Weekend without husband


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Nancy, a 37-year-old married woman, feels lonely in her home because her husband is away on business and her son Rohan isn’t paying attention to him. So a harlot lady is desperate for some hot fun since her soft boobs are huge, her busts measure 36 inches but are in wonderful former waist is thin, but her heavy V-shaped buttocks are a seductive asset.

Cheating on Husband

So it’s a hot day, the maid has left to perform her domestic chores, and I’m in the dining room watching TV, so thinking of my burning mind with sexual urges at their highest, I followed the wrong way to make myself a satisfied lady. So, while our car driver was in the parking lot, I considered seducing Hari, a matured man in his mid-thirties who is a villager with a long moustache but whose strong figure and body are winning me over. However, it is not in my cards to enjoy together with a man of his status and identity because he could reveal our secret affair.


“Yes madam (Me)go to a wine shop and purchase a bottle of wine with a strip of condoms (Hari looks shocked)ok madam, condoms of which company (I laughed)it doesn’t matter,” Nancy said as she dialed Hari’s number.

I am getting ready to fuck my pussy

And because I was getting hot, I went into my bedroom to pick out my gorgeous dress. As stockings will cover my legs to my thighs, I chose a black brasserie with a G string, laces, and a garter belt. So I took off my dress and put the hot garments on my lovely body; it’s only for fun because it doesn’t cover my tall form. As my tummy to waist are nude, I can see my upper nude boobs confined in a brasserie while standing in front of a large mirror, and my vagina is in G string as the upper section of my thighs are nude.

Now my heavy butts are showing since I put this dress on to impress Hari because it’s a natural phenomenon that any guy/men will attack you in this kind of clothing because ladies are disgraced, and she can’t say anything with her voice. So, when I put a sandal on my legs in the dining room, my lovely semi-naked figure will make my vehicle driver my sex slave since I have a day off while Rohan is at school. I’m sitting on the sofa, waiting for Hari to arrive, and my filthy mind is reflecting on my attractive body as it’s a dress to make yourself a slut lady, but it’s not a sin or crime, so I can’t feel bad. So, because I pushed the door instead of locking it, the doorbell started ringing, and I yelled Loud.

“Hari, come inside, it’s open,” I say as Hari appears, his face lit up with eyes fixed on my lovely physique. I can feel him breathing heavily as his eyes are on my boobs and I “never seen any lady nude (Hari) its unexpected madam, so (Me) lock the door.” As I wake up and walk to him, holding his carry bag, I can feel him breathing heavily as his eyes are on my boobs and I “never seen any lady nude (Hari) its unexpected madam, so (Me) lock the door.”

As he approached me, his body smelled like bidi, cigarettes, and I replied, “Hari, now think of me as your love partner.”

You’re too sexy, madam.

It’s OK (Me), so go inside and take a bath.


(He turned to the restroom in the dining area) “Don’t put any cloth on your body.”

And now I’ve put wine in glasses and mixed it with soda, so I’m drinking wine and feeling too horny.so as my first drinks are being consumed, I notice Hari emerge from the washroom with his waist wrapped in a towel, but his hairy chest and strong thighs are making me hot, so as my first drinks are being consumed, I ask him…..”Hari, sit down on my legs.”

I opened my legs to suck my pussy

As he knelt down, I spread my legs wide since I was wearing a seductive brasserie with G string, laces and stockings. Hari is staring at my vaginal fleshes, making a vivid picture on G string, and he is too hot, yet he looks at me and says, “madam, if you order, I can touch your panty.” And I bowed my head like a mistress, and he began stroking his fingers on my G string as his other hand held my thigh, caressing my delicate upper thigh as his hand began pulling down my stockings to my legs. I was perplexed by his sexual cravings because he is not of our social status or society. So his lips are glued on my thigh as my stockings are removed, and now he is enraged because his hand has gripped my bikini’s libas and it is pinching so hard.


