Sex Under the Parking Lamp


Gapagap Under the parking lamp

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

The evening dragged on again; I only work as a graphic designer in a huge advertising company for a short time. I’m delighted I was allowed to participate shortly after finishing my design studies. We have now accepted a substantial order for which our team is producing presentation materials. So it has happened in recent days that work is only completed when the job is completed, as it is today.

The time is well after ten o’clock at night, and it is already dark outside when we leave the workplace.

I live not far from the office and used to take the bus there, but it was no longer running at the time, so I set off on foot. The air is great; it’s cool but still warm.

My walk first took me past still-open street cafes and bars, but as I progressed, fewer people crossed my path. I decide to keep walking through the park. Following my thoughts, I hear crickets chirping, frogs croaking in the ponds and the rare bird song. I used to adore the sound of nature as a child, and I still do. I come to a park bench and decide to take a seat for a few moments. I close my eyes and listen to nature; not even the city noise is audible at this time.

Suddenly, I hear a flock of birds leave their roosting spot at the top of an ancient oak tree, and I see why: a pair appears in the light of a park lantern. They come to a halt under the lantern, wildly smooching, and they don’t seem to notice their surroundings, for they are getting wilder and I can see the man’s hands going under the woman’s sweater while their mouths are fighting. I can see her hands playing with her partner’s pants now that she is yearning for immediate contact. She crouches a little later.

I’m excited by the sight. For a long period, I had to miss the sensation of physical contact. There is no time for a friend because of the university examinations and the new job. The more I had to fulfill myself during this period, the more tingling I felt in my pussy.

I close my eyes and imagine kneeling in your position beneath your lamp; in front of my eyes, I can see his tail, which is not yet hard but is already of a size that pleases me. He rubs his acorn against my lips in his thoughts, and I open my mouth, letting my tongue circle around his acorn, around his wristband, and up and down his shaft. I grab his tail and jerk it regularly; it grows stronger as a result of my therapy, and I can see how the blood pulsates through his veined shaft. He’s rock hard after only a few caresses. He placed his hands on my head and pushed his cock harder and deeper into my mouth. He constantly nudges my throat.

The thought makes me extremely horny; the juice in my pussy converges and leaves a glistening coating on my lips. The feeling is growing so strong that I can’t stop reaching inside my jeans and massaging my pussy through the string. I observe how the love juice passes through my lips and moistens my thong. I now move the string aside and run my fingertips across my column. Because of my eagerness, I can feel my bud swell and become more sensitive. Every contact sends an electrifying charge shivering through my body. I continued caressing my pussy; the blood has caused my lips to swell and open, allowing my fingers to go deeper into my core. It excites me more and more, so I stick my finger inside my pussy. I’m not sure if it was a thought or if I groaned.

With a second finger, I increase my efforts.

I keep sliding down the park bench because I can’t maintain myself. My second-hand searches for a way under my shirt. My breasts, encased in a sports bra, are yearning to be caressed. I can only run my hand over her with the bra. My warts harden quickly and protrude prominently from the bra. The sensation is similar to a connection between my warts and my bud; if I touch one, it causes a reaction in my entire body. I let my fingers slide in and out of my pussy more aggressively, and the waves that came through my body came at shorter and shorter intervals. I’ve lost all coherent thinking and have no idea where I am.

Only my quest for contentment, for feeling the greatest delight, counts.

I pause and want to turn around when I feel more hands on my shoulders. A soft pressure and a man’s sonorous voice stop me.

“Psst, relax, let yourself go, and have fun.”

My body sinks back onto the park bench, and I can feel the soothing hands running over my neck and head. They caress my face, then we look at other in the eyes while he drapes a cloth over me. Then his hands slip deeper, reaching for my breasts. They lovingly circle my breasts, drawing ever closer tracks until they reach my warts. They are very identifiable even through the shirt. He rubbed it softly with his fingertips. Then, when his hands reach the hem of my shirt, they grab him and he tugs it up. I just let it happen, raised my arms, and let him brush it off.

