Unexpected Sex with Friend’s Mother


Sex With Friend’s Mom

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Hello, my name is Mudit, and I’m back with a new story… In this story, I’ll tell you about an incident that occurred when I fucked my friend’s mum in front of him.

When I traveled to Chennai for work, I lived in a leased house owned by a good family of three individuals. Uncle is a businessman who operates in the same city. He leaves for the office at 7 a.m. and returns home at 10 p.m.

Aunty Geeta, who is 45 but appears 30+, has enormous boobs and a gorgeous ass that shines out. Aunty is a homemaker, and they have one son, Hari, who is 24 and studying engineering.

When I first arrived at their house, they greeted me warmly and appeared to be a respectable and devout family. They showed me to my room, and I settled in. Hari and I became fast friends after a few days.

I took a day off from work and stayed in my room one day. Uncle went to his office, while Hari went to college. I noticed Aunty was alone at home after 10 a.m.

I decided that today would be a good day to try to seduce aunty if she agreed, so I went to their flat and pretended to speak to Hari, even though I knew Hari had gone to college. Aunty welcomed me inside the house by opening the door and greeting me. She stated that Hari had attended college, which I already knew.

Aunty invited me to breakfast, but I declined because I had already eaten. Aunty sat across from me on the opposite sofa, and we were chatting about trivial matters.

I was staring at her barely visible boobs. She turned on the television and ordered me to watch a movie. Aunty told me she needed to take a bath after about 20 minutes of viewing the movie and requested I continue watching TV.

Aunty entered the restroom to take a wash. I walked to the bathroom after 5 minutes and saw her naked through the keyhole! My friend’s mother was a lovely goddess. Her pussy was perfectly shaved, and when I saw that, my dick erupted and turned into a monster in my pants.

After 2 minutes, I was astounded to find my friend’s mother masturbating with her fingers in her pussy and gently moaning. I decided that now was an excellent opportunity to catch my aunty, so I got out my phone and recorded her masturbating.

Aunty finished her bath and masturbation after 20 minutes, so I dashed out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa. Aunty came over after a few minutes and sat next to me to watch TV. After taking a bath, she smelled strongly like jasmine. I was both horny and ecstatic. I told Aunty I wanted to show her something to break the stillness.

Aunty: What exactly do you want to show me?

I took out my phone and showed her the video I’d taken of her masturbating. Aunty was stunned and fell silent for a few moments. Then she added:

Aunty: How dare you create this film while I was taking a bath?!!

Me: I was only looking at you while having a bath, but when you started masturbating, I couldn’t stop myself, so I videotaped it.

My friend’s mother became enraged and demanded that I erase the video immediately.

Aunty: First, delete the video.

Me: If you want me to erase the video, follow my instructions.

Aunty, what exactly do you want me to do?

Me: You’ve gotta have sex with me.

Aunty: What? (astonished for a while) and responded, “No, no, no…” “I’m not up to it.”

But I approached her and hugged her firmly, saying, “Please aunty, one time I want to fuck you.”

I held her hand and kissed her lips and neck. I removed her sari from the top, sensing no resistance, and now I could see my friend’s mother’s enormous boobs protruding out from her jacket. I simply stroked her boobs with one of my hands.

I kissed her lips once more, this time while massaging her boobs. She moaned after doing this for 5 minutes. I could tell she was becoming hot, so I eased up on her. She gave me a sexy glance before going to the door and closing it.

It was established that this was the necessary green signal. My friend’s mother approached the sofa and sat next to me.

Aunty: I’m looking forward to your caressing and having sex with you.

She informed me that this should be kept a secret and that if she was alone at home, she would let me fuck her. I hugged her and kissed her passionately after hearing this.

Aunty: Come on, let’s go to your room.

We entered the bedroom. Without further ado, I flung her onto the bed and took off my clothing. Aunty was taken aback by my dick size and exclaimed, “Wow your dick is so wonderful and large!” After saying this, my friend’s mother placed my dick into her mouth and began blowing me up!

Hmmm… Aunty, please suck it, aunty.

Aunty: Please do not address me as Aunty. Call me sweetie, Geeta, or some other derogatory term.

Me: Come on, suck it, bitch. Hmm… Please suck it hard.

Then I took off her clothes and was ecstatic to see her clean shaved pussy and large boobs.

Me: Hey, bitch, I’d like to suck your boobs and rough tongue your pussy.

