Story Of Losing Virginity


Lost Virginity

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“All right, all right!” In queues. Over the blaring music, the dance teacher yelled, “Again!”

Varun wiped his face with the hem of his t-shirt and moved back to the third row, third place. He was saturated in perspiration. He held his arms in front of him and separated his legs by a foot. His soaked t-shirt clung to his sculpted back.

“Let’s do the first three moves again!” his dance teacher said as he proceeded down the rows. “Ready? “1! 2!” she exclaimed, casually mimicking the steps, “3! 4!”

Varun waved his arms in time with the song, swayed his body in a wave, and turned to the right.

His gaze was drawn instinctively to Ankita, who was standing first in the second row. Her back was to him. He felt a drop of sweat slide down his sternum, causing an uncontrollable shiver. Her yellow Kurti was similarly drenched, revealing her hourglass form and pronounced hips. Her braided hair resembled a black serpent crawling across her back.

“Good!” his teacher said, jolting him back to reality. “Will perform the first four steps of tango, which we rehearsed last week, and disburse,” she said as she moved to the front, clapping. His heart swelled with excitement. Tango meant “companion” in Spanish.

“To your colleagues! There are two rows! Quick!” She altered the music. Varun raised his eyes to Ankita, who returned his gaze with a kind grin.

Is she making a face at me?

That’s how she always smiles.

No, she’s truly grinning!

“Hello!” she exclaimed.

“Hey! “You’re looking lovely,” Varun commented.

“Will you, God, hold your horses!” Varun Pondered.

“I mean…ahh, here we go again.”

“Did you go over the steps?”

“Yeah, they’re easy. “Easy peasy!”

“Really? Hahaha Okay, then. “However, I’m finding them a little difficult.”

“It’s easy, Ankita; we just need to take it slowly.”

“Hmm hmm,” she nodded, blinking her eyes, and butterflies flitted around in his tummy.

He lifted his right arm, wrapped it around her, and placed it below her shoulder blades as she proceeded ahead.

She was soaked but in a good way.

She moved in closer, executing a similar technique with her left hand, and her free hands joined in an awkward clutch. Her fingers were incredibly smooth. So soft and silky. His wandering gaze lingered around her large bosom, and he swallowed.

“Should we?” She shifted her weight into the position.

“Ahem ahh…sure,” he said, looking up at her curious face, “three times back and a right swing.”

“One!” He stepped forward with his left foot, while she stepped back with her right.

“Two!” he said again, this time with his right and she with her left.

“Three!” He stepped forward again, this time joined by her right foot going back.

“As well as a swing!” He swung to the right, uniting his left and right feet. She went after him.

He gripped her tightly as she finished the maneuver, sliding forward and squeezing her supple front against his chest.

For a little while, everything seemed to slow down for him. She was almost in a hug with me. She was feeling heated. Damp. Her girlish scent suffocated his senses. He’s never been this close to a female before. He cast a downward glance at her. As she tucked her hair behind her ear and pulled back, her face had flushed crimson.


Ankita called Varun from behind the wall as he was packing his luggage, changing his practice clothes, and washing his face.

“Is that you, Varun?”


“Do you mind assisting me with this bag?”

“Huh? Sure thing.”

He swung his bag over his neck, over his shoulder, and strode to the other side of the changing room with vigor. Ankita was fighting with her bag’s chain.

“Here, let me see,” he said, pulling the chain, which, to his astonishment, rolled down effortlessly, shutting the bag.

Ankita shoved him up against the wall and pressed herself against him!

“Have you never kissed a female before?” she inquired, a wink in her eye. With a girl so close, he was straining to keep the swelling in his pants under control.

“No,” he gulped, his gaze falling to her lips.

“Do you want to?” Ankita pushed her body forward, aware of his hardening member. He thrust his face forward and kissed her lips. She let forth a girlish laugh.

“Slow down, young man.”

Ankita leaned forward, her hands on Varun’s shoulder. He glanced at her as she drew her face closer to him. He closed his tired eyes and felt her soft lips. She gently stroked his lower lip to his top lip.

He spread his lips and attempted to capture her lips in the space between them. She snatched his hair from behind his head. “Slowly,” she muttered, pulling back for a second but pushing her lips against his again.

Varun was in another dimension. He couldn’t believe it was happening to him. His senses were completely out of control. As he parted his lips, his sexy dance partner’s slimy tongue made sloshing movements across them. Her hands slithered up to his neck, engulfing him in a tight hold. Their chins were turned in different directions.

Lips nudged and struggled against each other. Varun slipped his hands down to Ankita’s waist, almost pulling her off her feet. A scuffle occurred, and she was the one up against the wall. As he licked her delicious mouth with fierce hunger, her fingers danced with his hair.

