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Many years ago, I returned home from a club in London, the name of which escapes me at the moment. On a subway train, there weren’t many people on board because it was late; it was a quiet ride.

As I sat there, unconcerned, I thought of nothing else. Because I don’t recall it being chilly as it usually was on the train, I’m guessing it was October. There was an unidentified male sitting alone in the backseat of the automobile. He raised his head and gave me a clear answer. I couldn’t look away from him because of his penetrating gaze. He sat down next to me, wrapped his arm around me, and began passionately kissing me. Wow! It’s possible he was of Greek descent; he was gorgeous and black. Then he began to reach into my coat with his hand. I couldn’t talk since I was in such a state of shock.

My body reacted quickly to his intensity, which left me speechless. “Jahnvi, tell him to step away,” I kept repeating in my head, but I didn’t.

He flipped me over and proceeded to caress my breasts after opening my shirt. To my surprise, the man muttered, “I wish I could have sex with you right now.”

My body’s reaction to a complete stranger surprised me the most. About 19 years old at the time, I’m quite sure. Because I was sexually active and had a boyfriend, I couldn’t help but worry. It was simply an evening in my life, nothing more, but what an evening it was!

Because I couldn’t come up with a response to his request to “fuck me hard,” he proceeded to unbutton and unzipper my trousers to see my genitals.

Since I was already dressed in shorts, I reasoned, “What makes you think he’ll remove them in public? He took my hand and inserted his fingers into my pussy while simultaneously showing me the bulge in his pants, which was concealed by his raincoat. I was extremely captivated, and we massaged each other for perhaps five more minutes.

Just thinking about it makes my eyes water. It all feels like a long time ago and yet fantastic at the same time. Regardless, he constantly want more. I was kissed and licked on all over; he did it all in public, so that everyone could see it. I’ve never been one to shy away from

I didn’t do anything to stop him; all I did was join in. But there was no way I could kiss him in public, so I massaged his penis and drew it out of his raincoat.

As if on cue, he began to cinch us all in. He snatched my arm and wrapped his other arm around me, tucking it under my cleavage. He said, almost in a whisper, “The time has come for us to get on with our lives. My fucking will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.”

We exited the train when it came to a halt, and he marched or escorted us to the other side of the platform. There was a short, dimly lighted tunnel at the end of the platform. It was unkempt, but who cares? That was the most disgusting and seductive dream come true of my. His partner at the time had a lot of experience with bondage, so he marched me into the room and had me do what he wanted. Then he shoved his lengthy tongue down my throat and kissed me again, this time clamping my lips shut. His lips were sealed with a sinister smirk as he drew out his tongue and stated, “The end of my belt will hurt if you do that with my tail, so please don’t.

I said, “You betcha! I’m here to please you, sir, and I know it.”

He said, smirking, “Turn and face the wall, bitch.” He knows I’ll do what he says.

When I turn around, I can feel him yanking my underwear off and removing my shirt. Then he removes my bra and exposes my bare breasts. He smacks my breasts against a cold, exposed wall so that my nipples become erect as they come to life. ‘ So hard that it makes me cry out in agony.

He says, “Shut up, bitch.”

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Biting my tongue, I know it will be put to better use in the future. After the second time, I’m dripping wet and my pants are going to fall down.

It was nothing to be concerned about, even if he grabbed my other garments and touched my pussy. He tells me in a low voice: “Well, my b*tch is a fan of it and wants to get fucked as hard as she can. “Tell me you enjoy all this, bitch,” he adds as I’m babbling.

“Oh, sir, I adore it all,” I respond.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you,” he urges to her.

As I plead with him to fuck me, “Sir, please fuck me.”

From behind, he spreads my legs and punches me in the back. My pussy is so moist that I begin to slide across his hand. To make matters even worse, he proceeds to push his penis up my rear end while saying: “To whom should I direct my attention in the next 15 meters?

I’m like, “Oh, no!” about it.

Would you mind applying some cream to my buttocks, sir? I’m just a small girl, after all.”

To which he responds: “Bitch, I’m out of ideas. I’ll use the juice from your pussy to get you out of here.” He repeats this while repeatedly dipping his penis, causing me to spray at least twice. He spits back, too, but it’s a lot more difficult to do so when you’re the one doing it. After that, he tells me to “Crouch down, legs bent, bitch.”

I do what I’m instructed, and now I’m shivering, not because of the weather, but because of the excitement. It’s all good to me. He spreads my genitals wide open so he can peer inside. His tongue then touches mine while he continues to finger me.

“Sir, may I suck your penis?” I ask.

Then he chuckles and adds, “I know, I know.” “Unless you ask politely, you will feel my belt if you try to get your hands on my cock again.

After that, I delicately grasp his nine-inch bent dick. He’s still dressed, although I’m down to my black stockings, garter belt, and cum-covered high heels. Then I begin to touch, lick, and squeeze his curved cock in a leisurely and erotically satisfying manner. Afterward, I lick his back and shove two fingers up his ass as I bask in the pleasure of it all.

You nasty little bitch: “Stop playing the fool and suck my crotch, you fool.”

Stopping in my tracks and shaking, I gulp down all of his bent cock till it hits my throat. My hair is pulled, and my head is pushed down so hard that I nearly choke on his incredibly hard curved cock. Once again I rise and fall erotically, this time with him lifting my head and me sliding his cock into and out of my mouth. I’ve never eaten anything quite like it. He arrived in a flash.

and hard over my bare breasts, as well as in my mouth. He smacked my breasts as he grabbed me by the neck. To which I responded by twisting my back, he shouted “Bend over” and shoved the cock of his hand into my rectum.

A wet wipe was all that was left of him once he returned to my groin. He was nowhere to be found.

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