“Uh ah furthermore, Hari, make me your whore” Nancy’s hot cunt is nude as my legs to thighs are in air, Hari is looking at my vaginal zone, and he is now impatient as he removes my stockings, so he starts opening the strings, and Nancy’s hot cunt is nude as my legs to thighs are in air.

So my boobs are looking hot in the brasserie as Hari puts his nose on my hole and it’s surprising as he kisses my hole, his one hand has pulled my thighs up in the air as his other hand is on my boobs, squeezing it with his firm palm, and I start screaming.


“Uh ah Hari, put your tongue in my cunt,” I said as my crossed fingers stretched the hole and Hari pushed his long tongue inside, but he quickly pulled it out, saying, “No madam, I can’t do it,” so I sat my bums on the sofa and invited him to sit next me.

I put my hand on his waist and lifted the towel, so my eyes glazed gazing at a cock as dense pubic hairs with enormous testicles cover his 7-8 inches long and 3 inches thick cock, but it’s in semi-erection status, so I can expect it to grow in length and thickness. Hari puts his empty glass down and starts squeezing my breast as I hold his penis to jerk rapidly, so my hand is moving on his chest as he is too hot.


So I slid my hand back as I unhooked the brasserie; it’s a bare boobs, and Hari is now in flames as he crouched down once more. Now I’m putting my butts on the sofa corner with my legs spread wide, while he starts licking my hole and stroking my tits with his hand, which is screaming’ hot.


“uh ah lick it fast ash it’s itching Hari (He)chodhkar khujli Mita dunga,” he says, and now he’s guiding his lengthy tongue into my deep vagina since I’m over stimulated.


Later, he sits on the sofa because his penis is much longer and thicker than my husband’s or my sex partners’.


Then I sit on my legs as my hand jerks his cock hard and he has my breast in his grip, so I remove it’s (penis)skin and put glans in my mouth, he is an eager man, and I swallow his cock as he is staring at me.

“uh ah madam, you are so hot, I can’t believe my cock is in your mouth,” I said, pointing to a long, thick penis swelling larger and harder in my mouth. So, as soon as I felt it was fully erected, I began rotating my head, and Hari exclaimed, “uh ah, never got my Lund in mouth, it’s too hot,” and then, as soon as I felt my vagina was wet, I took out his wet penis, placed my tongue on it, and began licking it quickly. Now his rock hard penis is inciting me to fuck as I wake up and Hari is standing naked, so he’s a happy man as he turned my back and now putting my arms on the wall, I pushed my lovely butts upward and it’s a four legged animal pose. Looking back, I see Hari rubbing his penis on my moist pussy

Nancy pushed her waist back as Cunt swallowed his 2/3rd penis, and it seemed like I was losing my virginity because I’ve been fucked for 19 years, now Hari is piercing my vagina like a monster, feeling its hardness and thickness, sounding sexy.


“uh ah Hari,Maja aaa Raha hai,tej chood na,”

I say, moving my buttocks quickly, feeling like a harlot lady, but as his penis dries my cunt, I am totally excited.

As I walked nude to the washroom, I pulled my body forward as I took his penis from my burning cunt, it was in sensation.

So there I urinate after drinking a lot of water, and when I returned, Hari was pouring wine and soda into glasses. My vagina is on fire, therefore they’re both drinking wine right now.

Nancy and Hari are tired, so after a lot of penetration digs my flexible vagina, we’re sipping while he presses my soft boobs…… “ye baat hum dono ke bich hi rahna chaahiye (He grinned)jarur,bas hafte me ek Baar chodne de dijiyega,” he said.

Later, I slept on the sofa with my legs stretched as Hari inserted his penis, pushed it hard, and began fucking me with great vigor. Nancy is planning a lengthy fuck session because she usually only gets 10-15 minutes of fuck but wants to be fucked for longer, and now Hari is giving me a hard fuck because his penis is making my vagina very hot, so I’m screaming.

“Uh ah fuck hard Hari, your cock is too hard, I need your fuck for hours,” says the narrator. But, as I headed to the washroom and Hari left my room after a while, he displayed his weak side of ejaculation as his penis shot semen after 10-12 minutes of deep penetration……

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