Virgin Daughter of The MLA Part 2


After the virgin daughter of the MLA, the wife was also fucked.  part 2


We got a chance.  And we started having sex in Vandana’s room itself.  We were so engrossed in sex that we didn’t even realize that Vandana’s mother was at home.  And when Vandana was coming and fucking on me, our sex was absolutely at its peak.  Then Vandana’s mother came and cried loudly what are you doing.  Vandana got down in a hurry and pulled the sheet and covered herself.


But my 6-inch long cock was standing like Qutub Minar and Vandana’s pussy chut was covered with water, due to which my cock was shining.  She saw Vandana’s mom.  Then I also got up hurriedly and hurriedly ran out of the room wearing my pants.


Hello friends, as you all know my name is Bunty and once again I am present with a story for you.  I am from Mathura.  And this story is about the fucking-chudai sex of my constituency MLA’s daughter Vandana and her hot sexy mother Sakshi.


Let me tell new readers of  about the first part of the story.  And I request you.  After the virgin daughter of MLA, the wife also fucked,  must also read the first part of the story, only then the real meaning of the story will be understood.


Actually, MLA  had married 2nd time.  So the first wife and their daughter lived in the village.  So Vandana too had grown up in the city from the very beginning.  But a few years ago, when he got married again, his first wife came to the village with a daughter.  And started living here.  Vandana was 18 years old bubbly girl.  Her figure was better than any heroin 30-26-32 That full-body, slim waist, and huge ass would make anyone crazy.


She is very fair and beautiful.  Since she lived in the city in her childhood and grew up, she is very fond of wearing a modern dress.


After fucking Vandana, how did Sakshi Aunty fucked me?


But my 6-inch long cock was standing like Qutub Minar and Vandana’s chut was covered with water, due to which my cock was shining.  She saw Vandana’s mother.  Then I also got up hurriedly and hurriedly ran out of the room wearing my pants. Then for about a week, I did not go to Vandana’s house nor did Vandana come to my house, even Vandana did not come out of the house.


Then one day I saw a safari car parked at his house.  I and around 5 o’clock in the evening saw that Vandana is sitting in that car.  And that car belonged to his uncle.  And then his uncle took him away. It was as if my heart had stopped beating.  Vandana was also very sad while sitting in the car.  We did not meet for a week and then suddenly his mom sent him to his maternal uncle’s place. Vandana’s mother did not come to my house for the last week.  He didn’t tell anything about me and Vandana in my house but she stopped coming now.  She was very angry.


Friends Vandana’s mother’s name was Sakshi.  She was also very beautiful, she was 46 years old.  But it looked like 30-35.


His bra size was 34 and waist 30 but what was most special was his ass.  Sakshi Aunty’s ass was 40 inches.  Which was absolutely chubby.  Sakshi Aunty was also modern.  She rarely used to wear a saree in the house.  She often lived in the house in pajamas and tops.  His ass was absolutely chubby.  When she walked, both her butts used to tremble. It had been 3 days since Vandana had gone.  It was as if my life had stopped.  As if my breath had been taken away.  Then at around 6 in the evening, my maternal uncle got a call on my mother’s phone that the boys are coming to see Sneha (my maternal uncle’s girl).  So all of you come tomorrow morning only.


Then when father came home in the evening, he told his mother, but his maternal uncle had already called and told his father. My mother was also very busy and my father did not have to go anywhere at all.  So the mother said that when they are going, they will stay for a few days.  Still don’t get time to go.  On this pretext, everyone will meet.  Meaning all sisters, I will call my aunt.  So Papa said how Bunty will be alone at home.  Take it with you when you have to wait for several days.  It doesn’t even know how to cook. So I flatly refused.  So mother Sakshi went to Aunty’s house and came saying that we are going to Bunty’s maternal uncle’s house for about a week.  Bunty will be alone at home as he is not ready to leave.  So keep paying attention.


My mother’s maternal home in Aligarh.  So the next day around 5 o’clock in the morning mom and dad left the bus.  And I fell asleep again.  Woke up around 9 o’clock when the sound of knocking on the door of the house came.  When I opened the door, I saw Sakshi Aunty in front.  She was wearing a pink colored sari today and matching lipstick was applied on her lips.  She also did a lot of makeup.  Due to this, she was looking very beautiful and sexy.


I was surprised to see it once but shyly lowered my eyes.  I was standing in front of him for the first time after that incident. So she said that you were still sleeping.  I went back to see it several times.  Your mother has told me that if you do not know how to cook, then let’s have breakfast.  How long have I been waiting to make breakfast?  Then I said that if mother has gone to make breakfast, then I will eat this.  So she said that she remained there for a long time, then it must have cooled down completely.  Let it be and let’s have the same hot breakfast.  After saying this she left.

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I went after about half an hour after taking a shower.  So Sakshi aunty brought breakfast, she had not had breakfast, so she also brought her own breakfast.  But today Sakshi Aunty was looking a little different.  And instead of angry, she looked happy. And she was smiling in between. She made potato parathas and chole.  Her round navel was clearly visible from the middle of her sari.  On which my eyes were going again and again.  She really looked like the goddess of some real work in a pink sari.


She was also noticing that my eyes were going on her navel again and again.  And she was smiling seeing this too. Then I did not stay, so I asked.  Aunty, are you going somewhere too?  So she said why do you feel like this? So I said you are ready.  Today for the first time I am wearing a sari, so I felt that you are going somewhere. So she said that no, I am not going anywhere, just today I felt like wearing a sari.


