A Sparkling Surprise for Gauri


They had agreed twenty minutes ago. Both had one thing in mind when they went out and wanted to tear open someone. It was not the first time that Gauri was looking for a partner for the night in the bar, where she had found it now.

The bar was well known as a lesbian hangout and although there were many heterosexual men and women there were plenty of willing women who wanted to have fun with a stranger for a night. Gauri has been doing this for several years now and has rarely been disappointed.

Anyone who embarked on an adventure knew from the start that it was about simple sex and not about a future partnership. Gauri didn’t want more.

Aayush saw it the same way and although Gauri had only met her two hours ago, she was sure that she felt the same way.

They had driven to her home in Gauri’s car and Aayush had fiddled with her while she was driving. She had put her between her legs and obviously already loved to seduce Gauri while driving. Gauri loved it when her partners were lustful and pushy and she had to pull herself together to resist the seduction.

Since Gauri did not want to be fondled while driving, Aayush stopped by herself and began to masturbate in the passenger seat. When Gauri finally unlocked the apartment door, she was so horny as she hadn’t in a long time. Now she didn’t want to mess around with unnecessary phrases or offer her guest something to drink. Now she wanted real dirty and especially hot sex with this blonde woman.

According to Aayush, she was 23, four years younger than Gauri. Supposedly she was bisexual, which Gauri did not care at the moment as long as she spoiled her pussy with her nimble tongue and long fingers.

On the way to the bedroom they undressed each other and only reached the bed wearing panties. They almost tore them off their bodies and before Gauri could give in to her urge to lick Aayush’s pussy, this came before her and pushed her into the reserve.

With her thighs apart, Gauri expected Aayush’s tongue and then finally experienced the longed-for tongue game. Most of the women she had had used their tongues correctly. After all, they had personally experienced where it was most beautiful. Aayush was no exception and went to work with such a commitment that Gauri was almost afraid of being harmed.

Aayush kissed, licked and bit at times in and on her cunt and did things that Gauri had not experienced in this form for a long time. After a while of enjoyment, she returned the favor and dived into the other woman’s lap. Like her, Aayush was shaved bald and her venus mound was adorned with a heart- shaped tattoo. In addition, she wore a small ring on a labia, which was a new experience for Gauri.

She had never had a pierced genital area. However, this fact only attracted her even more and Gauri tried to spoil her guest with full devotion and delight. They took turns again and again and Gauri already had several small orgasms. She would certainly be able to savor a really huge one in the near future.

But now she turned back to the needs of the other woman. Based on Aayush’s reactions and body movements, Gauri suspected that she was just about to peak. Gauri therefore intensified her efforts and licked as hard as possible, at the same time pushing the index finger of the right hand in and out of the wet channel.

Now Aayush also articulated her increased lust and faster breathing and the twitching movements testified to her lust. Then a shrill cry escaped Aayush’s throat, followed by a tremor in the abdomen. She held out her pelvis to Gauri and her behavior left no doubt what she was experiencing.

What happened next surprised Gauri and met her completely unprepared.

While she was still moving her tongue through the narrow channel, a gush of liquid suddenly shot out of Aayush and spilled over Gauri’s face. Gauri reacted to this and eluded Aayush’s intimate area. The other woman continued to scream loudly and squeeze more small fountains of the bright liquid out of her pussy, which now spilled onto the bed sheet.

Gauri had straightened up now and was completely perplexed. After a while the surge subsided and Aayush seemed to come to her senses. She looked at Gauri with a slightly guilty expression and said, “Maybe I should have told you beforehand that I always hosed down.”

At first Gauri said nothing. Whatever was sprayed on was still running down her face and neck. Then she collected himself and said “And I thought you had to pee.”

“No, I didn’t,” said Aayush. “Even though I’ve done it with a guy before.” “Peed on him?” Gauri asked.

“Yes … Just for fun,” Aayush admitted with a grin.

She straightened up and looked into Gauri’s eyes. “Were you scared?” “A little,” admitted the latter. “Does that actually happen every time?” “Only if I have an orgasm,” said Aayush, smiling.

“What an unusual talent,” was the only thing Gauricould think of. “It’s not that unusual,” said Aayush. “And for me it seems to be in the family … My sister and my mother can do that too.”

Gauri’s expression apparently caused Aayush to explain. “You wonder how I know that?”

“No … I mean, maybe.” Gauri admitted. “I wonder how you know about your mother and sister.”

Aayush smiled and said, “What do you think who I asked when it happened to me for the first time?”

Gauri found the course of the evening absolutely unusual. She was after hot sex with a well-built woman and herself hoped for a nice orgasm. Shewas still waiting for the orgasm and instead listened to the story of a strange woman who had discovered the art of ejaculation.

