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My house help and I

My name is Shikha. I am a working woman and I work as an accounts officer in a well-reputed school in my city. I used to go to school from 9-5 and I used to get so tired that I couldn’t manage my household tasks by myself. So I decided to hire a house help to help me with the workload. I posted an ad for house help and I got a lot of positive responses. I saw a message from a girl who was in her early twenties. I looked at her profile photo and she seemed quite young and wasn’t like the others who applied for the vacancy. She seemed a bit educated as well. I opened up her message and asked her to see me at 5 pm. It was Saturday evening and I was just out of the shower. I heard the doorbell. I had my hair wrapped in a towel and I was wearing a gown on top of that. I went to open the door and I saw that same girl on my door. She was 5’4 tall with very attractive and prominent features.

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I called her in and made her sit on the couch in my drawing-room. She was wearing a black dress and her hair was open which made her look so attractive. I went to my kitchen and brought juice from there. I started asking her basic questions like where is she from? and why she chose to come to interview despite not being like the normal household kind of woman.

She told me that she is studying privately in college and she has to pay her expenses which arent being met in any way. She also told me that she lives nearby so it was easy for her to take this job and study along with that.

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I liked her honesty and way of talking. So I asked her if she knows how to do the basic household tasks/ Like washing, cleaning, and cooking?

She told me that she has been doing this since she was 9 years old. So it wasn’t a difficult task for her.

I asked her if she wanted to start work from tomorrow or tonight. She said whatever suits you. I didn’t want to let her go so fast so I asked her to do the dishes for tonight and make something for dinner as well.

She agreed to it and got up from the couch after finishing her glass of juice. She tied her long brown hair in a ponytail. When she was tieing up her hair in a ponytail, I couldn’t resist looking at her. I could feel a strange kind of attraction towards her, which was quite unexplainable.

I went to my room and switched on the TV to watch Netflix. I could look at her while she was doing chores in the kitchen. Her backside was facing me. Her figure was almost 32-34-36. The way she swayed her hips from left to right, made me feel something sensual for her.

This kept on going for two hours or so. She made fish for dinner and I loved seafood already. She asked me if I would have dinner on the table or? I asked her to bring it to my room.

While I was having dinner, I asked her to share with me if she want? She nodded yes.

We shared the dinner and I suddenly touched her hand. Her hand was so soft and delicate. Despite her washing dishes frequently. I held her hand for a bit longer and she looked at me straight in my eyes. At that moment, we both shared to look of seduction and passion. I put the dishes aside and without even saying a single word, I pulled her closer to me. You are reading this story at

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It was very much imminent now that we both wanted each other as our body contact had become passionate and intense. She laid beside me and I was holding her from her back. Then suddenly we both found our cheeks rubbing each other. Our heaving breasts pressed against each other and our thighs were interlocked above the knees. My thigh raised a little more, moving her black dress a bit above her knees and she put her hands on my shoulders. She put her lips on top of mine and her lips interlocked with mine, giving me a signal that the fire was mutual between us.

I then carried my hand to her buttocks and felt them. She clung to me like a baby. Within no time I was on top of her and I came on top of her in a very seductive and dominating position. . We kissed and felt each other. “You are very sweet.” I asked her “Let me see your figure babe”, I said and lifted her dress and brought it to her neck. “Lovely legs and sexy hot thighs”. I was excited to see her fair smooth legs and shapely thighs. She was wearing an orange-colored panty. I felt them with my hands and felt the tenderness. She was also now keen to see my assets as she lifted herself and removed my nightie, which completely surprised me. My silky light green undies were looking so appealing. She felt my smoothness from my toes to top Spending more time on my thighs. I removed her dress from her neck thus revealing her bra which covered her tits. We again got locked in a big hug. We were now like two beautiful bodies clad in beautifully colored undergarments. We stood up on the bed, holding each other in front of the mirror, and admired each other. We saw our cleavages jetting out of our bras. I slightly pulled her bra to expose her right tit. I placed my hand on her buttock giving it a massage. She also cupped my right breast jiggling. I slightly pulled the elastic of the panty and she was clean-shaven. I kissed her on her thighs and she closed her eyes in excitement. I put my hand in her panty and inserted my finger in her wet and warm hole. She murmured in excitement. I removed her panty and exposed her thighs and buttocks. It was a kissing spree on her wonderful shapely thighs and buttocks. In her excitement, she turned her back to me while standing. I carried my tongue to the crack between her buttocks and licked her, kneeling on my knees. Her body began to stiffen and loosen as I continued licking her firm and shapely buttocks. She had to take the support of the wall to maintain the balance. I continued kissing and licking her body above her waist raising myself on my knees initially and then on my feet. I stood up and kissed her neck and the ears. I put on hand on her body, removed gently her bra, and held her titties feeling their softness and firmness. I hugged her from behind and told her that she is marvelous. It was now her turn to take the initiative and remove mine undergarments. She made me lean against the wall and kissed and licked my legs moving her tongue artistically. She paid special attention to my buttocks and the waist. Now she made me raise my right leg, which I placed on the supporting plank of the bed. She rubbed my G spot with fingers and that was the moment I was on extremes of pleasure.

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I widened my thighs as much as I could to let her do all these things to my cunt. After finishing her part she sat down on the bed widening her thighs inviting me openly to lick her pussy. I obliged her by lapping it like a hungry cat. She was so horny for me. I carried on sucking her cunt for some time. Then I continued licking upwards on her stomach and waist. By this time she had laid down on the bed and I mounted her with my body on top of her. Our naked breasts merged.

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This has been my ultimate fantasy as I had often thought about the pleasure that the women could derive by hugging and letting their titties mingle and touch each other. Finally, I realized the fantasy, which proved to be more enjoyable. . We kissed holding each other tight our thighs clung to each other. We rolled on the bed. She came on top and we were enjoying the touch of the breasts on each other. “Suck my tits babe,” I requested her. She placed her knees between my thighs and moved her mouth to my tits. She licked my nipples one by one also biting occasionally. She had the mouth full. I repeated the same boob sucking on her as I again came on top of her. I placed a pillow under her buttocks and widened her thighs and she widened her pussy. I also widened my pussy and mounted her in such a way so that our G spots could rub each other. We were again breathing and moaning hard in excitement.

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We continued enjoying each other for some time and then got locked in 69 positions. Oh, it was so compatible between the females. It gave me so much pleasure. We were licking and lapping with our tits placed nicely on each other’s stomachs. We touched each other’s buttocks. Now surroundings were filled with our breathing and moaning noises. I don’t know how many orgasms we had. We had flooded our cunts as we made each other come. We relaxed now in each other’s arms facing each other talking in whispers. We now lay on the bed in each other’s arms and covered ourselves with a quilt. I was doing tongue to tongue kissing with her at the same time rubbing her clit with my finger.

So after this experience, I gave her the job and every night we would fuck each other’s bodies and we had so many sexual experiences with each other after this.

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