अम्मी की चुत


 712  अम्मी की चुत में मेरे टीचर का लन्ड कैसे हो दोस्तों? दुआ करती हूं सब अच्छे होंगे। यह सेक्स कहानी मेरी अम्मी और टीचर के बीच हुए सेक्स की है।   मेरा नाम जन्नत है मेरी अम्मी का नाम नाज है, मेरी अम्मी मुझसे भी ज्यादा खूबसूरत हैं। वह हमेशा बुर्के में रहती हैं।…

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Fire of Pussy


 425  Fire of Pussy, Friend, And Revenge He also put a finger in my pussy without delay.  He came in shorts and he was also not wearing underwear.  I bent over and pulled his shorts down and started sucking his cock in my mouth. Then I said go to the back seat.  By the time…

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रूबी का महकता जिस्म


 624  रूबी का महकता जिस्म – बहुत से डूबे इस चुत की गहराई में     https://nightqueenstories.com जंगल में फैले सनते के बिच उसका महल था , अपने शिकार को वह अपने साथ ले आई थी। साडी तो रूबी उतार चुकी थी और बस ब्लाउज में से दिख रहे उसके स्तन उसके हर कदम पर…

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Ammi Pussy


 461  My teacher’s cock in my mother’s-Ammi pussy How are you guys?  I pray all will be well. This sex story is about the sex between my mother and teacher.   My name is Jannat, my Ammi-mother’s name is Naaz, my mother is more beautiful than me.  She always wears a burqa.  But at home,…

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एक चोदू विल्लन


 497  भोला सिंह – एक चोदू विल्लन https://nightqueenstories.com “भोला देख ना , क्या नचनिया है रे , देख देख जैसे ठुमका लगाती है उसकी दूध की थैली हिलती है। हमको तो बड़ा मज़ा आ रहा है रे। मन पर काबू नहीं हो पा रहा। जरा कुछ करो , जल्दी से। ”    minister ध्रुवा सिंह अपना…

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Cock in My Juicy Pussy


 1,697  My teacher’s cock in my juicy pussy My warm greetings to the dear readers of https://nightqueenstories.com.   How are you guys? I hope you will be fine.  Friends, my name is Jannat Khan.  My height is 5, 5.  And my figure is 32-28-36.  My skin looks like an Englishwoman and absolutely milky white.  I…

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Fucked Brother Cock – Part 2


 541  Sister and sister-in-law together fucked brother’s cock.  part 2 Hello friends, how are you all?  I hope you will be well.   Let me tell my new https://nightqueenstories.com readers about myself.   Friends, my name is Sanaya.  I am from karnal Punjab.  We are two siblings.  My brother is one year younger than me. …

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एक चुदकड़ हसीना


 567  नज्म आपा – एक चुदकड़ हसीना https://nightqueenstories.com तूफानी बारिश में सड़क पर खड़ी एक सफ़ेद गाड़ी , ही रही थी। शफीक , “नज्म आपा , रफ़ी भाई को पता नहीं चलेगा ना ?” नज्म , “आह आह… , तू कुछ और मत सोच बस मेरी चुत मार। तेरे बड़े लंड की चाहत कबसे थी…

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Fucked From Brother Cock – Part 1


 484  Sister and sister-in-law together fucked brother’s cock.  part 1 And then he took off my nightie.  Now the fire of sex had flared up in my body too, so I started protesting against it.  Then he tore off my bra in a jiffy and threw it aside.  And took my teats in his mouth…

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Thirst Quenched with Stranger Part-2


 355  Daughter’s cock and mother’s pussy – years of thirst quenched with a stranger part-2 My name is Nighat I am from Goa.  I am 37 years old.  I have 2 girls, a 19-year-old Sania and an 18-year-old Alia.  For the last 10 years, I am living alone with my daughters.  Because my husband gave…

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Thirst Quenched with Stranger Part-1


 392  Daughter’s cock and mother’s pussy – years of thirst quenched with a stranger part-1 The Cock Lund which was mine a while back has now belonged to Sania.  Then she lay me on the bed and started kissing me, that fake cock was rubbing on my pussy, which I was enjoying very much.  Then…

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Aunt Nephew Sex Story – Part 2


 539  Auntie’s Aanchal and the fire of youth. Chachi ki Aanchal aur Jawani ki Aag  part 2 Then aunt threw the sheet.  She was lying completely naked.  And pulled me and started kissing.  I also started kissing them.  We kept on kissing for about 5, 7 minutes.  Then she started pushing my head down.  and…

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Aunt Nephew Sex Story


 493  Auntie’s Aanchal and the fire of youth – Part 1 As soon as I put the gown up, she saw a huge 40-inch wide ass with a striped panty.  Both her butts were open.  And the panty strip was lost somewhere in the crevice of her ass.  My condition got worse.  Then I started…

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LandLord Aunty’s Love


 559  Landlady Aunty’s love – Makan Malkin Aunty ka Pyar   Hello friends, my name is Sahil. I live in a rented flat in Mumbai.  I am 28 years old and I am working.   This story is of me and my landlady (Makan Malkin) Sumita Aunty.   Sumita Aunty is 45 years old and…

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Bhaijaan Fucks Pussy


 526  Bhaijaan fucks my pussy Hello readers, hope all is well.  Friends, my name is Fiza, I am from a very big Muslim family.  My house is like a king maharaja in a way.  I am 19 years old.  32 boobs-nipples, 26 waists, and 34 ass can make anyone drunk.  We are 9 siblings of…

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