He could feel her thigh pressing on his swollen manhood. His embarrassment about his thickening cock dissipated as she offered a quiet moan to gauge the size of his package. It was his time to groan as she slowly rubbed her thigh between his legs.

He was finding it impossible to hang on, and before he knew it, she pulled him away with a smile. Her lips were moist and glistened.

“How did you find it?” She asked matter-of-factly, reaching for her suitcase.

“It was fantastic!”



“I’ll be alone this weekend.” “Parents will be attending a function.” She winked and walked out of the academy as if nothing had occurred.

He was standing against the wall. His fingers sought towards his lips and caressed them. On his lips, he sought to taste her. He made an effort to keep the smudge on her lips.

It was his first kiss.

“Make yourself at ease.” Ankita almost commanded as she handed him a glass of water. She was dressed casually in a pink top and skin-tight white PJs. Varun had a glance around her room. It was predominantly pink, with stuffed animals, a plethora of cushions, and a wall covered in football player posters. As Ankita sat by his side on the bed, Varuntook a sip of water.

“What brings you here?” Varunnearly spluttered.

“Ahh… Yeah… Umm… Just wanted to see you.”

“Have you seen me?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Then you should leave.”

Varun stood up to go with a high-pitched laugh.

“Oh my God! “Sit down, you moron!”

Varun sat back, feeling extremely dumb and a little irritated. Ankita was stifling a laugh. “Did you leave?”


“Oh, you cutie!” hahahahah Ankita kissed Varun on the cheek and took the glass.

“Wait, what was I supposed to do?” You requested that I depart.” Varunobjected.

Ankita turned around and took my hands in hers, saying, “You’re supposed to do this,” and placing them on her hips.

Her tummy was only a few inches from Varun’s face. She smelled strongly like roses. Varun kissed her belly while gently holding his head in her palms. He was sniffing her scent and kissing her flesh. Her top was already pushed up, exposing her smooth, silky flesh. He kissed her and tugged at her, eliciting gasps from her.

“It’s all right, boy..”

Ankita cupped Varun’s face in her hands and straddled in my lap, her knees on each side of his, taking his lips in hers. Varun’s hands moved throughout the landscape, caressing and touching Ankita’s mounds and valleys. She was in a state of bliss as she felt Varuntouch her in ways that only a lover could.

Ankita pressed herself against Abhi. Her body was pressed up against his lap, massaging his groin. Varun’s risqué, youthful cock was engorged with need.

Varun drew her top up over her head. Ankita grabbed her back and quickly unhooked her pink bra. Varun removed her cups, revealing her taught, milky globes. She moved her buttocks from Varun’s lap and positioned her breasts in front of Varun’s hungry mouth. Varun didn’t need an invitation to dive into her chest.

Varun was hallucinating for the next few minutes. His surroundings remained hazy. His face was floating in a sea of smooth, warm skin. He licked Ankita’s breasts like a hungry puppy, nibbling on her luscious, warm tips and yanking them with his lips. Her nails were pressing into him.


It was impossible to tell Ankita’s groans from her approaching sobs. Varun lacked the necessary experience. He was inexperienced. He just wanted to kiss and suck her as hard and as long as he could as if there were no tomorrow. Varun’s agony ended as he felt Ankita’s hand grab his young cock from under his jeans.

A girl’s first touch! Ankita stroked it up and down, twisting with pleasure, and Varun’s eyes rolled back in his head. She shoved Varunonto his back with a nasty look.

Varun’s tongue was parched, and his heart thumped wildly against his ribcage. He had no idea what to expect. Ankita’s fingers had already begun to unbuckle his belt.

“Can… “Could we please turn out the lights?”

“Does it have hair?”

Varun couldn’t say anything as she yanked the zipper down. In his boxers, his 18-year-old dick was building a massive tent. Ankita prodded it and groped for it from within Varun’s boxers. He took a step back. His eyes were shut. All he could feel was a nice, kind hand on his shoulder.

Ankita’s fingers were wrapped around Varun’s cock’s girth and stroking it up and down. As Ankita dragged his boxers down with her free hand, Varunwas restraining his moans.

Ankita kissed it down. Her smile was happy as she gazed at her favorite possession.

It was becoming increasingly difficult for Varunto to maintain control. Varun’s inexperienced cock was swept away by her warm breath, caring touch, and passionate lips. A part of Varun implored her to stop. But his cock had its mind.

Ankita was massaging it, and Varun didn’t want her to stop. He wasn’t going to let her stop kissing it. He didn’t want her to stop having fun with it.

