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Gang Bang in Women’s PG

Hi all. It’s me Maha and I’m going to share my story with all of you. My age is 27 and my color is fairly dark with the figure of 34 30 28.

It’s when my boyfriend sneaks into my PG at night and we made love.

So I’m Maha and I work as a software engineer in a renowned firm. I live in an all-girls PG. I fell in love with a guy who used to work with me in the office. He used to live 20 minutes away from my PG.

One Sunday afternoon, I was just laying down in my bed and scrolling through my social media accounts. Suddenly my BF messaged me that he was outside my hostel. I told him that I’ll be coming down in 5 minutes. But he had something else in his mind. He told me that he’ll sneak in to see me. I was shocked and told him that it wasn’t safe. And the warden could catch us anytime and it’ll be a disaster for both of us. He told me not to worry about it and let’s have some fun with it. I somehow agreed with him and now I was looking down the window.

My boyfriend is 25 years old. His name is Bane and he also works as a software engineer for the same company. He has a muscular body with a dark complexion. His height is 6″2 and his cock size is 7.5″.

Both of us are in love with each other madly. We can’t get our hands off of each other, even when we are in the office, and whenever we get time to sneak in and make love, we do!

So this time we were going to take a risk and he wanted to sneak in my PG.

I have two roommates, and both of them are single. One is Richa and another one is Saloni. Richa is 22 and she’s a college student. She has a fair complexion and a skinny body type. Her body measurements are 32 28 30. You are reading this story at

Saloni is 19 and she’s doing a diploma. Her complexion is wheatish and her body is a bit chubby. Her figure measurements are 34 32 32.

So both my roommates were asleep and I went downstairs to open the door of the PG. The security guard wasn’t there and the warden was also away.

As I opened the door, my bf grabbed me from the back.

“Ahhhhh. Bane .. be careful.” I whispered to him.

“I love you na baby. Can’t wait to hold you tight.” He replied.

We tiptoed to my room and I made him lay down on my bed. I closed the room lock. Before getting into my bed, I took off my t-shirt and I was in my bra and shorts only. He was looking at me stripping down for him.

Now I too hopped into the bed and started to get on top of him. He pulled a cotton sheet over us.

Now as I was on top of him, he he widened his legs and my crotch was on top of his crotch. Ahhhhh. It felt so good.

He held me by my nipples and I was about to scream. He started kissing my boobs madly and I was taking breaths heavily, whispering his name. “Ahhhh fuck!!!!!! Baneeeee… ummmhhh ahhh….. ahhhmmm…. Ahhhh… ahhhhh!!”

I pushed my lips into his lips and he started to kiss me with full force. “Uhmmmmmhhhhaaaa. Ummmahhhhaaa ummmmahhhhaaaa ummmmahhhaaa ummmhaaa uhmmmahaaaa..”

He threw my bra away and now my boobs were naked in front of him. He grabbed them so fucking hard that it made my pussy release some pre-liquid!! I was getting hot and horny for him, and he was getting hard for me.

He put his lips on top of my boobs and started to suck them hard and hard. My lips were on his neck and I was sucking his neck and kissing it while he was sucking my boobs.

“Ahhh uhhhmmmm ahhhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhh ahh fuckkkkk ohhh!! Uhmmmmm ahhh”

He held my left boob in his hand and started to squeeze it so fucking hard.

“Ohhhh Baneeeeee !!!!!!!!”

His other hand was on my pussy on top of my shorts.

He started to suckle my right boob with full force and I was bending my body forward and backward while he kept on sucking hard and fast on my boob.

“Ahh ahh ohhh ahhh ahhh uhmmm uhhhmm ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh”.

We were moaning while keeping our voices low.

“Ahhh fuck Banee ahhhh fuck fuck ahhh ahhhh hmmm Yesss suck hard Babyy Yesss suck hard ahhh suck ahh shit ahhh!!!” You are reading this story at

Now it was his turn to get sucked on.

I got down on him and started to take his pants off. I opened his zip and my hand was on in hard dick. His cock seemed like a snake to me at that time. I held him by his balls and started to suck the balls first.

“Ohhhhhh fuck!!!!!!!!!” He almost screamed as he wasn’t expecting me to suck his balls.

I grabbed his balls with my lips and started dripping wet saliva on his cock!!!

“Ahhhhhh ohhhhh you!! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!” He was moaning hard and hard.

I started to suck his balls with my lips and he started pushing my head on his balls with full force.

“Uffhhh ahhhh!!!”