The topic always seemed interesting. “You seem to be very open about it?”

“What else is there for me?”, Clarified Aayush. “Believe me … In the beginning I didn’t find it as funny as now.”

Gauri smiled to herself and said “Wow Do you actually know that itwas the first time for me to lick a pierced pussy? And then the nextsurprise will follow. ”

“Would you have taken me with you if you knew beforehand? “Aayush wanted to know.

“Should I have asked that beforehand? “By the way   will you inject my bedsheet afterwards?” “Gauri asked in a disguised voice.

“You asked me if I wanted to fuck with you, “Aayush commented with a grin. “Maybe I just didn’t think it would happen to me,” Gauri guessed.

“Are you disappointed now?” Asked the other woman.

“No, not that   However, I would also like to have such a hot orgasm.”,

Gauri indicated and then saw the smiling Aayush dive between her thighs.

Less than ten minutes later, Gauri experienced a huge climax, which she commented loudly In contrast to Aayush’s moment, she spared the bedding. Then they snuggled up to each other and looked into each other’s eyes.

“Tell me what it was like when you first hosed”, asked Gauri.

“Are you really interested in this?” Asked Aayush, who had meanwhile rested her head on one arm.

“If you want to keep this to yourself   I’m curious, though,” Gauriadmitted.

Aayush smiled mischievously and then began to tell. “I was 17 at the time, I think. I had been playing around for a couple of years and had even had a few small orgasms. All in all, I was happy with my little sexual world and I didn’t want to anymore. No boys or whatever.

But suddenly something changed for me. My highlights became more intense and more beautiful but with these awesome moments there were small side effects         My pussy leaked and at first I naturally thought that my bladderhad emptied at the moment of ecstasy. The same thing happened later, even though I had been to the toilet just before.

Then I wasn’t satisfied for a while, but I quickly missed that. But even after the short abstinence I had to spray again and I knew no other advice than to trust my older sister. ”

“How old was she then? “Asked Gauri.

“Ramona is two years older than me. At that time, she was probably around 19 or 20 “, Aayush indicated.” It took a lot of effort for me to inaugurate it, because I was afraid that she would laugh at me and tease me with it. But then she reacted quite unexpectedly    she had the same problem if youwanted to see it as such. ”

“Did she suffer from it?” Asked Gauri.

“In the beginning, I think.”, Aayush explained. “But later she came to terms with it … Who wants to do without the fun because of such a little thing  ?

At first I was glad that it wasn’t just me So it happened. But then I started to suspect that Ramona just said it to reassure me. So I doubted her claim …until she proved me otherwise. ”

Aayush demonstratively paused in her narrative, paying close attention to Gauri’s reaction. She forgot to breathe for a moment and asked, “Did you do what I’m imagining?”

“Sure,” Aayush admitted. “The best way to convince doubters is by letting them speak. I thought it was unusual at the time that my sister wanted to indulge in masturbation with me, but I didn’t regret it I liked it and I think Ramona had a lot of fun with it too. ”

“And you could see with your own eyes that it was splashing with her too,” Gauri concluded.

“When I was 17, I didn’t get as much as I did now, so of course I was amazed at how much Ramona was able to achieve in her happy moment. I was completely fascinated but also scared and I was wondering how many literswould flow out of me in a few years … But then it settled down to a reasonable level and what happened to you you experienced yourself. ”

Group sex

“And your mother? “Gauri took up Aayush’s statement from earlier. The idea of ??what Aayush was doing excited her again.

“You will hardly believe it, but my mother caught Ramona and me at some point,” admitted Aayush.

“So you did it together later?” Gauri asked incredulously.

“Sure,” the other woman confirmed. “You can repeat what you like … In any case, we were lying on Ramona’s bed at the time and were very busy when the door suddenly opened and my mother was standing in the door frame.”

“How did she react?” Gauri asked.

“She didn’t like my older sister doing it with me,” said Aayush. “Of course she wanted me to have my own experience, but she didn’t like the fact that Ramona was there to help me.”

“Why actually?” Gauri asked. “I mean …

that’s what big sisters are for, right?” “I didn’t mention that we weren’t dealing with ourselves but with each other,” Aayush burst another bomb.

“You’re kidding me now, aren’t you?” Gauri doubted.

“No, it’s true,” the other woman promised. “Ramona and I exchanged ideas and took pleasure in our mutual masturbation   At some point we becamecurious and approached each other. I was now of legal age, which is why Ramona probably no longer had any inhibitions about approaching me. And we liked it very much. ”

“I have to say that I find your story very stimulating. “Gauri admitted. “We can do it again right away,” suggested Aayush, grinning.