Aunty- Why am I not looking good?


Me- You are looking very nice in this pink sari, shy aunty.


Aunty- just looking good


Me- I understand what she wants to hear because women love to hear their compliments.  So I said Auntie you are looking very hot.


Aunty – beautiful, hot, that’s it?


Me- Aunty you are looking very hot and sexy.  You seem to be the real goddess of work.


So Auntie smiled.  And the quote just not much praise.


Then I dared to ask about Vandana.  How is it and where has it gone.


So Auntie said, I am very worried about worshiping you.  Why am I not as beautiful as Vandana?  Ask about me sometimes.  And I’m in front.


I couldn’t understand what Auntie was saying.


Then we got free after having breakfast.  So Auntie said that after breakfast you will eat sweets.  Will you eat sweet or ice cream?  So I said ice cream is different in frosty.  Then Auntie left.  And I sat on the sofa. After a while, Auntie brought ice cream and we both ate.  Then the whole day passed like this.  So at around 9 o’clock in the night, Auntie made dinner.  And we both had dinner.  And started watching TV together, around 10 o’clock Auntie said that if you are afraid of being alone in the house, then sleep here.  So I said that okay, I will come after changing.  Then I went home and changed after 10 minutes and saw that Auntie is not in the hall.  When I gave her voice, she said that I am in my room.  If you want to watch TV then watch it and when you sleep then come and go to sleep.  The bed is big.


After about half an hour I turned off the TV and went to sleep in Auntie’s room and saw a red-colored night bulb burning.  And Auntie is sleeping inside the quilt.  His face was out of the quilt.  And she was looking very beautiful.  Maybe she did makeup before sleeping. Then I also slowly went to his back, lifted the quilt lightly, and fell asleep.


Then I did not even know when I fell asleep.  And when I woke up, I felt wetness on my cock and felt like someone is sucking my cock in my mouth.  When I opened my eyes without moving, Sakshi Aunty was completely naked and was sucking my cock.


I was surprised but did not say anything, about 10 minutes had passed.  And Auntie was constantly sucking my cock with full in her mouth.  Then when Auntie presses the handle of my cock with her teeth, then with my mouth ah….  The sound went out.


Now Auntie said, I know you are awake.  And then she got up and put her feet on both sides of me and put her pussy on my mouth.  And said lick my pussy.  And leaning forward she started sucking my cock. After about 5 minutes, a lot of water came out of Aunty’s pussy chut and Aunty started rubbing her pussy vigorously on my face.  Then my cock also started releasing water, then Auntie drank all the semen.  And started licking the cock well.  She was also caressing the testicles and licking with her tongue.  After about 5, 7 minutes my cock got up again.  So Auntie got up and sat down near my waist with feet on both sides and holding my cock put it on her pussy and pressed down hard, my whole cock entered her pussy.


Then Auntie jumped loudly and started to fucking and started taking my cock in her pussy.  and started saying


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Bunty, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myhhs.  Aaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck my pussy.  Hit my rajaaaah hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. hit hard… fuck your girlfriend’s mom.……  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……


And then Sakshi Aunty started abusing….. Bhadwe fucks his girlfriend’s mother….. Chod sale, mother-chod,…….. Chod le Bhadve….  Chod le today my chutt…  fuck My pussy is thirsty for many years….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….  Chodo my rajajjaaaaa…….  And saale.. Bhadwa needs a pussy by changing it every day…….. Here, saale, I have chuckled with a young cock….. you keep fucking the widowed woman’s dry pussy saale….

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Son, how well do you fuck.  ……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Buntyyyy fuck my life.  Aaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck my pussy.  Hit me Rajaaaa Hhhhhhhhhhhhh …… .. loud shocks … Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … You are true man turned my lion … .. Fuck divided.  Fuck my pussy…….  Tear off my pussy chut… make my chut a bosom of fuck….  Aaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck my pussy.  Hit my kingaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…  ……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. king my ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…  … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. baby fuck.. fuck my life.  Aaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck my pussy.  Hit my kingaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…  ……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck my life.  Aaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck my pussy.  Hit my rajaaaaa huhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhh…….. tremble loudly… is pushing to the inside…… having a lot of fun my lal……


And once again Auntie started falling.  Auntie had fallen 4 times.  When she was falling for the last time, she said.  Bunty, when your cock starts leaving the water, tell me I want to drink the water of your cock.  The young man never drank the water of the cock.


And Auntie kept on fucking.  After about 5 minutes I said that Auntie my cock is going to leave the water.  So the witness aunty got off and took my cock in her mouth.  And I threw myself in his mouth.  Aunty swallowed the whole semen.  And said while licking the cock.  son you are very good  Don’t know since when my pussy was yearning for cock.  Today you have quenched the thirst of the chut of years.


Your cock is a very hard and very young man.


Then we kept on fucking all night that night.  Then we both slept barefoot in each other’s arms around 5 in the morning. When I woke up around 10 o’clock, Auntie was not on the bed and I was naked in the quilt.  Then I woke up and saw Auntie being completely naked and taking a bath under the hot water shower.  So I went from behind and caught them.  And in the bathroom itself, he made her a mare and fucked her.

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That night Auntie had banged so hard many times that my cock was burning and painful throughout the day.

So in the next part of the story read how Sakshi Aunty and Vandana fucked me together.


So friends, give us permission now and you can enjoy sex stories.


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