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The sunrise was nice. Like every time. Nothing special. The beginning of a new day. What to Expect Nice weather? Food and drink in abundance?

Talking to the man by your side? Or the nice game they played almost every day? Madhu blinked in the sun. She was still asleep and listened to the twittering of the birds. Even though she listened to them every day, she still couldn’t tell which of them sang which song. Their sounds were always beautiful. Madhu sat up. She had been lying on lush green. It didn’t take more for your well-being at night. She had laid her head on a leaf pillow. Thanks to the constant summer heat, she didn’t have to cover herself. She leaned over her companion and found that he was still asleep.

For a while, she watched his strong chest rise and fall. She liked to look at him. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. So vulnerable. She knew that he could be different in certain situations. She looked around. Nothing had changed. Several small animals went about their morning activities. A mole was digging a hole. A fox roamed the bushes. An eagle with a white head and majestic wing flap circled above her head. Was he looking for prey? The world looked like it was painted every morning. Peaceful and perfect.

Madhu took a few steps and absorbed her surroundings. She sucked in the fresh air through her nose and enjoyed the warm sunshine on her bare skin. Some animals glanced at the slender woman with flowing blond hair. They went over her shoulders and lay over her full breasts. Her breasts swayed with every step on the soft ground. No being was bothered by her nudity. Nobody ran away. Nobody had anything to fear from her. She took a few steps, then crouched behind a tall tree. She listened to the rippling sound of her urine falling to the floor. She dried herself with a large leaf and made her way to the river.

On the way there she met a deer. She saw a wolf family with the little ones romping about. Soon they would go hunting like their parents. They still lived in their contemplative, ideal world. A bear stood peacefully on the bank of the river and quenched its thirst. Madhu was not afraid. The animals respected their companion and them. She found a shallow spot on the bank and stepped into the river. The cool water played around her shackles and awakened her spirits. She took a few steps and knelt in the water. She washed her face and torso. Then Madhu swam a few puffs and got out of the refreshing water. The sun was steaming the drops off her body, and when she returned to her companion she was almost dry.

She knelt beside him and put her hand on his chest. He winced and woke up. “It’s time to get up, Rajesh.”

The man muttered a reply.

“Did you sleep well?”

The muscular man sat up. He was well built, with strong upper arms and tight calves. Dark hair sprouted on his chest, matching the color of his hair. Bushy dark hair grew between the legs, in the middle of which stood a handsome penis. Rajesh looked around and sat next to his companion. Madhu kissed him tenderly on the cheek. Then on the mouth. He returned the kiss carefully.

Then her lips opened and her tongues started to dance around each other.

Now Madhu felt his strong hand on her upper arm. The other hand approached her breast. She loved it when desire sparked in him and he felt like it shortly after waking up. They continue the kiss. His hand caressed her arm, the other hand lay on her back. Madhu had pressed both hands against his chest. He pulled her to him. You let it happen. The next moment she was lying on the grass.

Rajesh came over to her. He was heavy, but she didn’t feel his weight. His head ran along the wonderfully rounded body. His mouth moved to her chest. His tongue began to play around the pink bud. Madhu sighed contentedly. She loved it when he did that. His hand was on her flat stomach. She moved in a circle over the middle of her body. The fingers fiddled with the navel. Then the hand moved to the lower realms.

Madhu spread her legs expectantly and eagerly awaited the tender contact of the fingers with her lovely femininity. Rajesh used his fingers to trace the course of their column. Madhu winced. It tickled and was stimulating. She loved it when he approached cautiously and slowly got her in the mood. His head followed his hand and when Rajesh lifted Madhu’s thigh and dipped into her lap, Madhu closed her eyes expectantly. His tongue slid along the inside of her thigh. He did it well. He cocked her to the torture. How she liked it. Now the tongue was approaching her sensitive hideaway. He put his hands in and played with the blond pubic hair.

When his tip of the tongue dipped in, Madhu groaned lustily. She felt the nimble tongue movements between her labia. Rajesh let her go up and down but did not penetrate. He took his time. Madhu decided to enjoy and relaxed. With both hands, she played around her nipples, which had straightened up because of the nice feeling. Rajesh ventured forward and stuck his tongue deep into her female area. Madhu acknowledged the act with a sigh that developed into a plethora of expressions of pleasure when her companion began to move within her. It was good. Exciting. Now he took a finger to help and supported the charms on their pubes. It didn’t take Madhu long to get it. He knew exactly what to do, how, and where. Rajesh felt the climax and served her for a while. Then he let go of her.

