Widow Mami


Mami’s sex appetite

The story of chudai happened when Mami called me to her house and started asking about the existence of my girlfriend, due to which I came to know about her chudasi intention.


Hello, friends.  My name is Kunal. I am from Delhi.  I am 25 years old and currently working in a private company.  I am sharing with you my experience.. which happened with me and my maternal Aunty – Mami.


Let me tell you about my Mami’s.

Aunty pussy

She is very sexy.  Her height is 5.5″ and she is a very sexy lady, her figure is 36-30-38 .  Her age is 38 years old..but she seems to be 25 now.  Whenever a man sees them. his penis is bound to stand up.


Friends, her ass is a little raised.. and when she walks with a chuckle.. just now I feel like putting my cock and put it on the floor.


Mami has two children who are still young and her husband i.e. my maternal uncle passed away two years ago.  He used to drink a lot.  After the death of the maternal uncle, the maternal uncle started feeling a little sad.  But with time everything became normal. Earlier, I didn’t go to Mami’s house much and I had nothing wrong with Mami.


But one day my friend and I were going on a bike from near his house, then she was standing outside the house and seeing me gave a voice and I stopped the bike. Mami said- You haven’t seen Happy’s wedding video?  Happy is my cousin and she just got married.  So I said – no. I haven’t got the CD yet.  Mami said- I have the CD, you take it.


I told aunt- I am going to drop my friend at his house.. just leave it at home and I will come now.. then I will take the CD. When I went to my maternal uncle’s house.. her behavior with me was a little changed.. she was talking openly to me. Mami’s younger daughter who will be 10 years old.. had gone to her maternal uncle’s house due to holidays. Her younger son who is 6 years old at home… She and her maternal aunt were at home. Mami asked me to sit. So I sat in her room in which the TV was on.  I started watching TV.


Till then aunt brought me tea and I started drinking tea.  Mami also sat on the bed with me and started talking with me.  Mami’s son was playing outside. Mami asked- how is everyone at home?  I said – everything is fine.


We were talking like this when my aunt asked me – do you have a girlfriend?


I was stunned to hear this from his mouth.. because she had never spoken to me like this before.  She was being frank with me. As soon as I realized this .. then I said – Mami I do not have any girlfriend. So she started laughing and said – why are you lying to me?  I said – mummy really… I don’t have a girlfriend.

Maternal aunty boobs

Friends, she was trying her best to be frank with me.  Then she asked me – you have never done anything with any girl. I said – no auntie.. she started laughing again.. so I lowered my head. Friends, most of Mami’s boobs were visible and I felt that she is attracting me more. When aunt asked again, I said – aunt has never met any girl.. with whom would she do it?  She laughed again.

Then I took a little courage and asked my maternal aunt Mami’s – now you do not remember Mama?  So the aunt said- I remember a lot.. but what can I do now?

Mami said it’s been 3 years since I got fucked up

I asked Mami- How long have you been without sex?  Mami said – I have been 3 years

I said- Oh my God… 3 years… I can’t even live a week without my fists.

 I again courageously put one of my hands on her thigh.. she did not protest.. So I started to caress his thigh with my hand. She said- this is wrong. I can’t do this to you.  I told aunt – you need sex.. and me too.. and if we have sex with you. then the talk of the house will remain in the house.


Mami was still refusing.. but was not opposing me.  I put one of my hands on his boobs and started caressing his cool boobs.  What cool boobs.. like I had gone to heaven. You are reading this story on https://nightqueenstories.com !

Hot pussy

The sound of ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh started coming from Mami’s mouth.  Then I put her on the bed.  And started kissing her. Now she too was hot and she was not even saying ‘no’.


I started kissing Boobs’ nipples on top of Mami’s shirt.  I was caressing his chute with my hand from the top of the salwar. I was having a lot of fun… mummy ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. and was making the sound of sucking loudly.


Then I took out my cock and gave it to my maternal aunt- mami.


Friend, my penis is more than 7 inches long and 3 inches thick. When Mami cooked my cock in her hand.. she was completely surprised. She told me- Hey Baap Re. Your cock is very big. It will tear my pussy.. And I have not even made anyone kiss for 3 years. Now Mami was hot and was shaking my cock in her hand. I tried to lower her salwar .. then aunt said – not now.