Ankita was rubbing it up and down all the time. Every movement she made was accompanied by a kiss or a lick. Her fist was swinging up and down perfectly.

Varun lowered his gaze to her. Her gaze met his. Her stroking became more intense. It was firmer and more aggressive. Then a bubble burst in Abhi. A warmth raced down the length of Varun’s virgin cock and exploded from the slit on his expanding head as he felt his balls quiver. As Ankita milked him vigorously, Varunmoaned in delight, his abdomen spasming.

As he looked down, Varun’s orgasm subsided. Ankita’s cheeks and Varun’s tummy were splattered with thick, white ropes. Ankita smiled with amusement as she grabbed for her top and cleansed both of them. Varun’s cock remained up, pulsating and sticky.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said quietly, resting against Varun’s side and falling flat on her back. When Varun got up and saw Ankita spreading her legs for him, it took him a while to realize Ankita’s request.

Varun’s cock tingled as the thought of seeing a pussy for the first time went through his head. He was oblivious to the intricacies. Ankita’s treasured world’s nooks and crannies. And she seemed to relish her childlikeness.

“Don’t be afraid, baby. “Have me,” she said quietly, sliding her white PJs down. Varun knelt over her panty-clad, plump mound. She smelled like flowers.

Ankita’s thighs, on the other hand, were silky soft, with a tinge of pink on the rims of her panties. Varun was enthralled, like a small child about to open his favorite gift. He caught the front of her pantyhose and yanked them down. She had a bald head. Her lips were rosy and stuck together in warm warmth.

Varun gave her a lick out of impulse. She let out a long, feminine moan. He was pleased with her response. He ran laps around the length of her slit. When she brushed up against his tongue, she felt like supple leather. Ankita had her lower lip between her teeth as she looked down at Abhi.

“Kiss me, Abhi,” she groaned as she looked down at him. “Can you perform a French kiss?” Varun crawled up to her and nodded.

“Uhuh! There, down there.”

Varun took a swig. She gave him a general sense of what she desired. And he was more than willing to help. The next thing Varunknew, his face was shoved between Ankita’s thighs. She held them wide apart for him as he smooched her vertical lips with love and desire.

She was soaked, pouring dripping dripping dripping dripping dripping dripping flowing Her tummy was churning with each breath and groan. Varun pushed her thighs apart and buried his invading tongue into her love temple.

“Varun was all she could manage as Varun stared up at her, his wet tongue wriggling between her swollen lips. Varunaccidentally smacked her clit with a lap.

“Right there, baby.” Varun pricked Ankita’s sensitive nerves, prompting her to practically plead. Varun took a step back and separated her lips furthermore, taking her love button between his lips and gently nibbling her. Her screaming was deafening enough to wake the neighbors.

Varun’s cock throbbed and twitched.

“Fuck me,” he says. Ankita barely mumbled as she drew Varunup. Varun’s cock forced its way over her belongings as she reached down between them, grabbed his lolling cock, and placed it between her pussy lips.

Varunsensed the cue and humped down angrily. She was in excruciating pain. Ankita punched Varunin in the chest and drew him into a bear hug.

“Slow… Slow,” Ankita could only say as Varunbegan pounding his once virgin cock inside her. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Varun seemed to be in a trance.

It was too much for his senses to process: Ankita’s warm breath on his skin, their sweating bodies moving in unison, her nails and teeth branding his shoulders and chest, the smooth yet grippy motion of his cock up and down her pussy, her pleasurable sobs in his ear.

Varun was ecstatic. His lower abdomen was squeezing like a piston. He was nudging and rubbing her deepest insides with long, deep strokes. As Ankita wrapped her legs around mine, Varun felt another surge in his balls.

Her moans were becoming shorter and more piercing. Her breathing became more rapid. Her grip on Varun tightened as he felt every inch of her pulling back in preparation for a pounce. Varun felt her shudder under his weight and come to a halt for a split second before exploding into a wild orgasm.

“FUCKK… AAHAAHAAH… “I AM CUMMING,” Ankita exclaimed, spitting fire.

Varun felt his cock jump and pulsate in excitement inside her hot confines as her squeezing pussy rolled him across the edge. Varun began to fuck her with deeper thrusts and animalistic rage. The same surge of heat ran down the length of his cock before it erupted in a series of twitches and jerks. Varun pushed it deep inside her, seeding her fertile womb.

Ankita placed her hands weakly on Varun’s hips, trying to hold him still. Varun’s still-hard cock was buried inside her deepest valley, spent and tired. He slumped on her. She held him in her arms. Both struggled to catch their breaths.

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