“That was beautiful … Now it’s your turn.”

“Wait … I’m going to the river. Then I’ll come back.”

She watched him go. The strong man walked away. There was something grand about his muscular body. While Rajesh disappeared into the distance, Eve stroked the last sparks of happiness from her lap with her finger. After a while, Rajesh returned. His hair was damp. Water droplets trickled down his body. Madhu received him kneeling. He stopped in front of her. She looked at his best piece. She put her right hand in his crotch and started driving through the bushy pubic hair. He let it happen and looked down at himself with his arms on his hips. Madhu continued her tender play and kept brushing his penis. Every now and then her fingernails wandered over his scrotum. Slowly but surely Madhu was successful. The staff came to life. Without really touching him Rajesh’s lance rose. With twitching movements, he grew to full size.

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Madhu looked at the blood-filled staff and smiled with satisfaction. Now she could reciprocate for the wonderful game earlier. She clasped the phallus with the fingers of her right hand. The left wrapped around his scrotum and played with the contents. Rajesh groaned in satisfaction. He knew what to expect. He was not disappointed. Madhu bowed her head and opened her mouth. The tip of masculinity passed her full lips. Her tongue wrapped around his glans and began to caress. She licked, he groaned. She ran the tip of her tongue along with the staff. First on one side, then on the other in the opposite direction. Rajesh sighed. She moved her hand back and forth. She felt the hard muscle under the skin, which she gently but powerfully pushed over it.

It increased the pace. It was getting faster and faster. Rajesh is always horny. “I want you.”

“I want you too,” Madhu replied, releasing him. She sank into the grass and lay on her back with her legs spread apart. Rajesh was above her in no time. His hard stick pointed to the blonde triangle. He moved closer. Tucked her legs up and lay against her chest. Madhu’s feet hung in the air. Right next to her partner’s head. One more piece. Now his tip hit her column. With a brisk movement, Rajesh pushed forward and penetrated his lover. Madhu groaned lustily. Rajesh grunted. They were united. Until it stops. The staff filled the young woman well. Then he started to move. First gently, then demanding.

Rajesh kept coming in and eliciting constant joy from his partner. His hard muscle kept plunging into the warm cave. Thanks to her excitement, he slid wonderfully in and out. She was ready. It was damp. He loved it. Madhu groaned and headed for the second high point in the early morning. Suddenly he eluded her.

“What is it?”

“I want you to kneel in front of me.”

Madhu agreed. She straightened up and went into the desired position. For a moment he was no longer in her. That soon changed. Madhu felt the wand slide into her. It was an incredibly beautiful and exciting feeling. Rajesh had gripped her waist with his strong hands and determined the rhythm of their lovemaking. Madhu closed her eyes and enjoyed it. For a moment she remembered the love affair between two wolves that had found each other in the same way. She doubted that the animals were having as much fun as Rajesh and them right now.

He struck heartily. She enjoyed the lance inside. Both were close to their moment of joy. Madhu felt the wand become harder. Rajesh grew louder and groaned. “I can feel it … soon …”

She was happy for him. It was also close to that. Madhu put her hand between her legs and irritated the place where her companion took it. A few pats were enough to let them come. Rajesh stayed inside when it came to him. His semen passed into the other body. The feeling was overwhelming. He loved to unite with Madhu. He loved to do it. Again and again. Madhu’s groans made him suspect that she had been successful again. He eluded her and gently pushed her to the floor. He stayed behind her and put his arm around the fragile-looking woman. They stayed close to each other. They were in no hurry.

They took the time to enjoy their proximity.

The sun had moved on when both rose and went hand in hand to the river. They refreshed themselves and looked for something to eat. There were plenty of them. Bushes and trees grew what they needed to live. They shared an apple. Rajesh took a melon. When Madhu ate a banana, her eyes met. They smiled at each other. Madhu let her tongue wander around the fruit. Rajesh understood the allusion. They were happy. As always. They spent the day together. They wandered around, checked that everything was right, and paid a visit to one or the other animal. The foxes had had offspring. Madhu was delighted and played with the young animals. For a moment she wondered when she would have children herself. Then the joy of the sweet fur balls on her arm prMadhuiled.