“Let’s do it,” she said as she sat on the bed. I was lying on her in the 69 positions, and she was sucking my dick as I was sucking her pussy and boobs. “Hmm..,” my friend’s mother moaned. Raja, suck your b*tch. Please sucking… Please suck, baby, please suck yeah, hmmm. Yeah, hmm…suck, suck…yeah.

I slid my dick into aunty’s pussy after 20 minutes of sucking each other. Her pussy is so hot and juicy that I kept going in and out slowly.

Aunty: Oh my gosh… It’s too nice, fuck me, Raja, fuck hard, fuck… hmm, amma fuck… Fuck.. hmm…. hmmm…hmmm… yes, fuck hmm…fuck, fuck.

Aunty, how’s my dick?

Aunty: It’s too wonderful to be true. I’ve never had so much fun before. Please fuck me hard. I require your dick at all hours of the day and night. Please, please, please fuck your bitch.

I kept fucking my friend’s mother quickly and hard. I cummed in her pussy after 30 minutes of fucking, and she was overjoyed with all that had happened. I lay on the bed on her side, cuddling her.

Aunty: I’m very aroused by your fucking style; thank you for showing me heaven!

Darling, I adore you. I just want to fuck you more and more.

Aunty: You can fuck me whenever you want, as long as uncle and Hari aren’t around.

Me: Is there anything if your son is at home? Even if he’s present, let’s fuck. He won’t mind because he’s a friend of mine.

Aunty: No way, I’m not fucking you in front of my son.

Me: You know how many sons want to see their mothers fucked by someone?

Aunty: How can you say that?

Because I’ve had firsthand experience with it.

Then I informed her about how I fucked Rashmika aunty and Mom.

Auntie: (shocked). Is that correct? How did you accomplish this?

Me: I’ll show you if you want.

After that, I showed her the video of me fucking AuntRashmika and my mother. Aunty remained silent for a time before agreeing to present it to her son.

Me: Do you have any sexual desires when fucking?

Aunty: I want to get fucked by 4-5 males at once and feel their cocks in all my holes.

Wow, that’s a strong desire. I will grant your wish.

Aunty: How are you going to fulfill my desire?

Me: I’ll prepare for it. You just have to be ready for it.

After that, Aunty and I fucked one more time in the bathroom before I went to my room.

I had a week-long vacation after one week, which ended on Saturday. Uncle went to his workplace, and Hari had courses at college, so he headed there. I invited my pals to my house and told them about my group fucking idea.

I went to Aunty’s house, greeted her with a hug, and told her that I was ready to fulfill her wishes. She was ecstatic and kissed me before asking what was going to happen.

Me: It’s a surprise for you, but you’ll love it.

Aunty proceeded to take a bath in front of me, removing her clothing. My companions arrived a few minutes later. I instructed them to go to Aunt’s room and undress while remaining naked.

When Aunty emerged from her shower, I motioned for her to approach me. She approached me. I told her she should be ready to enjoy the spectacle. I put a piece of cloth around her eyes and took her naked to her bedroom.

My friends were ecstatic when they saw her naked. I placed her in front of each of them and asked her to touch their dicks. She was ecstatic. “Can I take off the blindfold now?” I inquired. “Yes,” she replied.

When I lifted the cover, she saw my four friends naked and their erect dicks. She returned her attention to me, thanked me, and proceeded to remove my garments.

Aunty: Come on, guys, fuck me any way you want today. I’m your stuffed animal. Play as much as you want as long as you make me happy.

When we heard this, all five of us were enthusiastic. Two of us started sucking her boobs, while the other was sucking her pussy. She popped my dick in her mouth, and another one started fucking her ass.

“Yeah, yeah fuck men, fuck-hard, yeah… hmm… amma yeah, hmm… fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned. She’s moaning loudly and enjoying herself as we fuck deep in her cunt.

We were all having a great time fucking her deeply in all of her holes. The doorbell rang as we were fucking her. Aunty was taken aback. “Don’t worry,” I informed her. Hari, I believe. Prepare to satisfy another yearning of yours — fucking with Hari.

I proceeded to answer the door but was surprised to realize that it was not Hari but two aunties from the next house who were standing in front of it. They stated that they wished to speak with Aunty. Aunty was taking a bath, so I told them.

They claimed they would wait for her. I told them to enter the house and then close the door. I was terrified of what was about to happen.

Moans could be heard coming from Aunty’s chamber. We came to investigate what was going on here after hearing moaning sounds coming from aunty’s bedroom, according to one of them.

