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Her pale skin and red hair make her seem lovely in her black lingerie, which includes a balcony bra set, matching lace panties, and sheer black stockings. Joy had a stunning body shape. Legs and thighs that show off her athleticism. Lace underwear with the most mathematically round bottom, more than a handful of stitches, and looks fantastic after our slap and spank sessions The hips are broad, yet the waist is slender and slender. When I put my hand in between her breasts, they spilled over, but they were still perky enough to enable her the freedom to wear a braless outfit on occasion. That added light in her eyes that night, that dizzying sexual anticipation of what was to come, made her look even more lovely than she already was. During one of our bondage sessions, she had expressed her desire to be wounded by two cocks at once. Cocks, not toys, are the source of the problem.

It required considerable planning. I had to select a specimen that was suitable for my experiment. So, I found a man to carry out my orders. This was a man who didn’t want to be in charge of the action because he wanted to be in control of it for his own enjoyment. This man understood that he was performing this task just for Joy. However, he had to be proper in other aspects as well! To screen out the unsuitable prospects, I requested that they give me photos of their tails. I do a lot of different things…

During a night out, I ran into Joy and Ratul at a nearby tavern. In addition, I wanted her to feel at ease with him, too. I knew she had confidence in my judgement since she had previously confided in me, but this was her first threesome, MFM, so I wanted her to feel completely at ease with him. It’s a given that I was correct. Toward the end of the night, we were laughing like old friends, and Joy and Ratul seemed to get along.


The time had come for our meeting in the evening. The use of condoms is completely prohibited, save for the use of oral alcohol, narcotics, or other stimulants and condoms. The last thing I wanted was to cause a rift with my girlfriend. My promise was to do the same for her, and she accepted.

We got things going. I instructed Joy to lie down on the bed and take a breather. When Ratul began kissing her, I instructed him to begin at the neck and work his way up to her hair and lips. They were kissing and touching one other like they were teens, his hand resting on her breast. I got started on her stocking.


toes. Sucking each other’s lips and kissing each other softly. Ratul’s voice carried the sound of her sobs. Early on, I learned that Joy enjoyed having her toys sucked one by one by her caregivers. Kissing her lower legs and the insides of her thighs as I worked my way up. She was clamping her tits, lips, and tongue shut, while Ratul’s hand was deep inside her bra. Although I am a fan of sexy lingerie, I decided to remove Joy’s panties.

After that, I began performing the tongue movement she loved. Hers had a distinct look from the others. Sucking hard on her labia, a rough tongue over her clitoris, and as many fingers into her already wet pussy were her favourite things. All three of them were thanked. As I licked on her pink lips, I popped them into my mouth one-by-one. Every time her hips raised toward me, I ran my tongue around and over her clitoris. She gasped and moaned “fuck” as I did when I inserted two fingers into her mouth. To add a little spice, I’ve added a third. My hand was taken in half by her tunnel, and I felt her stiffen and then relax. In the middle of her pleasure, she opened Ratul’s eager mouth. She seemed like she was going to arrive based on the way she was standing there. You can either pinch or bite the woman’s neck with your nipples. I instructed her. Ratul nodded once when she saw my head between her knees. His wailing indicated that he was following my instructions. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god When I arrive… ahhhh When she shouted, she lifted her body off the bed and shook. We halted and gave her a quick breather. \s” A condom is all that’s needed to get her back in the mood.” Without hesitation, he readied himself. The fact that he listens is a blessing. We all know what’s in store for him on this night. “Go to the ground, Joy.” She nodded her head in agreement and smiled at me. Ratul knelt down behind her, nude and with a firm cock. I got dressed. My aim was her mouth. I nodded in agreement. Rahul made his way inside Joy’s moist cunt. I drew nearer in hopes that Joy would swallow me whole. The way she gazed up at me was a quiet thank you. She was going to have the life she had always dreamed of having. She had no idea how much more I had planned for her.

To her delight, she relished the sensation of being penetrated behind and having my crotch shoved down her throat. Ratul shoved into her and yanked her body back and forth as she sought to create a rhythm. I figured out this as a practice session. While Ratul’s strokes lulled her to sleep, she watched as she adapted, leaning on one hand while the other held my cock. Like the speed of this guy.


“Faster,” I stated that Ratul complied with my commands. He tightened his grip on her hips even more, and I could feel his fingers burrowing into her skin. When she felt his cock fuck speed up, I could see the glimmer in her eyes. As my cock got a bit too far, I also shoved her face with a few gags. She screamed. Her groaning was a clue of how much she was gaining strength as she breathed on my genitals. Instructions are simple: “Slap her ass and fuck her harder.”

