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When my closest buddy and I were on vacation together, we decided to try parasailing on one of the days of our trip. I was a little nervous because I was flying so high, but I’m going to give it a shot anyhow. Kabir has an extraordinary capacity for persuasion.

On the day of the parasailing, Kabir is seen pleading to be allowed to go. I decided to focus on myself. I just make it to the pier in time to hop on the boat, and then it’s out to sea I go.

I can’t help but take note of the incredibly attractive man who seems to be moving around the boat as if he were on land. I was aware of this since my clumsy behind nearly placed itself on top of his face when I was making my way to the seat in front of me. He begins by squeezing the first pair and ensuring that they are not in any discomfort. They then proceed to leave.

I join the rest of the crowd in looking upward. What the hell! I am up to the challenge. I am up to the challenge. I require a diversion at this time. Hmmm! The sexy lady is making her way toward the front of the boat. Perfect! Oh, the things I could sacrifice for that! When he looked over, he saw that I was gazing at him. It’s been easy going from my end, I’m sure. I can feel the fire starting to spread across my cheeks.

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When I turn around, I see that he has removed his shirt and is placing it in a storage area. I’m on the verge of dissolving. Wow! A significant amount of tanned and muscular skin. I simply want to grasp his chest and place it between his shoulders and his… Oh, God! I have to put an end to this nonsense. I started to feel a tingling sensation between my legs, and my nipples became firm. I have the feeling that he is looking at my chest. He raises them to his level so that he may look me in the eyes once more. This time with a grin on his swollen lips instead of a frown.

The pair walks down the stairs. A halt is made so that passengers can switch places. The hottie asks me if I’m all set.

To heck with it, I’m all set! Oh, he’s talking about sending me up into the air by myself up there. While I make my way to the rear of the boat, he will unstrap the last two passengers. In the meanwhile, I will try not to make a fool of myself.

When I finally reach the person who causes me anxiety beyond what is typical for me, I reach down and grasp hold of the hippy skirt that I had no choice but to wear. Damn it! BAM!!! directly into a solid chest that was trembling with his chuckle.

Just put a bullet in my head. He’s going to set me up. His hands examine the buckle and the strap. As he tugs on the seatbelt, he inadvertently brushes a nipple, and I let out a groan. The eyes are locked.

again. At this moment, I’m on the verge of passing out. My ears perk up as he murmurs, “Where is your friend?”

I am inquiring as to whether or not the fact that I am alone myself constitutes an issue. He takes me by surprise by leaping up with the ease that comes with practice and hooks himself in.

The boat begins to move, and simultaneously, we begin to ascend. Oh crap! I clench my hands around my knees in a death hold. The very tips of my fingers are starting to become white. The hand of Hottie finally settles down on my left hand. Hello!! What is he up to now? His hand presses on mine, and when I look down, I notice that it is slowly climbing up my leg.

Holy God, my chest is tightening and I’m having a hard time breathing. As his hand moves down to my hip, he leans in close to my ear and asks me quietly if I’m all right. I have no choice but to shake my head in this manner. He starts caressing my privates after moving his hand to that area. Oh my god, that just makes me feel so much better! Because I don’t want him to stop, I focus my attention on the water a great distance below us.

My hold on my knees has become less firm. I raise them so they may massage my nipples. I continue to softly around them but no longer touch them as much. The pressure that’s been building up between my legs has reached a new high. I can feel myself getting closer and closer to the peak. The water that surrounds us is very stunning! I have the sensation that I am going to burst. I bring both nipples firmly together and clamp them together tightly before letting out a scream that I can only think will be carried back to the boat.

We are being pushed down once more. It’s time for me to get myself together. Hottie gets loose and starts working on my straps. He instructs me to wait while he secures the following two items.

They get higher. My journey to the rear of the boat is aided by the presence of Sexy McHotness. He then takes a seat and yanks me up into his lap. I take a pretty painful cock to the face. I wiggle, and then I hear him let out a breath.

As the boat begins to move, I notice that the rear of my skirt is starting to rise. The flailing skirt continues to cover both my lap and my legs. There was a hushed voice in my ear that said, “raise me very rapidly.” I comply with everything he instructs.

At this point, I have a strong suspicion that I am either dreaming or going crazy. The next time I sit down, I can feel my bare flesh pressing up against his trunk. He slides his hand beneath my skirt for a few inches and then tugs my suit to the side. He groans as he discovers the dampness that he has brought about. I take a look all around. What the devil are we trying to accomplish by being here?

Everyone’s staring up. The boat is tossed about by the sea. It seems like Hottie is shoving her finger into my moist hole as hard as she can. My God! The words “Excuse me” are spoken in my ear.

“I’m sorry, but all I can say is okay. I can sense that he is moving once more. What the hell.

One final hushed question: “Could you just be quiet?” The answer is a resounding yes from me. His finger’s leaving me. I groan a little bit about what I’ve lost. When another wave hits, he raises me sufficiently to place me on his dick and then we ride it. While my body readjusts, we maintain our current position.

I am hoisted and shoved back on his tail whenever the boat is buffeted by many waves. God, yeah! I have to have a level head. Thankfully, the motor, the waves, and the conversation of the people surrounding us all contribute to helping cover my sobbing and wailing that does manage to escape.

As the boat goes through increasingly violent ups and downs, the ocean appears to get increasingly turbulent. I focus my attention on the massive cock that is repeatedly thrusting itself into my wet pussy. I can’t look away from it.

Oh sh*t, I think I’m going to start humming again. My recently made acquaintance leans forward and clinches his fingers around my clit. I spin around and bite the back of his shoulder while simultaneously trying to stifle my cries. Again, he shoves his body into mine and empties into me as my pussy strangles his cock in waves.

Awesome! The speed of the boat gradually decreases. Mr. Rock, the world has to go back to its regularly scheduled programming. I can’t help but crack a small grin when I realize that I’m not the only one with weak legs at this point.

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