Because his son was playing outside. I too remained silent.  Mami was caressing my cock with her own hand and I was sucking one milk button of Mami .. and mashing the other with my hand.  On the other hand, I was caressing his pussy.


Mami was completely hot and was shaking my penis with full enthusiasm. Then I told aunt – I am going to fall. Mami started moving my cock harder and I fell down and my semen fell on Mami’s hand.  She too had fallen. I stood up and went to the bathroom and Mami also came to the bathroom.  And we both cleaned our hands and clothes. Then Mami’s son came from outside.. and both of us also came out. Now it was too much time.. so I came home. Friends, I was desperate to fuck my aunt.  One month passed like this and I didn’t get any chance.


Then one day a marriage came in the relation of aunt and her son and daughter left the house two days before the wedding.  So now the only aunt was left in his house. I was very happy and I said in the house – today I am going to his village with my friends.. why they have a party there. I will come after 2 days. I went out of the house and came to Mami’s house at night.  Mami was very happy to see me and she hugged me.  First, we both drank tea and started talking.


Mami was looking very beautiful to us that day., I slowly put one hand on Mami’s boobs and started mashing them and started kissing them.  Mami was also supporting me. Mami was wearing salwar and kameez.  First, I slowly took off my aunt’s shirt and started playing with her nipples.  Then also took off the salwar. Now Mami was in front of me only in bra and panties.  Mami was wearing a black bra and panties. Then I also took off my aunt’s bra and started sucking on her momma. Then I also took off my aunt’s panties and now her smooth pussy was in front of me. It was the first time I saw a woman naked.  I got excited and started stroking his pussy with one hand and his boobs with one hand.


Friends, she was completely hot.  I also took off all my clothes and started drinking their boobs..  Sometimes he was sucking on his lips. The sound of ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh.. ohhhhhhhhh..’ was continuously coming from Mami’s mouth.  Then I put a finger in Mami’s pussy.. She started sobbing completely.

Mami grabbed my cock with her hand and put it on her pussy

Now even my Lund was fully standing. Mami had also become completely hot and her pussy had also become wet. I thought that now Mami is looking ready to kiss.  So I made Mami lie down on the bed and spread her legs. I myself put my cock on the hole of his pussy.  Tabi Mami said- Do it slowly.. Your cock is very big and fat.. It will be very painful. I jerked slowly. But the cock slipped. Then Mami grabbed my cock with her hand and put it on her pussy and asked me to push.


 I hit a blow and the 3-inch cock went into Mami’s pussy. Mami’s mouth screamed – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… do it slowly I am your aunt I am not a scoundrel.


I got more excited after hearing these things and I gave a strong blow. My whole cock went into Mami’s pussy. A loud scream came out of my mami’s mouth – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs.. died.. fucked you. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsssssss out! I stopped and started kissing Mami.  His chute was very tight because Mami had not got it done for 3 years. Then when the aunt’s pain subsided.. then I started moving the cock back and forth.


Now Mami was also supporting me by lifting the ass and was saying-  iii ssCEEEEEiii .. and loudly Chod Chod me…  .. iiiCEEEEEiii get me scrub today.. and fuck louder.. ah tear my pussy.  ahhhhhhhhhh my king…  iii.  ..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhhh.. aaahhhhhhhhhhhh ..   aahhhhhhh..  aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..  aaahhhhhhhhh.   hhhhhhhhh…  aahhhhhhhhhh..  hhhhhhhhhhhh…  hhhhhhhhhhhhhh..  bhhhhhhhhhhhhh iiiCEEEEEiii get me scrub today.. and fuck louder.. ah tear my pussy.  ahhhhhhhhhhh my king… fuck louder…….  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck with all your might….  Tear off my ass…..


I got more excited now and started pushing harder and after 20, 22 minutes I told aunt- I am going to fall.


Mami said – Put your semen in my pussy.

suck my cock

Then I left my cock water in my aunt’s pussy.  Mami had rained 3 times during sex.  Then I lay on the auntie like this for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, after getting the heat of the pussy, the cock stood up again.  Which was still in the chute.  So we started fucking again.  And kissed for about 40 minutes.


And then I told aunt – now I will fuck your ass. Mami refused. Said- I will be in a lot of pain. Enjoy my pussy a lot. I didn’t even allow your uncle to fuck ass  Then she agreed and I also fucked her ass.  It was a lot of fun banging his ass. Now we fuck often. Friends, how did you like my story, please tell me by commenting on me.

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