Naked Parasailing


 333  PARASAILING TO PARADISE Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of When my closest buddy and I were on vacation together, we decided to try parasailing on one of the days of our trip. I was a little nervous because I was flying so high, but I’m going to give it a…

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Bully Sexy Mom


 661  Banging Rachna’s Bully’s Mom Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of Rachana felt a cocktail of nostalgia, anticipation, and anxiety as she drove to her hometown. She only left a year ago, but already felt like a different person. College does that to people. She went to a good school in…

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Fucked by Strangers in the Woods – Part 1


 432  I and my Sexy Friend were Fucked by Strangers in the Woods (Part 1) Hi friends. I am going to narrate a story about a wild experience that we enjoyed on a road trip. My name is Gopi, I am 23 years old and my friend with me on this wild roller coaster was…

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Sex in Haveli


 487  Sex in Haveli with My Guard My name is Pooja and this is a tale of my steamy sex with one of my guards. We live in a city and my husband stays in London mostly. I am alone back here and manage little assignments for business assigned by my husband. We have a…

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Best Things of my Life


 335  The Best Three of Rahul’s life Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of My name is Rahul. In terms of my sexual escapades, I have been extremely lucky…or perhaps extremely unlucky. You, the reader, maybe the judge of that after you finish my short tale of torrid triumph. (Don’t you just…

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The Curious Moment


 338  The Anonymous & The Curious Moment Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of “Hello? Is anyone home?” My daughter, Tanni, had been talking to me about her upcoming party, but her mind had drifted. She was a junior in college, but her best friend Kristy was a senior this year and…

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Ammi Pussy


 454  My teacher’s cock in my mother’s-Ammi pussy How are you guys?  I pray all will be well. This sex story is about the sex between my mother and teacher.   My name is Jannat, my Ammi-mother’s name is Naaz, my mother is more beautiful than me.  She always wears a burqa.  But at home,…

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Widow Aunt and Her Thirsty Pussy


 537  Tears started flowing from Aunt’s eyes. I also held her by the neck and said, I am an aunt and will not take care of you. Don’t you feel alone? Hearing this, she squeezed me harder. His nipples were very hard. My cock started getting hard now. And he felt it. Because my cock…

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 424  I am Rithika. My friend Ratul works as a mechanic and is often on the road for weeks. I was pretty upset when Ratul told me that I had to celebrate my birthday alone this because he had to go to assembly at that time. When he said goodbye, he promised me a birthday…

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