Rajesh did not share her devotion and set out to walk the territory. Madhu was left alone. They would see each other later on the river. He marched through forests, roamed a bush landscape, and reached a small lake where he refreshed himself. He met animals. Everyone seemed happy and content. He noticed a movement behind a tree. Who was hiding there? Even if the animals couldn’t answer him, he shouted: “Who are you? Come out. ”

He waited. Nothing happened. Then the leaves rustled on the tree and someone emerged from behind the trunk. Rajesh’s eyes widened. It was not an animal. Neither large nor small. No bear, as he had suspected. It was one A woman, a beautiful woman.

She moved gracefully towards him. It was a few meters away from him and with every step she seemed more beautiful and desirable. The woman was slim and had long black hair. Her facial features were flawless. Blue eyes, icy like a mountain lake. A wonderfully curved nose, high cheekbones, full lips. Her smile was self-confident. She had a slim neck, narrow shoulders. A big breast. No, that was an understatement. She had huge breasts. Much more than Madhu carried with her. Rajesh’s gaze focused on the bumps. Below was a wasp waist that merged into a wonderfully curved abdomen. Her shame was covered by a few black hairs. Her legs seemed to be endless. She approached him. Her hips were shaking. His mouth opened. She stopped a meter ahead of him.

“Who are you?”

“My name is not important,” replied the beauty. “Call me what you like.”

Rajesh was speechless. He stared at the creature in front of him. His eyes went up and down and got stuck on her breasts. Then their eyes met.

“Where are you from? I thought I would be here alone. ”

“God created me and sent me to you. To please you. ”

Rajesh’s hand inevitably moved to his chest. He put several fingers on his costal arch. Everything seemed to be the same.

  • I like …? But I already have Madhu. “

The woman smiled superiorly. “Maybe you want variety?”

Rajesh considered. “Is it God’s wish

“Would he have sent me to you otherwise?” True again. “But what about Madhu?”

“What about her?”

“She is my companion. We do everything together.”

She gave him a mischievous smile and took a step towards him. He felt her hand between his legs. He was about to step down. But he stopped.

“I know that Madhu makes you happy. But I can do that too. ”

The next moment she knelt at his feet. She had put his best piece between her fingers and moved her mouth towards his manhood. Shortly afterward, the unknown woman’s warm mouth enclosed the growing penis. She did it well. Even very good. She skillfully put her tongue in. You played with him. The tongue slid over his tip, tickling the small hole. Slid along the hard muscle.

There was a smacking sound when the hard stick left the mouth and presented itself to its owner with a slight sheen. She gave him scrutiny. Rajesh looked down and didn’t know what to do. What would Madhu think about it? It wasn’t here. Did he have to worry about what she would think about exchanging tenderness with another?

The tip of the tongue wandered again around the stiff comrade. She was really good at that. A

hand played with his testicles. It excited him. Even very. She knew exactly what to make him happy. After a while, she let go of him and rose. She looked deep into his eyes and asked, “Did you like it?”

“Very much.”

“Me too … Do you want to feel how much?”

Rajesh said nothing. The attractive black-haired woman gripped his wrist and put her hand in her lap. She spread her legs apart and let him touch her pubic hair. Rajesh moved his fingers in the frizzy hair,

“touch my femininity.”

Rajesh complied with the request. He pushed the middle finger forward. There was a pleasant warmth around his finger. It was damp like the morning dew in a meadow. “Mmmmmh. Good. ”

He paused in his movement. ” No, go ahead. ”

He did it. His finger started to rub. To the point where he always irritated Madhu. The other woman seemed to like his treatment too.

“You’re doing fine. It feels wonderful too. ”

Continue his fingers to play the compliment animated Rajesh and intensify. His playmate looked excitedly. She enjoyed. Unmistakably. He was willing to give her the excitement.” Am I doing it right? ”

“Oh yeah. That’s nice.”

She retaliated and reached between his legs. His masculinity was still hard and big. She played with the staff and rubbed gently up and down. Rajesh groaned. She groaned. They excelled at each other in their expressions of lust.

“I want you to take me.”

Rajesh considered for a moment. What spoke against it? He was ready. She seemed to be there too. It was nice and both expected pleasant feelings. Madhu was not here. He nodded in agreement. He waited, that she lay down on the grass. She didn’t. He looked at her questioningly.

“Lie down,” she asked him. What did she have in mind? Rajesh obeyed the dark-haired woman’s wish. He lay on the floor. Stretched out lengthwise. He looked up. He saw the sky. Birds passing by. And that Woman with luscious breasts that seemed even bigger from below than they already were.

