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Random Sex between Rima and Abir

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It was late in the evening. Candlelight flickered and lit piles of books. Saved knowledge from millennia. The books were in a mess on the table in one of the Dalaran libraries. Old, worn leather bindings fixed the valuable parchments and papers, which were bound here for knowledge.

The table was surrounded by huge shelves, in which there were large works by authors who had long since passed away. Each of these books was made in a unique form. A long time ago, someone had used great skill to give each of the characters a special meaning. Months, maybe years, of work were in each of these volumes. To leave the knowledge of generations, which was considered valuable, for posterity.

However, this bundled knowledge was by no means an easy fare. It only revealed its magic to the most ambitious, talented pupil of magic. And sometimes not even this.

The young princess of Kul Tiras sighed as her fingers slid across the lines of parchment. A magician from days long ago had written this book. The mists of the centuries that lay between them seemed to want to cover up every word, every sentence.

What did Aegwynn, the guardian of Tirisfal, mean by that demonic threat? Had she predicted the war against the orcs? Or was there something else out there in the Nether? A lurking shadow, greedily thrusting the world out of the blue and destroying Azeroth. The girl slipped her fingers through her long blond hair, which hung loosely from her delicate body, and a sigh flitted across her lips.

She put her hands on the back of her neck and stretched. Her back ached and she heard a slight crack as she arched her back, stretching her young but well-developed breasts away. The white-blue fabric stretched around her feminine curves, which stood out against the silk prison.

She had been sitting here over the books for many hours. Archmage Antonidas had sent them here this morning. She should learn more about the dangers of magic. At first, she thought she knew everything, but she was wrong. The more she rummaged through the ancient scriptures, the more she became aware of her ignorance. Was there an army of demons out there just waiting to fall over Azeroth like a swarm of locusts, over a ripe cornfield?

The young woman sat back in her chair. Aegwynn’s notes made the young magician shiver. She struggled to absorb every line. A shiver went through her as she let go of the Eredar visions. Her delicate fingers seemed to pulsate. Was this dark titanium destroyed?


Sargeras, the destroyer – that was the name that chilled her. The characters that formed his name seemed to be filled with dark magic. The light of the candle flickered vividly and her quivering lips silently formed the words of that creature, that annihilator of the worlds.

The princess did not notice that the door to that time-honored library was opened. Her attention was focused only on the lines of that book. In the dim light of the candles, her blue eyes clung to the story of dragons and demons, while a mighty figure gloomed on the shelves. The steps of the boots sounded silent before their minds, but they weren’t.

The heavy armored boots were one of man’s colossi. Young, untamed hair fell over his shoulders. It wasn’t fine, it was stuck together with sweat and dust. The candlelight reflected its shadow on the wall. He was almost like the demons in Aegwynn’s book when he stepped behind the princess of Kul Tiras. However, he still didn’t notice this, banned by the old characters and their meaning. Then he raised his strong hand and placed it from behind the petite girl.

“Rima,” he said in a firm voice, as his battle-hardened, rough fingers touched her tender, bare shoulders and tore them out of the world of demons and dragons, the world of the Burning Legion. She winced and a quieter Outcry escaped her dry throat, “How long have you been sitting over these silly books while life is blooming outside?”

Rima turned and looked up at the young man. The disturbing lines of the book were instantly forgotten when she felt his warm, strong hand on her skin. He smelled of sweat and horse, a strange and masculine fragrance that rose in her nose.

“Abir, what are you doing here?” She reprimanded him. Her blue eyes stuck to his angular face and betrayed her joy at seeing him. “You know that this library is only for magicians. If Antonidas or Kel’thuzad you See here, you’re going to get in trouble. ”

He noticed her look and pulled her to his feet without a verbal answer. Her delicate body nestled against his muscular. He wore a blue and silver doublet with the royal coat of arms of Lordaeron. The young princess put her hand on his chest and felt his muscles hidden beneath it. Exhausted, she put her head on his chest. Its proximity felt good. The veil of dark premonitions and stories broke from her when he also put his hands around her.

The proximity of the prince gave her security. He was the king’s son of Lordaeron, the most powerful kingdom of Azeroth, and they were also secret lovers.

“What do I care about old men in robes. I nearly beat Uther today in a duel. He said if I continued to make such rapid progress, one day I would be his dead. “Abir smiled down at the young magician and stroked her cheek.

Her eyes met candlelight.

“No, the only one I want to see in robes now is you. And without you, I would even be even better.” With these words, he grabbed the girl with incredible ease and pulled her up in search. One hand rested on her Butt while the other pressed her back against him. Only a little fabric separated her feminine curves from the skin they were pressed against. His lips and hers found a passionate kiss.

Rima tasted his tongue, hers with hers a wild game began. She tasted wine, meat, and spices. His saliva moistened her dry mouth during the day. Abir felt greed, felt his excitement against her fine robe. His hand on the firm butt massaged her young flesh and told her his lustful intentions.

She willingly surrendered to the prince when he finally set her down on the old library table. With a wave of his hand, he pushed the old books aside. The prince was not interested in the knowledge of bygone times, and the young magician also had more important things in mind at that moment. She had nothing on her mind at that moment. No thought disturbed her feelings when he laid her back on the wooden table.

Rima’s lips were still wet from her kiss. Her tongue was still holding his taste. His hands reached for her breasts and massaged them through the thin fabric. She felt her little nipples become hard and stiff under his massage. It just felt great.

For a long time, the prince was in maneuver with his master. For too long both young people had had to do without this game of pleasure. Now they made up for it.