He caressed my breasts once more, but this time he allowed his hands to sink into my bra and I could feel his hands right on my breasts. I get chills when I feel his touch. I can’t speak anything except a hoarse grunt. He continues to rub my breasts, which he has now released from the bra’s supportive grip. He wraps his thumb and forefinger around my warts. My moan becomes more strident.

Then, before I can respond, my knees are softly pressed apart, and a finger rests on my mouth, “Pssst.” I lie back again.

Two hands caress my legs, rubbing against my calves and thighs while they hold my buttocks. Then I can feel their warmth on my hips; they are even gentler than the hands rubbing my breasts.

They massage my tummy and then down to my thighs, this time from the inside. They come to a halt in my step. She must sense the heat emanating from my pussy. She runs her fingers into my jeans and strokes my lips. The sensation, the tingling, the wanting, returns. I grind my pelvis on her hand, wanting to feel it more wild and intense.

My gaze is diverted to the side. The man who was standing behind me had sat next to me on the bench. He takes my hand in his and guides it into his lap. I’m getting a massive erection through my pants. I touch it with my hand, then open his pants and wrap my hand around a rock-hard cock. With my fingertips, I want to feel every inch of this shaft, the huge acorn, the prominent veins, and the bulging sack. He groans as I stroke his balls. Now I bend to the side, wanting to taste it, so I let my tongue dance over his glans, very cautiously so as not to bother him too much, and I let my tongue circle about her and especially around his foreskin ribbon again and again. His moan intensifies, he still has his hands on my breasts, and he pushes me ever tighter. I let my tongue travel along his shaft, repeatedly sucking on his testicle.

He now places his hands on my head and pulls me closer to him. His acorn pokes its way into my mouth.

I kneel on the bench, steady myself with one hand, grab hold of his shaft and jerk him, and knead his balls.

The woman now reaches behind me and continues to touch my pussy through my jeans. She now opens the zipper and the buttons.

She brushes my jeans and thong off my body without letting his cock fall out of my mouth.

It pulls apart with my butt cheeks, and for the first time in my life, I feel a woman’s tongue on my lips. She slides it over my lips with surprising care. When she gets to my bud, I moan into the tail, which fucks me in the mouth. He gets deeper and deeper into me, his hair tickling my nose. But I don’t have to choke since I’m enjoying this very satisfying sensation.

My lips are forced apart, and her tongue penetrates my pussy as deep as she can, pushing me in and fucking me. Her fingers are twirling around my bud.

I am more thrilled than ever, and this scary emotion combined with the comfort provided to me causes my entire body to shiver.

Now she takes her finger and penetrates me, I feel how she glides in me, then she finds my G-spot and rubs these highly sensitive portions of my body with my bud.

My body trembles more and more, and I become more sensitive to every touch, till my body rears up.

At that point, his hands pull me closer to him, so that his cock is deep inside me, and I observe how he squirts in my throat after a sperm stroke. My tongue is tingling with a salty, bitter sensation. I had no choice but to swallow all of his creams since I wanted it that way as well. He never stops giving me his sperm, which is now pouring down the side of my mouth.

He pulls it out of my mouth when he has lost part of his hardness. I clutch him tightly, wanting to taste every drop of his cock and suck every drop from him.

I’m now fucked in my pussy with two fingers, her movements becoming wilder and harder as she massages my sensitive places till I reach my climax.

My entire body tenses up like a tendon, my muscles constrict, and I am immobile. My vision becomes black. I’m not sure how long I was gone; did I just dream it all? The events are utterly clouded in my mind. What if someone noticed or heard me?

What happened to the couple?

Nobody is seen anymore. Only the sounds of nature may be heard because everything is calm.

The tension has dissipated in my body, but the events have altered me; these emotions had been trapped in me for far too long.

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