Sex in Haveli


Sex in Haveli with My Guard

My name is Pooja and this is a tale of my steamy sex with one of my guards.

We live in a city and my husband stays in London mostly.

I am alone back here and manage little assignments for business assigned by my husband.

We have a old heritage haveli in our village.

We have redecorated it and I often visit it on the weekends.

One weekend, I was staying there.

Everything was normal.

All the staff had gone on leave and I was alone at the haveli with my bodyguard.

Nikhil is a 26 years old guy and very loyal to us.

He has been my guard for last 3 years.

We never had a chance of much talking as he was focused on the security.

I made dinner for myself and him.

He was deployed in the lawn. I asked him to come inside and have dinner.

He was so shy and reluctant to come.

After a lot of persuasion, he finally agreed.

He joined me for the dinner.

We started talking, I was enjoying talking with him.

He was a cool, ambitious guy and turns out he was single.

He was very attractive and sexy.

His muscular body and broad shoulders were so majestic.

I was wearing a blue saarree for the evening. It was very silky and the blouse was so tight.

My boobs were loose as I wasn’t wearing any bra.

He got distracted for one or two times, but kept his cool.

His killer smile and charisma had taken over me and I was his biggest fan at that very moment.

I wanted him.

Within moments, I made a plan and set my eyes on him.

My thirsty pussy wanted some magic and Nikhil felt the right guy to cheat.

We ended our dinner and he got outside again.

I had gone restless and mad now for him.

I went to my room, put on some make up and got into a bikini.

I was looking smoking hot.

He had never seen me like this ever.

I got out and sat on the couch beside the pool near lawn.

He was shocked to see me in bikini and was unable to keep his eyes off my body.

“Should I go mam?” he asked gently.

“No my dear, it is fine.”

He kept sitting but started to look at other directions.

He was secretly peaking at me.

His eyes were burning with fire.

I dipped in the pool and took a swim.

As I got out, I made my move.

“Why don’t you join me, Nikhil.” I asked him.

“No mam, I can’t.” he said abruptly.

“You can and you should.” I said with firmness in my tone.

He came to me and sat down.

Haveli 1.jpg

“Get in your underwear dude, let’s have a swim.” I said to him giggling.

He started opening his shirt and removed his pants.

He was a total package.

He had a chubby but fit body with perfect angulation.

He came near me and sat down.

His thighs were so strong and his body was hairless.

I turned around a asked him to massage my back handing him the gel.

He quickly followed and started massaging my back.

He was doing wonders with his hands and I couldn’t enjoy more.

I then asked him to remove my bra’s hook and massage underneath too.

He opened my bra from behind and started caressing my bare back.

I was feeling dizzy.

I suddenly got up not keeping the bra with and my naked boobs were in front of him.

“Oops.” I murmured.

He handed me the bra and I took it.

I laid down straight now and asked him to do the massage on front.

I wasn’t wearing the bra when he started massaging me.

He started from the neck region and followed the slope downwards to caress the boobs. He was putting oil on my breasts and making sounds by pinching my nipples.

My eyes were closed and I was getting horny.

He was having the time of his life.

His grip on my boobies was increasing and he was touching and pinching them.

I looked at his underwear and his cock was visible.

It had started to swell and sex was already in the air.

I touched his cock from outside and he gave me a soft moan.

I then asked him to massage on my legs.

He started doing it.

I quietly removed my panties.

He got real nervous this time and stopped.

“No mam.” He said slowly.


“Yes sir.” I replied abruptly and he laughed.

Asked him to massage my whole body now and he started.

He was touching the boundaries of my vagina.

I held his hand and placed it on my vagina.

I was laying there naked in front of my guard in my empty haveli and the things couldn’t get sexier.

He started giving me massage and I was moaning like a virgin.

I then stood up and made him lay down.

I asked him to take out his underwear and he did.

He had a very long cock, more than double of my husband’s dick.

I was stunned at its beauty. It was filled with veins and blood was pumping hard.

I put some oil on his body and started massaging him.

I started from the shoulders and as I was coming down, his heart was racing.

I grabbed the cock and massaged it.

His face was blushing like a little baby.

He was a gem I had discovered late.

Without a second thought, I took his cock and started sucking it.

He was now out of control.

He grabbed my hair and mouth fuckd me.

I enjoyed giving him the treatment.

He then took me up and made me sit on his lap facing towards him.