Now it was time for me to suck his dick. I held it with both of my hands and pushed it all in my mouth, all at once! You are reading this story at

“Uffhhhh ahhhhh fuck!!!!!!”

“Uhh uhh ah ah uhhhh uhmm uhmm uhmm” I was sucking it like a complete whore and I was making sharp noises while sucking his hard cock.

“Ah ah fast baby fast baby baby ah ah fast fast ah fuck ah ah ah ah ah ahh fast fuckk ahh ah fuck suck it ah ah ah ah ah ah!!” He kept on moaning hard for me.

Now I had sucked his dick for at least 15 minutes and I was getting back up.

As I came on his top, I could hear my roommates saying something. I got a little scared and peeked my head out of the cotton sheet. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!!!!

They were both naked, arms in arms, sucking each other’s boobs!!!!

Oh God, I saw them naked my pussy got even wetter.

Their pussies were crossing each other and they were sucking each other’s boobs like complete lesbos.

My bf also saw that sight.

As we looked at them, they got a bit scared.

I didn’t say a word, got off of my boyfriend’s top, and hopped onto their bed.

Bane followed me and he hopped onto the bed as well.

Now all four of us were naked on the bed.

I held Saloni with my hands, opened her legs, and started sucking and kissing her pussy like a wild cat! You are reading this story at

Bane held Richa by her boobs and started sucking her boobs with full force. He spits on his hand and started to rub her pussy with his hand while sucking her boobs wildly!!!

“Oh fuck ahh ahhh ahhhh fuckin ahhh ahhhhh damnnnn ahhhh fuckk ah ahhh ahhh!!!”

“Bane do me! Ahh, do me ahhh ahhh do me Bane ahh fuck!!” Richa was moaning hard for him.

He kept sucking her boobs and rubbing her pussy while I was eating Saloni’s pussy and rubbing and massaging her boobs harder and harder!!!

Ahhhhh that was a fucking site to look at!!!!

Now I got down. I made Bane come on top of my pussy. His dick was adjusting on my pussy. He put his lips on Saloni’s pussy and Saloni was eating Richa’s ass!!!!

I wanted to be the first one to be fucked by Bane’s hard cock!

He started to push his dick all in with full force and I screamed at top of my lungs!!!


He started to thrust his dick all in my pussy.

His lips were still eating Richa’s pussy inside out and she was moaningggggg!!!! Her lips were eating Saloni’s wild ass, which she was spreading with both of her hands and she was screaming like a wild cat too!!!

“Ah ahhhhhhh Richa ahhh!!!”

“Fuck Saloni!!!

“Fuck you whores!!!”

“Fuckkkkkkk ahhhh Bane hard baby!!! Do it hard ah ah ah ahhh ahhh ahhh hardd ahh ahhh ahh!!!!!”

Now he was pushing his cock inside my pussy harder and harder and his thrusts were getting even harder with every push!!!

He made Saloni lie down now and he started eating her pussy by opening it up fully with both of his hands!!!

“Ahhh ahhhhh ah ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh” she was screaming hard!

Now he pulled his cock out of my pussy and pushed it inside Saloni’s pussy. I started to finger Richa’s pussy by sitting on top of her.

“Ah ahh ahhh fuckk fuckkk fuck ahh fuckkk ahhh fuck ahh ahh ahhh fuckk ahhh ahhh fuck ahhh fuckk fuckk ahhh!”

Our room was filled with fuckin noises.

Now he made me and Richa lay on top of each other, and he started to fuck both of our pussies at the same time!

He pushed the cock in Richa’s pussy, fucked it hard and hard

Took the cock out You are reading this story at

Pushed it inside my pussy!

“Ahhh ahhh Bane ah ahhh Baneeeee aahhh ahhhh!!!!!!’

“Fuck you whores fuck you ahhhh!!”

I was finger fucking Saloni’s pussy as he was fucking me and Richa!

Now after 15 minutes of a gang bang, he was about to cum. He made us three lay down and started fucking Saloni’s pussy and he kept spitting and finger fucking both of us!

“Ahhhhhh damnn ahh ahh ahh ahhh!!!!” “Fuck ahhhhh”

Now he was getting even faster and was about to cum! His dick started getting furious and he increased his speed so much!


And he came all in with his thick white cum.

He poured that white cum into all of our mouths and we swallowed all of his cum load like whores.

“Ahhhh uhmmm”

Now we all lay down and started to rub our bodies with each other till we fell asleep naked.

It was such a wild and fucking hot night for all of us.

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