the Parking Lamp The evening dragged on again, I only work briefly as a graphic designer in a large advertising studio. I am glad that I was given the chance to join in right after I finished my design studies. Now we have accepted a large order for which our team…

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 537  Uncle Fucked Virgin Daughter  To say that Monaliwas frustrated was an excessive exaggeration. Monalistood on the terrace of a castle hotel in the midst of her annoying relatives. It was her great-grandmother’s 100th birthday and everyone in the family had come to this feudal festival. Monalicame from a very wealthy family with all very…

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Chicks Bang


 549  The story of Sorority Chicks Bang Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of Omega Bi was not your typical sorority. It was not made up of cute, pink wearing, girly girls. They were cool, butch and did not care. It would be easier to compare them to some of the fraternities…

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Sex in Haveli


 494  Sex in Haveli with My Guard My name is Pooja and this is a tale of my steamy sex with one of my guards. We live in a city and my husband stays in London mostly. I am alone back here and manage little assignments for business assigned by my husband. We have a…

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Creamy Pussy


 509  Aunty’s cock in didi’s creamy pussy Friends, My name is Sanju.  I live in Jammu.  I and my elder sister Rachna and my father are in my house.  My mother passed away 3 years ago.  We are Kashmiri Brahmins.  Initially, our house was in the valleys of Gulmarg.  But when there was a riot…

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Widow Mami


 487  Mami’s sex appetite The story of chudai happened when Mami called me to her house and started asking about the existence of my girlfriend, due to which I came to know about her chudasi intention.   Hello, friends.  My name is Kunal. I am from Delhi.  I am 25 years old and currently working…

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Army Man Wife Fuck Thirsty Pussy


 520  How are the readers of   So once again I am here with a hot sex story.   This story is of an army man having sex with his wife who was very sensual and thirsty for sex and she blossomed further after getting the heat of my body and the hot water…

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Auntie Pussy Heated up in the Rally. Part-2


 389  Me- ma’am why don’t you have an affair with anyone    Vandana – No I can’t do that.  No matter what, I don’t want to cheat on my husband.    All these things had brought more boom in my cock.  And my cock was going up and down.  On which Vandana was being watched…

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Sex with the Widowed Professor Part – 2


 455  It had been 40 minutes after fucking, now I was about to fall.  So I said Archana, I am going to fall, then she said that I want to take water from your cock in the pussy, take out your cock and then she quickly lay down and dragged me on top of her…

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Netaji Fucked my Pussy instead of Ticket.


 471  Friends, as I promised each other that I will bring the more excited stories or you. So here I am with the new story of true incident only on   Let’s start with excerpts from the opening part of the story and its brief introduction.   Hello friends my name is Sapna Rani…

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