Now she was moving towards him. It rose over him. Her feet stood on the grass to the left and right of his waist. He looked at her in shame. Her labia were slightly open. Her pubic hair had grown less than Madhu. He could see the pink interior. He noticed the shiny moisture in her lap. It descended. She crouched and brought her abdomen close to his manhood. What was she doing? He and Madhu had never approached this way. Now her femininity touched his tip, which began to twitch in anticipation. She put her hand around his phallus and brought him into position. A mischievous look. Then she dropped.

Her labia wrapped around his best piece. It was tight. Incredibly tight. She took up the full length of the staff. Her femininity seemed to have taken hold of his lance. The air was gone. It was exciting and beautiful. Rajesh looked at the big breasts. He held out his hands and put them on both ridges. His fingertips played around the nipples, which were small and dark. Her buds were embedded in small courtyards. Few stimuli were enough to let the buds bloom. He continued fiddling with the thorns. Then the slim woman started to move on him. He had never experienced it as intensely as at that moment. The friction on his best piece was huge. With each movement, the stimulus increased in his crotch.

It was phenomenal. He had never done anything like this with Madhu. Why not? Madhu had always let him determine how they moved towards each other. To unite in this way was wonderful. The woman on top of him could set her own pace. She could adjust her movement according to her wishes. The sight of the bouncy splendor beneath her neck was stimulating. The dark-haired breasts danced up and down. It looked wonderful and additionally stimulated his libido. Anyway, he was experiencing an incredibly exciting moment.

Rajesh caught himself comparing Eve to the strange woman. Was it the new thing that he found the current act more exciting than the meeting with his ancestral partner? He decided to put the thoughts in the back and enjoy.

He was on the best way to experience another moment of happiness. The way the stranger looked, she didn’t seem to be far from that moment. She rode demanding and decisive and her expression gave information about her feelings. Madhu rarely let herself go like that. Even at her most uninhibited moments, she was more controlled and retreated. Madhu articulated her lust less loudly than the woman who rode wildly on him and drove him into ecstasy.

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“Yes, beautiful … Mmm.”

She had spoken again for a long time. Rajesh knew what she was feeling and he was happy that she enjoyed her company as much as he did. She continued to groan. Got wilder. Then she stopped her ride and stayed in position. Her eyes were closed. Had she come? Was she waiting for the right moment to let go? She gave her partner a mischievous look.

“Let’s try something different, Rajesh.”

The person addressed had no objection. As long as it was no less exciting, he would get involved with everything. She got off his lap. When her genitals separated, it made a smacking sound. He looked at his irritated staff. The part shone in the sun. He knew exactly where the wet tracks came from. His lover had risen to the same position that Madhu had offered him in the early morning. She was waiting for him on all fours and stretched out his splendid ass. Rajesh longed to push his best piece deep in again. He would finish it. That was clear. He would not let this opportunity pass. It remains to be seen what the future holds.

He approached her. She wiggled her buttocks. Now he was kneeling behind her and positioning himself. He picked up his ready lance and pushed himself against the black-haired woman’s abdomen. He slid in softly. Her wetness had increased. Her warm cave seemed to be waiting for him. Rajesh pushed himself so far that his abdomen bumped against her behind. It didn’t go any further. He felt the tight grip of his partner. It was good and exciting. He started to bump. He started to move very gently and gently. His penis slid out a bit, then dived into the wetland again the next moment. The woman acknowledged his efforts with steady sighs. He groaned occasionally and expressed his well-being. Again and again, they rubbed against each other.

“Do it for me in the other opening!”

Rajesh stopped moving. He was surprised. What did she mean? “Go on. I want to feel you in me.”

It did not become more specific. He knew what she was after. Madhu had never invited him to try it any other way. He appealed to him to have this special experience. He eluded his playmate. He looked at his reddened staff. Then his eyes fell on the little rosette between the rounded buttocks. He wanted it. Necessarily. Rajesh approached. His partner looked impatient and stretched out to meet him. Now they touched. He felt the resistance. His acorn began to find a way into the narrow grotto. He felt the woman’s hand move between her legs. She touched the opening he had just opened. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had given up the charms for too long. Now it had to go on.

