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She got there much later than she had anticipated, and as she pulled into the parking lot, she was aware that he was waiting for her. She did not want to give the idea that she was crawling for the first time because he had described the experience so vividly that it lingered in her mind for weeks. This was not the image that she wanted to give. She made a beeline towards the entrance of a corridor that was sandwiched between bustling tourist stores that had just opened and very full and vacant offices that had just closed for the day. She moved swiftly through the dim path till she reached the final chamber. When she arrived, he was in the dimly lit office, and when she approached the door, he grabbed her bag and told her to “Go back.

It just took his two words to bring her right back to the reason why she was there. She did not utter a single word as she abruptly reversed course and returned to the scene until she heard him yell “halt.”

When he told her to “Get off,” she immediately dropped to her knees. He followed closely after her, shut the door, and switched the light on in the dimly lit corridor as he did so. While she waited for Him to tell her what came next, her knees and hands were able to feel the filthy carpet under them.

She sensed that He was staring at her, but she did not turn her head to look at Him. She wasn’t entirely certain what the regulations were, and she didn’t want to find out the hard way, so she waited calmly for instructions to be given. While she waited, an electric current ran through her body.

“Tuck in your tits and draw up your skirt,” the instructor said.

She bent her knees, reached down, and wrapped the striped skirt of her short summer dress over her ample behind. She was relieved that she had really made the decision to put on some pants on that particular day because she couldn’t stop thinking about the door and the bustling main street and how embarrassing it would be if someone were to go down there and see her ass in that state. She heard a small voice telling her that she didn’t care. After that, she unbuttoned the top of her dress, removed her tits, and let them hang loosely. She felt so vulnerable and could still feel his gaze appraising her, not quite criticizing her but scrutinizing her at the same time. She was being judged at the same time.

As he made his way back to his office along the lengthy corridor, he questioned his companion, “Are you aware that there are stores on the other side of the door?”

“Yes, sir.” It was her response.

“There was no hiding from anyone.” He had her recall it.

She bobbed her head in acknowledgement as she peered up at him through the ringlets of her hair that were covering her face. She stood there and watched him make his way back down the hallway.

“Come.” He just said. Despite this, she was able to comprehend the meaning of the term and started the laborious descent toward Him. Even though the sand on the carpet was giving her knees a painful sensation, she continued to get closer to Him. She focused her attention on maintaining her composure so that she would not trip or falter. She was confident that if she made it to the end of this corridor, she would be rewarded with what she had been waiting for.

She snuck passed the door of the first store, which she afterwards realized she was relieved she hadn’t opened. Then came the second; as she flew by, she was so close to the crowd that she could practically make out their voices as she had her DDs swinging at every motion and her huge ass in the air. He was standing there watching her while the office door got closer and closer while she continued going closer to him and what he was providing her. The door to the office was getting closer. She climbed up upon His feet, and He commanded her to proceed to the location.

She continued to crawl farther into the room until she reached the mat that he had placed in front of the chair he was sitting in. She remained on all fours in the room that was barely lighted and smelled like ancient books, both of which added to the confusion in her head. While she waited, she could feel that her underwear was drenched through and through.

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Following the sound of the door being shut, he went over and took a position next to her. Her entire body began to flutter with excitement as she prepared for what was about to happen. She shut her eyes, took a deep breath, and waited after seeing the belt in His palm while it was at His side.

“Seven minutes,” he said. “Seven minutes late. Even if this is your first time, we’ll get started with this.

The belt grazed the exposed area of her posterior. She took a deep breath as the sting from the hit spread throughout her body. She was aware of it. She was aware of who she was and what she was doing at that time; she was also aware of the reason she was there.

“All right, go ahead and tally everything up.” He said.

Her physical being exhibited an authentic response to his words. “One.” She said the words in a soft tone as the moisture in her underwear increased.

The leather belt struck her once more, this time with a bit more force.

She counted to two before uttering the number “two.” Her thoughts were completely consumed by Him and the events that followed. As she waited, she could feel her nipples tightening.

While she maintained her position on all fours, the leather struck her round behind with increasing force.

“On your hands and knees.” She reported that the sting became more intense, at which point she flinched somewhat. She decided to close her eyes in order to better feel the pain, but she soon realized that she did not enjoy it. Her nads were in pain.

The calm was broken once more by the sound of the leather striking her rear end. She whimpered when she said the number “four.” She was confused about whether or not she was supposed to take pleasure in it given that she had arrived late. Whatever the case…

“Five.” The pain became very worse. The five forceful strokes that his belt delivered on her derriere caused it to feel heated.

“Six.” She heaved a sigh of relief when the blow was delivered, but it didn’t satisfy her want for more. She couldn’t help but wonder whether he was content simply to stand there and observe her in that manner.