He started kissing me madly.

He kissed my lips then neck and went straight for the boobies.

My nipples were erect enough and he was chewing on them.

He gave me a lot of hickeys on neck and chest.

His inner animal had awake.

I asked him to be nice and delicate but he was sucking licking and biting me.

He then lifted me and placed my vagina right on his dick.

I was moving slowly as it was hurting,

My pussy was not used to such a monster cock and now I was riding the one.

He sat on the edge of the pool and I was riding him like a little cow girl.

He started getting the pace, folds of my pussy were now opening and it was getting adjusted to the new size.

I rode him for an hour and had many orgasms but he was solid yet.

He took me to the lawn and put me in the grass.

Stars were shining in the clear sky of my village, and I was being pounded beneath it.

He made me doggie and hold both of my hands arching back.

He was now going to ride me.

He had grabbed the saddles and went straight in.

I made a noise


“Ahhh Nikhil.”

He kissed on my ass and again pounded my vagina with his cock.

He started thrusting like an animal.

I was crying like a little baby, moaning hard and hard because nobody was there to listen us.

I came and came and after some time I begin to feel that he was about to cum, I didn’t want his sperm inside me so I rolled over and put his cock in my mouth and gave him a blowjob.

He came in my mouth and we went to pool to cool down.

We sat in the pool for an hour.

He was a big gun and I had only one night. He was sitting on the edge of the pool and his body was shining with sparkling water.

I was fully naked in front of my guard and his eyes were continuously on me.

I reached out to him, give him a kiss and asked to come inside.

He put his arms around my waist and took me to the room.

We settled in bed and cuddled for some time.

I was touching and stroking his cock gently. I was in love with him. I had never been pleased by any man like this, not even by my husband.

His cock was now coming to its senses and had started to erect. He started caressing my ass and kissing me on my cleavage.

He was licking my body and I was getting horny.

He grabbed my nipples and started sucking one.

I was staring at him and enjoying the sight. He was sucking and gently biting the tips.

I was stroking his fully erect cock and he was nibbling on my boobs.

He started licking my navel now, his tongue was licking my belly button deeply and I was moaning like a cat.

He made his way right to my pussy lips. He looked at me for approval and I just opened my legs.

He started kissing on my bossom and licked my pussy.

It was filled with my juices and he drank all of it.

“You are salty.” He said abruptly.

I started laughing and replied, “You are sweet.”

He again started doing his business, I had my one hand on his head and with the other I was holding the back side of my bed.

He was licking my pussy like it deserved to be licked.

He was entering his tongue in my vagina and was scratching my ass.

My feelings were on fire. Pressure was building inside my belly again and I was going to have an orgasm.

I tried to remove his mouth but it was too late.

I came harder and filled his mouth with my salty secretions.

He was so high and wanted all of it.

He had blown me away and I wanted to return the favor, I grabbed his dick again and took it in my mouth.

I started sucking it, but he had other plans now.

He grabbed me up from and started kissing. His mouth was still tasting of my cum.

Then he toppled me over with full force.

I was not his boss now, he was in charge and he wanted anal.

I was made doggy and he inserted his fingers inside my fluffy ass.

It hurt. I looked at him with shock and said, “That’s the wrong hole baby.”

He came near me and kissed me on the chin.

“I want you from backside.” He said firmly.

I had never experienced anal because I was so afraid of it.

I tried to resist in every manner but he was the man of night tonight.

He came over me and I fell flat on the bed.

“Please Nikhil.” I said to him.

“Don’t worry love, it’ll hurt just for once and then you’ll be smooth to go.” He assured me.

He wasn’t going to stop anyway.

He placed his cock right in the middle of my ass cheeks and started shoving it in.

His round cap of the cock was round and fat and my ass was virgin.

He started gently, squeezing and expanding my gaand.

As his cock was on the entrance he forced it in.

I cried with pain and he was over my back now.

His cock had made way into my ass.

I was crying with pain. He kissed on my shoulders and said

“Shhhhh it’s going to be alright.”

I had given him that access and now he was drilling my ass forcefully.

I couldn’t stop him now.

My ass was being pounded with the longest cock now. He kept on thrusting and thumping and acquired a pace.

My ass cheeks were flapping and making a sound.

I was holding the sheets firmly.

He fucked and fucked like an animal and came inside my ass.

He filled my ass with his cum. I was exhausted as hell.

We slept there and then, him over me.

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