After the smack, Joy’s voice was muffled and she muttered, “Ohhfff fhhucck.” Because Ratul fucked her hard, pushed her in, and made a crying mess of Joy, she received another and another smack. “YES!” she cried as she pulled me out of her mouth, and her head arched back in a hysterical scream. Ratul hasn’t stopped fiddling with her. I reached over and gave him a stop sign on his face. He came to a halt. Joy was overcome with emotion as she wept. Two.

“We’ll trade. Hold her head for her as she sucks your dick.” Rachel agreed. The condom was unrolled from his penis. It’s still a challenge, but at least it’s not getting any easier. Most men would’ve tried to shag him, therefore he’s probably around. We’ll have to wait till Joy gets here before we can get started.

“Joy’s back, roll on.” When Ratul’s dick brushed her lips, she sank to the edge of the bed, her head resting on the edge of the mattress. He moved his hips to thrust his dick in and out as she held him in her mouth. As soon as she realised what she needed to do, she stretched out and grabbed his behind, squeezing him down even farther. I crawled in between her legs and sank my teeth into her flesh. Her genitals were drenched, bloated, and leaking. Her legs were dripping with juice. While my hands were on her hips, my condom-covered cock pierced her. Knowing she’d have a good fuck from me, I could feel her relax. She felt every deep thrust because I moved my hips and paced myself correctly. Her mouth was dripping with cock. Ratul squeezed her left breast as I squeezed her right. Her tits were squeezed as well as those of her two cocks. Because I expected it to happen so fast. I was pleased with the results. Ratul fucked Joy’s mouth, and her body arched with every stroke of my cock, my other hand pressing on her belly, just above her hill. Her neck arched and she coughed. She came back after a few more stabs in the mouth and cunt. Three. Retired: Ratul and I “Put a condom on and don’t let go. Take a deep breath and relax.” Ratul nodded affirmatively when I asked him.

I took a seat and hugged Joy tight. “We’re getting close to the end. One last gift from me to you. I


Ratul wants you to ride him. You’ll need to go down on all fours. After that, go down on your knees and kiss the ground. Ass is flying about. DP time for you, my darling.” Joy’s eyes grew wide. I’m staring at the floor, mouth gaping. Screaming and singing at the same time, she appeared to be trying to do both.

Rahul has his dick out and ready to go. Joy put her legs over his hips and carefully lowered her well-used pussy over his cock. She looked like she was about to pass out. She let out a groan as he made his way into her. I squirted myself with lubricant from the container to ensure that I was ready. A small asshole grinned at me from inside Joy’s stretched-out vision of her pussy and his cock as she bent forward. Using my fingers, I put some lube around her asshole. Using my dick’s head, I inserted it into her rectum slowly. Suddenly, she sank her teeth into her lips. Her muscles tensed up around my dick as I felt the prick. Relieve yourself, fucking relax. Joy, I’m on my way. Finally, she did it, and I could feel the resistance easing as I sank farther into the water. My moment came when Ratul pulled himself up and started moving Joy’s hips back and forth like that was the cue. Then my push came as he pressed. Up and down like pistons, up and down. Ass penetrated after the pussy was pounded. That was a hit with Joy.

It’s a no-brainer. I’m fucking out. My ass is fucked. Sluty fucking whore, scumbag. That’s it.” Those primitive cries of yours. The imagination had taken hold of her. Reality set in. She was a cock-obsessed babe who swore by her genitals. She had a great time being sexy with two males. Both her genitals and her azz are on display. I can only picture how she must have felt as she surrendered her entire body to us. We fucked her mercilessly. I showed up, and she pounced on me. Ratul quickly followed, and Joy shivered at the number four on the list. Three of us were sprawled out in the grass, Joy on top of him, her chin resting on his chest. In her arms, I stroked her hair as she slept.

She came face-to-face with me after rolling down Ratul. The tears streamed down her cheeks, and her smile was so big that she could barely contain them. I was kissed on the lips by her. She should only do this if I tell her to do so.

Thanks a lot. She snorted. Her indiscretion was quickly forgotten. I’m glad to have you here, my dear. When she responded, I ran my hands through her hair, lifted her chin, and kissed her lips softly. She fell into a deep sleep as she closed her eyes.

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I gave Ratul a friendly wave. He climbed on top of me. I greeted him by shaking his hand and exchanging pleasantries. “The showerhead is broken.

in the distance. Thank you for your kind words.” “Anytime,” he said, smiling broadly.”Oh, there’ll be another time.” I said. He smiled and nodded

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