He held his staff in position and pushed forward. The resistance gave in very gently. The first bit drilled gently into the opening. The kneeling woman groaned. He groaned too. He covered another distance. His playmate cried out. He accepted, not in pain. Further forward. It was much narrower than before. Rajesh would hardly have thought it possible. Why had Madhu kept this great feeling from him so far? It didn’t go on now. He started to move in it.


Her moan excited him. He knew he was giving him pleasure with his manliness. That made him proud. Her tight hole made him horny. He pushed harder. Is that good … firmer. Faster. ”

He tried. He increased the pace. He felt his excitement increase. Not long before he would get his reward. It was just wonderful up to here. Would it be even nicer? She didn’t stop moaning. He doesn’t come across. Then he crossed the threshold of his beautiful feeling of joy. “Yeah … now it’s time

… Aaargh.”

“With me too … Ooooaaah.”

A final powerful push made him come. He felt his life’s juice set off and fill the tight hole of the woman in front of him. The feeling was indescribable. He had never seen anything like it before. What he had with Madhu was beautiful and exciting. What he experienced with this new woman was much better. He was pumping out. He didn’t want to stop. Her pleasure sounds accompanied the foothills of his lust. Rajesh was exhausted but happy and satisfied.


He was startled. He looked around. He saw Madhu standing next to him. Less than five meters from him and the kneeling woman. What now? Madhu looked at the couple, whose posture revealed what they had done. She did not see pleased.


“What are you doing …? Who is this woman.” “God sent it to me.”

It occurred to him that part of him was still in the other woman. He freed himself, but Madhu had noticed where his best piece had been. “What did you do there?”

“I … I tried something … It was different.”

The dark-haired rose and looked at Madhu with a mischievous grin. “Rajesh liked it. Right, right?”

Madhu looked hostile at the other woman. Then her eyes turned to her companion. “Did you enjoy her?”

“Yes. I liked it.”

“Didn’t you like what we did?”

“Yes … It’s just … It was good with her too.” Madhu seemed uncomfortable. She looked sad.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you … I thought because God sent it to me it is right. I

did not know that it hurts you. ”

  • I do not feel good. Why did you do that? I thought we belong together. “

Rajesh recognized his predicament. Madhu was his companion with whom he spent every day. With whom he had shared wonderful experiences. How did the other woman fit in?

He looked at the woman with black hair. She didn’t appear to be unhappy. “Rajesh is strong enough for both of us, Madhu.”

Madhu gave her a hateful look. “No, he belongs to me.”

“Rajesh decides with whom he wants to spend his time. And if he wants to be around me, there’s nothing you can do about it. ”

Madhu was about to burst into tears. Rajesh felt her pain but was unable to provide comfort. Madhu turned on her own axis and moved away. After a few steps, she ran away. Rajesh looked after her. He looked at the other woman. Did he recognize something like joy or satisfaction? He decided to follow Madhu. He had to speak to her.

The black-haired woman with voluptuous breasts looked after them with a smile. When Rajesh got out of sight behind a hill, her grin widened. It was a complete success—the couple’s first argument in the Garden of Eden. Where there was only peace and bliss, the discord had been scattered. That was precisely what she wanted. She would do everything to ensure that the fair couple would continue to have problems with each other. She licked her lips. A tongue appeared that was split in the middle. She licked her teeth and made hissing noises. The woman’s eyes narrowed and turned yellowish. Then her body started to vibrate. The metamorphosis began.

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The long black hair receded. The breasts disappeared. The curvy figure turned into a slim and uniform body. The creature collapsed and came to rest in the grass. The woman no longer existed. Instead of her, a snake meandered on the ground. The scaly body moved quickly and rhythmically through the grass. The figure leaped around, lucky. The first step in implementing their plan was a success. Soon their dreams would come true. God would get tired of Rajesh and Eve if they kept arguing. She would make sure it boiled down to that. Madhu was a sensitive person. It was easy to manipulate. This would further fuel the argument between her and Rajesh.

The snake rejected the original thought of the forbidden tree of knowledge at an early stage. Madhu was far too fearful and obedient to question God’s instruction and do something forbidden. And Rajesh was too smart not to be aware of the consequences. So she had a different idea. God didn’t like his creatures to quarrel. He loved harmony and the perfect world in paradise.

Rajesh and Eve would act against his wishes through their behavior. God would drive them out of the Garden of Eden. Then she, the serpent, would be God’s darling and would rule over paradise. The snake meandered through the grass with swift movements. She would keep an eye on the quarreling couple. At the right moment, she would strike again.

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