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Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

My friend Shelly teasing me is fun. She’s tall, petite, and has red, straight hair. Small, round breasts with large, sensitive nipples. I give her oral sex in exchange. When I suck, lick, and nibble her nipples, she’s aroused. Sometimes nipple sensations make her orgasm.

When Shelly teases me, she wears a white blouse with blue checks, a pleated skirt, white socks, and black and white saddle oxford shoes. She distracts me from my TV show. I follow her into the bedroom. She watches me undress from the bed. My legs dangle off the bed. She ties my ankles and wrists with handcuffs to the brass headboard. So bound, she can lie on my side, sit on my legs or side, or kneel over my face and span it with her pussy. Wall clock. How long does she tease? She teases me for 1 hour.

Shelly removes her blouse and skirt at the bedside. She watches me in bra and underwear. My cock waits expectantly. She removes her bra and pants when my cock is soft. She relaxes. She goes to the dresser and grabs things I can’t see. She puts them on a table and circles the bed.

Shelly sleeps beside me. She nips my right cheek. She orders, “Suck it.”

Shelly’s nipple is delicious.

Shelly’s nipples harden as she moans. I stop sucking to breathe. She slaps my dick before I can continue. “Suck until I say so.”

I startle. Shelly reaches for something on the side table while I chew. I suck as she moves. Don’t slap my dick again! I suck while she sits. Her smoke in my face surprises me. I notice she’s smoking. Topless or naked women smoking excites me. Sucking a smoker’s nipple excites me more.

Shelly doesn’t smoke, so I appreciate her bedtime cigarettes. Coughing from smoke. She pats my cock and squeezes my balls before I finish coughing. “Suck, worm, until I say so.”

Shelly smokes my face as I suck her nipple. She puts her hand on my neck and hugs me after her second cigarette. I suck her nipple until she says, “Stop.”

While Shelly puts away the cigarettes, lighter, and ashtray, I look at the clock. I’d sucked her nipple for over an hour.

Shelly says, “Sucking on my nipple made me horny.

Shelly’s pussy is wet from sucking, but I don’t feel her on my cock. She kneels and swings. One orgasm after another stops her rocking. My cock is still in her pussy after the third orgasm when she collapses on my chest. She rests before rising. She turns and pussy-faces me. She holds her dripping pussy over my face for what seems like forever. Her scent makes me cocky. She finally spits in my mouth. She screams, “Fuck you!” “Three more orgasms, please.”

I lick her pussy juice. I lick and chew her clit. The first orgasm quickly arrives. I chew her clitoris. The second orgasm shakes her. I lick and suck her clitoris. My mouth and tongue are sore from the third orgasm. She reclines. According to the clock, I’ve satisfied her for an hour and a half. She naps on my chest. Her pussy’s scent stiffens my cock.

Shelly climbs off my chest and sits on the bed. She eyes me. “You’re a great lover. “May I play with your cock?”

When I answer Shelly, my mouth and voice are tired. Yes.

Shelly smiles and grabs baby oil and a towel. She dries my stomach and legs. Her pussy heats my cock and balls. She uses baby oil to stroke my cock. Slow, light strokes. My cock is hardened by the pressure. She strokes before I orgasm. She stops as I approach. Darn. Stuck hand. Baby oil!”

I wiggle my hips while she stretches her fingers. She rubs baby oil into her right palm and strokes my dick. She titillates me. She whispers “I’m thirsty” just before I arrive. Water, please.

Shelly goes to the bathroom. Running water. She enters with a water cup. “Water?”

She holds my head and gives me water when I say yes. Shelly finishes the cup and tosses it.

I’ve been in bed for about three hours. How long would Shelly tease me? Even though my cock was pulsing, I wasn’t any closer to orgasm.

Shelly climbs me and pussies my face. “I’m sick of playing with you,” she says. Meow! “Give me two more orgasms.”

I lick her pussy. Targeting her clitoris. Shelly orgasms eventually. I lick her body and clit with her juices. Her hips jiggle my face. I lick and chew her clitoris. Second orgasm! She reclines. Three and a half hours have passed.

Shelly leaves my breast and sits by the bed. She spreads baby oil on my legs. She uses baby oil to lightly stroke my cock to excite me. I’m nearing orgasm after a while. She stops as I approach. She nails my cock.

I want to dance.

Shelly laughs at me. Her tickling hurts. She stops and puts baby oil on her right palm. She lightly strokes my dick. I’ll orgasm soon. She thankfully didn’t stop. I shoot sperm two meters high from my chest and face. I gasp and check the time. Over four hours, she teased me.

Shelly wipes her hands on a towel and walks to the side table. She sits on the bed’s edge with cigarettes and a lighter. She smokes a cigarette. Even after this huge orgasm, seeing Shelly naked and smoking on the bed makes my dick harden. Did you enjoy my teasing, lover?

I squeak “yes”

Smiles Shelly. Happy. “Your licking and sucking were great.” Shivering. “Your mouth and tongue are active when tied”

Her smoking entertains me. “Thanks for teasing me and smoking for me. Weird. What’s the event?

Shelly huffs. “I’ll please you. I’ve known you wanted to tease for a while. I don’t like teasing you always. I don’t know what you want. I can’t always tease you, but I’ll try.”

My limbs are tense. Shelly untying me will make my muscles scream. She’s my focus. “I admire your work. I like your teases.”

Shelly smokes and smiles. Baby oil goes into her right palm. She strokes my dick. “Let’s see how long it takes to get another orgasm!”

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