When I heard this, I calmed myself and told them that we are fucking aunty. One of them stated that this is why they had come here and that they will also join you all.

I greeted them, instructed them to strip naked, and led them to the bedroom. Aunty was taken aback when she saw the other aunties naked and invited them to join her. She urged them, “It’s too wonderful to be true; come on, let’s enjoy it.”

Aunty Saritha: That’s why we came here. She approached the bed and kissed aunty.

Vani Aunty: Please come here (to one of my friends). Allow me to suck your dick.

Geeta Aunty: My son will be there in a few minutes. Please, one of you, attempt to entice him so that he keeps this a secret.

Vani Aunty: It’s up to me. I know how to pique his interest.

Geeta Aunty: I want his dick within my pussy and to feel his hardness and cum filling it.

Aunty Saritha: Ho, you have so many desires.

We were all fucking each other by sharing aunties, and they were also groaning a lot and enjoying double penetration and forceful fucking.

We were sitting on the bed, exchanging kisses after 30 minutes of deep fucking each other when the doorbell rang.

Vani Aunty: I’ll go ahead and open the door.

Vani aunty went to the door and opened it. Hari stood in front of the door. He met Vani aunty and inquired about his mother’s whereabouts.

Vani aunty: She is in the bedroom and has requested that I open the door.

Hari: Okay, aunty, and I questioned why you’re here.

Vani: I’m going to surprise you.

Hari: What’s the surprise?

Vani Aunty shut the door, approached Hari, and took off her sari.

Hari: I’m sorry (in shock). What exactly is this aunty?

Vani smiled and pretended to be astonished.

Hari: What exactly is this? My mother is in the house, and if she sees you doing this, she will toss you out.

Vani: Oh, you mean if your mother wasn’t there, you’d be fine?

For a little period, Hari was deafeningly silent.

Vani aunty approached Hari and hugged him. He became animated and exclaimed, “But mum, are you there?” ”

Vani: Is it okay if your mother agrees with this?

Hari: But if you tell Mom, she’ll kill both of us.

Vani: I have another surprise for you. Come along with me.

Vani’s aunty advised him to take off all his clothing before entering the bedroom. Hari hesitantly removed all of his clothes and entered the bedroom. When he came in, he was surprised to see all of us fucking.

Hari turned to face me and aunty, who was fucking seated in the chair. When Aunty saw her son naked, she exclaimed, “Son, come join us.”

Vani aunty brought him to the bed and swallowed his dick. She started sucking his dick. He was still stunned, but he began to appreciate Vani aunty’s lips on his dick.

Geeta aunty: Fuck Raja, fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, f

Hari was ecstatic when he saw this and pushed his dick into the Vani aunty’s pussy and began fucking her hard. Meanwhile, Saritha aunty went and put her pussy in his mouth to suck her secretions.

We were all deeply fucking aunty, and she was groaning and enjoying watching her son screw two women.

We were separated after 20 minutes, and aunty told us she wanted to rape her son. We all went and sat on one side of the bed and watched as mom and son fucked one other.

They began deeply sucking and fucking each other while having a great time.

Fuck me, my beloved son, fuck your horny mummy, fuck deep please… fuck please, fuck, fuck…please fuck.

Hari: You bitch mum, fuck you, fuck you… and he’s fucking harder and harder, and aunty was having a great time and was going, “Hmmm, fuck son, fuck, fuck… fuck.”

After an hour of fucking, my friends thanked everyone and left, leaving me, Hari, and the three aunties in the bedroom.

Hari: Wow, fucking mum and aunties together was a fantastic experience.

Geeta aunty: Thank you, son, for taking this on. When Dad is not at home, you are free to fuck me whenever you want. Thank you to Abhay for making this all possible.

Hari: Abhay, you’re the director of this fantastic fucking play.

Me: Everything happened because of your and your mother’s cooperation. Let’s all have a good time fucking whenever we get the chance.

Saritha aunty: After seeing all of this, I feel compelled to include my kid in this session and fuck him. Will you assist me with this, Geeta?

Geeta aunty: Sure, I’ll assist you.

Vani aunty: I’d like to include my widowed sister as well. She enjoys sex as well.

Ajay: Let’s invite everyone interested in our show.

Following that, we began our second session. Hari and I fucked all three aunts hard and deep in their pussies, and they had a great time. Then we all took baths and bathed each other.

We fucked in the bathroom again, and from then on, we went to pubs to find more aunties and boys to add to our session, as well as fucked them in the hotel room that we had reserved specifically for our fuck show.

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