The king’s son had quickly brought out her delicate, feminine fruits under the fabric of her noble magical robe. With unprecedented gentleness, he stroked her skin now that he was holding it again in his hands.

The girl licked her lips and moaned softly. Abir leaned forward and kissed her protruding buds gently. The tip of his tongue ran over these balances of excitement. He sucked on them, sucked, and nibbled on them.

More and more often Rima let out a satisfied, lustful sigh. The candlelight flickered slightly, and her bare body was in a warm light. A happy smile was reflected in her mine. But Abir’s greed was far from satisfied.

A hand of the prince slid under her robe and wandered over the fine silk stockings of his beloved until he finally reached the skin between her thighs. He felt the warmth that awaited him there. Abir smiled lustily and looked into her bright blue eyes with anticipation.

Rima willingly opened her legs for her prince. She enjoyed being caressed and caressed by him. The girl felt her heart racing. It struck faster and faster as her robe was pushed over her hips, and the young paladin began to wander deeper with his kisses.


He caressed her thighs, sniffed her small, blonde fluff, and finally slowly licked her tender labia. He widened it with his tongue and slid up through her moat to her love bud.

Rima groaned loudly. She quickly put her hand, clenched into a fist, on her mouth so as not to express her lust too loudly in those venerable rooms. It didn’t help much. Artha’s tongue cleverly found one, from her small, tight rosette, high, over her moist lust hole to her clit. He licked her gently, with steady movements.

Soon her lustful sounds became louder, moaned and gasped with excitement, and finally let go completely. Abir smiled in satisfaction. He had his mistress wherever he wanted her.

The young fighter licked the girl faster and faster. He stroked her thighs and massaged her breasts. Her taste, her lute, her pleasure excited him almost as much as he excited her. His limb pressed almost painfully against his pants. But he still held back.

Rima wriggled under his tongue on the old wooden table. Her moan became a panting. Abir enjoyed torturing the young magician in this erotic way. It excited him to subject these girls, this woman, this daughter of the famous Admiral Proudmoore, in this sexual way.

After days of hard training, he would now celebrate his biggest win. Abir felt himself getting closer. Rima’s body was now only a willing vessel of pleasure. A vessel that could overflow at any moment.

Then it was finally time. The young woman desperately held on to the tabletop as her body reared up. She shouted into the library reading room. She clawed into the wood as her abdomen seemed to explode. Stars sparkled before her eyes. Everything went in circles.

Abir sat up as the princess writhed on the table under her lust. He released his limb from the bonds of his belt and pants. Slipped his doublet over his head and took the girl’s body in his hands.

He pulled her body so that her bottom was right on the edge of the table, then he reached into the back of her knees and pressed her legs apart with gentle force. His lance was stiff and long, worthy of a king’s son. He approached her and gently pressed his genital against her lustful shame.

Rima looked up at him with a transfigured look. She waited for him, longed for him, and finally, he gave her what she wanted. His acorn gently presses her flesh apart. The young fabric wrapped itself warm and damp around its stately post.

She groaned again. Her sounds were full of passion, greedy for his intrusion. Slowly, inch by inch, he conquered her body. He penetrated deeper and deeper into the magician’s flesh, groaning for his pleasure.

The union of the two is like a divine play – gently and yet full of strength. Again and again, he ran his lance into between her open legs. Moaned and gasped in lust, thus telling her his desire, for which she needed no other proof.

She took him in happily and with passion. Admired the shadow play of candles on his muscular chest. She smelled his sweat. Smelled her pleasure nectar, which was pumped out of her vagina by his member. With one hand she stroked his chest while the other continued to hold on to the table. Her breasts rocked in time with his thrusts. Her moan combined with his, to a canon of pleasure.

He penetrated her ever faster, ever deeper. He drove his sex ever more passionately into their cave, which was dripping with moisture. Rima’s initial attempt to be quiet had long since collapsed under her cries of pleasure. She didn’t care if anyone who might be walking past the gates would hear her now. She just wanted to obey her passion. Wanted to share her lust with her prince, who moved so skillfully in her. Soon she felt his thrusts with a wild force, banging against her uterus.


Rima shrieked loudly. Pleasure and pain combined into a single wave of happiness. She felt her abdomen tense. I felt her vagina lie over the man’s penis like a second skin and massage it with rhythmic surges.

Then the prince was ready. Fired up by her second climax, his member also began to pulsate. Rima’s vaginal muscles twitched wildly. He gasped and groaned loudly as if her warm, narrow grotto milked him.

The girl felt the prince’s hot seed deep inside her. It wasn’t just a splash, no, seven deep bursts of his love juice were left deep in her stomach. He filled her with it, and part of it seemed to immediately spill out of her body, trembling with lust.

Exhausted, the prince slumped on top of her. Nestled against her, still inside her. Rima also wrapped her arms around him. She felt his weight, smelled his masculine scent and felt his hot semen inside her. Happy and filled, she began to cast a spell quietly.

Before the prince realized what had happened, she had already opened a portal and dragged him through it. If they were still lying on the tabletop with their upper bodies, they were now on the soft mattress of Rima’s chamber.

“You crazy magician,” whispered Abir. Then he kissed her and reached for Rima’s blanket. The lovers were quick, snuggled close to each other under this disappearance, and fell asleep from their lovemaking.

Neither of them thought about what Kel’thuzad would think when he came to the library the next morning. Would he notice the chaos and the damp remnants of Rima’s love nectar and Artha’s seeds on the table?

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