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“Seven.” She let out a whimper. She was aware that she was sweating even though the belt was on fire. She remained still as she awaited his subsequent instruction while on all fours.

She was startled when she felt his hands pull her pantyhose down so that he could view her nude ass. She was mortified, but she couldn’t help but wonder whether her derriere bore any marks. She could feel the sharp pain and the searing heat at the spot where the leather had struck her each time. She was curious as to whether or not her butt looked attractive, but just as she was thinking about it, she felt his touch.

“Let’s see how wet this made you get,” the instructor said. He brushed his fingers between her moist slits and then softly ran them along her pussy lips. As she felt his fingers examine her, she let out a low sigh.

“Mm hmm.” What he said was heard by her. You must be saturated with sweat. He did so in a very dispassionate manner. It seemed to her that a filthy little secret was about to be exposed, and she felt her face flush. As if his acknowledgment of her moist pussy would in some way communicate to the outside world what a hungry little whore she was at that very time. As he stroked her shoulders, she pulled her eyes shut.

She, and he groaned as he came to a stop. Her body craved more, more of Him, and she waited for it. Her body begged for more.

He climbed up into the chair and sat down, his rough cock moving closer and closer to her face. She flashed a grin. At that very time, her heart’s desire was to be able to taste Him and provide pleasure to Him. She was aware that this was the purpose of her presence, namely to fulfill His desires, but she was surprised by the pleasure that the belt brought her. When she felt the heat of the belt marks and saw His firm cock, she experienced the same pain in her pussy again. She did not realize how much she required it until she really had it in her possession.

He advised her to “go ahead and suck it” before leaning back in the chair to see her reaction.

She recalled that he had mentioned that he preferred it if she did not use her hands, so she maintained her position on all fours as she sucked his cock. She was able to envelop him in her kiss since his hand was holding him still. She moved her mouth down slowly, her soft lips slowly sliding down the length of his big cock as she attempted to get it as far down as possible. She suffocated herself with it, not only because she was confident that he would enjoy it, but also because she enjoyed the task of trying to get as much of it down her throat as she could. She felt confident in her abilities and wanted to demonstrate it to him.

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When he noticed that she was gently moving her lips up and down, he advised her to “spread your legs a bit wider.” “You are aware that there is a mirror behind you,” the speaker said.

She was unaware of this fact and so experienced instant anxiety. She was concerned that the view wouldn’t be satisfactory, but she was also aware that if she continued to gag her dirty little lips over his cock, she probably wouldn’t disturb him with the mirror. She was starving for it and tried to ignore what he had said about the mirror as she concentrated on how it tasted and how it felt in her mouth. All the while, she was feeling the pain of the belt.

She like the way his cock felt as it went between her lips, and she cherished the way its consistency pleased her as she swallowed it down. Her tongue moved back and forth on it as she increased the speed of her sucking and did her best to get a good bite out of it. She continued talking despite hearing him groan.

“That wraps everything up.” He said. His comments caused a tingling sensation in her pussy and accelerated the rate at which she sucked. Deeper. Saliva was dripping down her chin and her mouth was gushing with it. As she became disoriented and licked His huge cock, she messed up her face in the process. She didn’t care about her appearance anymore, so she just let the saliva run down her chin and onto the ground below. She expressed interest in having a taste. She desired to listen to His groaning as it entered the room.

Her oral cavity. At that same time, nothing else entered her mind other than that.

She suffocated herself thoroughly on his cock once more. She was choking on his cock when the saliva began to come out. “That wraps everything up.” He spoke to her in a quiet voice and urged her to go with the activity she was engaged in.

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She jerked her head back, then plunged straight down again, her chin now smeared with saliva, and choked herself on his cock even more tightly. Her eyes were watering, and her saliva was on the verge of coming out of her nose. She was completely unconcerned with her physical appearance. As soon as she recognized his voice again, she realized that she was very close to achieving what she had been working toward. That was the end of it. Just like that,” he remarked.

She didn’t seem to mind that she was on all fours, which caused discomfort in her knees. She was completely oblivious to the fact that she appeared to be a messy mess. She was solely responsible for one task, and that was to suck his cock. She moved her head back and forth on his cock and soon felt his hands on both sides of her head. She continued to bounce her head on his cock. His groaning occurred more frequently as time went on. She sucked much more and expressed a want to taste it. She felt the first strand of sperm go into her throat as he groaned, and then she moved in for a deeper penetration of his cock. As she drank it, it caused her pussy to run like a faucet. She kept it as deep as she could and made it run into her throat like the tiny cocksucking bimbo that she was. His cock throbbed between her lips as she sucked it like a cocksucking bimbo. She distanced herself little and then tasted him. She was rewarded for her hard work by having his sperm land on her tongue. As befits a nice girl, she groaned as His cock was in her throat and continued to swallow His semen until every last drop was contained within her belly.

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