When Gauri didn’t reply, she continued her story. “In any case, Ramona and I had our heads in the other’s lap when my mother came in. She said nothing at first and stared at us for a while. Then she sat down on the bed with us and we talked. ”

“With what result? “Gauri wanted to know.

“She could understand our needs, even if she didn’t approve of them,” said Aayush. “She didn’t ask us to stop doing it because she hardly thought we would adhere to them     You just asked us to think about whether we reallywant that. ”

“And    did you want to?” Gauri asked.

“A year later Ramona moved out with us and then we rarely saw her.”, Aayush indicated. “But until then we regularly had fun and regularly drenched our beds … That’s why our mother is too worked out what is with us After all,she did the laundry. ”

“Did she ask you about it?” Asked Gauri.

“She asked frankly whether we use water for our activities,” said Aayush. “Then Ramona told her about our phenomena, whereupon my mother looked shocked but then laughed           And then she told us that it was exactly the samewith her.”

“Did she show you?”, Gauri asked curiously.

“No. That went too far for her, “Aayush clarified.” It was enough for her to know that her two daughters had sex with each other. She didn’t want to do that either. ”

“Would you like to have seen it?” Gauri wanted to know.

“Sure I have to say, to be honest, that I have imagined from time to timehow I do masturbation together with Ramona and my mother and we then spray our juice together. “, Aayush admitted. “But unfortunately that didn’t happen.”

Gauri looked curiously at the young woman in front of her. She wouldn’t have thought so many secrets in one person. She tried to imagine if she could imagine a similar constellation in her own family, but she could definitely not. Gauri had always had a distant sex relationship with her mother, and even today her mother struggled with the fact that her daughter was not into men and would probably not give her the planned grandchildren.

And her two siblings always made sure to hide their sexuality from Gauri,so that there was no remarkable constellation with each other. But the story of Aayush had spurred Gauri’s arousal again and she just had to have great sex again. “Let’s do it again.”

Anal Sex

Aayush didn’t reply and just grinned. They moved towards each other and took the 69 position, with both of them on their sides so that neither had to be up or down. Then they turned to their ready pussies and put tongues and fingers in. While Gauri was serving Aayush’s grotto, her thoughts kept wandering to her youth experiences.

That Aayush was supposed to have had sex with her own sister, even with her mother’s consent, was just amazing. But just as cool and stimulating and her growing ecstasy confirmed the effect of her ideas.

Slowly but surely both partners came into heavenly spheres, which was shown by their articulated sex sounds. Gauri then moved away from Aayush and positioned herself between her legs. She refrained from stimulating her own cunt and concentrated on getting Aayush to cum again. While she had reacted earlier, now she was eagerly waiting for the special phenomenon to be repeated.

Aayush’s reactions to Gauri’s oral arts suggested that Aayush was not far from another climax. Gauri began to lick the intimate ring and also put her finger in, which Aayush acknowledged with a sigh of pleasure. Then her breathing changed and Gauri knew that she had the other woman right there. “Yes, spray me full, you bitch.”

She intensified her finger play and Aayush finally passed the point and signaled the onset of orgasm. Shortly thereafter, a gush of light liquid shot into Gauri’s face and she received it with her mouth open. She swallowed large parts of the juice and then put her tongue between the irritated labia again. More bursts of the juice came out and wet Gauri’s face, but she stubbornly stuck to the pussy and sucked Aayush out according to all the rules of the art.

She just had a lot of fun and although she has been neglected so far, she felt her own climax approaching. When it almost came to her, she broke away from Aayush and sat on her bed with her legs apart. Aayush was still in the seventh orgasmic sky and could not rush to help her. Therefore Gauri took care of the beautiful problem all by herself and worked her clit with rhythmicfriction through her fingers.

It was even more violent than the first time a few minutes earlier. Gauri screamed out her joy and enjoyed the particularly long hot moment. For almost a minute she rubbed between her legs until all the stimuli had finally abated.

Completely exhausted but happy, she looked at Aayush, who was still in front of her and had turned to Gauri.

“I think … I haven’t come as hot in a long time as I just did.” Gauri admitted.

“I can only return the compliment.”, Aayush hurried to say. She crouched and leaned over to Gauri. Then they kissed passionately and then looked each other in the eye for a long time.

“Do you have any plans for tomorrow morning or could we perhaps repeat all of this for the next few hours?” Gauri asked with a certain anticipation in her eyes. Aayush didn’t answer anything because her mischievous grin answered all questions.

In the next story, I will write a story named “Anjali’s second visit to Nimit”.




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