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The Day after Masturbation with my Husband

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I once told this story to my husband when he caught me masturbating and wanted to know what had excited me. I told him that he wouldn’t like my story very much, but he insisted. I tell the story from the perspective of my husband, as he later described his feelings to me …

“All right. It was about three years after Rabbi’s birth, so ten years ago. I always felt tired at the time and I had the feeling that you didn’t want me anymore. We rarely had sex, there was always something to do, you always worked and I always had to do with Rabbi. We had no more fun, no vacation, we didn’t even have anything on weekends I felt drained and ugly. ”

I remembered the time. Monica was right, back then there was only debt, work, and Rabbi. I was always tired of the sleepless nights and overtime I did. Only Monica had never seemed ugly to me, for me she was always the most desirable woman in the world. After Rabbi’s birth, she trained like a savage to lose the excess weight and get back into shape, and it didn’t take long for her figure to be as great as before.

“We had a terrible fight over the weekend because of some insignificance. I was so angry with you, and myself, too. I just didn’t know what to do, how long it was going to go on. I just needed something else, something I brought Rabbi to my friend Silvia, I just had to be alone, but after an hour it got too much, I cleaned the house, but after a while, I had enough, I had to get out.

I took a shower and dressed nicely, putting on makeup, which I hadn’t done in ages. What for? You were too tired to see it and nobody else saw me. I grabbed my purse and went to the mall. I had a coffee with cake and bought a new dress and a pair of shoes. And I ate a whole bar of chocolate, to hell with the calories.

When I strolled through it, I noticed the cinema, where they showed a French film. With subtitles, something you would never watch. I just bought a ticket and went in, I hadn’t been to the cinema in ages, and then only to those stupid sci-fi films you love so much.

The cinema was almost empty and I found a seat far in the middle, all alone in the row. A few more women came in during the advertisement, but overall there were no more than 15 people in the performance.

Five minutes after the light went out, I saw a person walking down the hall, then turning and coming back up. I still thought he should just sit somewhere else, then he came into my row. Not only that, he sat down next to me. A young man, no more than 18 or 19, tall and slim and well dressed.

I focused on the film, but I was constantly distracted by the eyes of the man who kept looking at me. I realized how short my skirt was because it mostly seemed to stare at my thighs. And on my breasts, which looked huge under the tight blouse in the push-up bra. At first, I wanted to get up and sit somewhere else, but you know how much I hate to cause a stir, and he hadn’t done anything, so I stayed seated and tried to ignore his looks.

Somehow it felt good to be stared at. I almost felt a little desirable again.

Perhaps a quarter of an hour into the film I suddenly felt a hand on my thigh, a very light touch. ‘An oversight,’ I thought at first, but a few seconds later. I looked at the man, but he seemed to be completely captivated by the film, which unfortunately turned out to be quite boring.

Again and again, I felt the light touch on my leg. First in the middle between my knee and the skirt hem, then slowly going higher and higher until it touched the hem of my mini skirt. His fingers were not demanding, rather tender and gentle. My first thought was, get up, run away, sit next to one of the other women, you’re sure. I don’t know why I didn’t, but I just sat there and let him do it.

His fingers felt slowly under my skirt, higher and higher until they touched my panties. My thoughts were racing.

‘You can’t let a stranger fondle you here in the cinema!’ ‘Oh my god, what is he doing?’

‘It doesn’t belong.’

‘It feels good, his fingers are so warm.’

And then his fingers were suddenly gone. I was relieved but somehow disappointed.

Until I felt his hand on the side of my chest. His hand slid over my blouse, I felt my nipples harden, and a pull in my abdomen, although I didn’t feel much through the tight bra. Just the thought of being shamelessly fondled got me going and I squeezed my thighs together. His hand squeezed a little tighter and moved to the center, where it started fiddling with my buttons. I swallowed when the first button jumped open, but I tried not to show anything. ‘Just watch the movie and it’ll stop,’ I told myself.

Which of course was not true!

One button after the other fell victim to his skillful fingers, and before long my blouse was completely open. It wasn’t dark, but we were sitting behind everyone else, nobody could see us without turning around. He pulled the blouse out of the skirt and opened it before his hand went into my bra. ‘He just grabs your tits and you put up with it?’ I don’t know if I can explain what was going on inside me. I don’t know why myself, but I didn’t want to fight back, do anything. I wanted it, I wanted to be fondled like a cheap hooker. Just do nothing. To be at will.

He pushed my bra up and freed my breasts from their prison. Turning to me, he kneaded my chest with one hand while the other slowly felt up my thighs again. It slid between the thighs and without thinking I spread it as far as possible. His fingers took the opportunity and rubbed gently over my wet panties. Every time his finger touched my clit through the thin fabric, I flinched slightly.

‘You are half-naked,’ I thought. ‘Your tits are hanging out, your skirt is high and you are spreading your legs too? Are you so horny that you have to get it from a stranger? ‘ Apparently, because I stopped and let him do what he wanted.

‘Take off your panties,’ whispered the young man suddenly. I didn’t respond. I didn’t want to do anything, I didn’t want to help him, but I also didn’t want to fight back.

‘Take it off,’ he tried again. When I didn’t react again, he let go of my chest and turned to me. With both hands, he reached under my skirt, and with a jerk, he tore my panties from my body and put them in my pocket. “You have to go home without panties under your skirt,” I giggled in my thoughts. He leaned back in his seat and stroked my chest again, and put his other hand between my legs on my bare cunt.

I felt ashamed when his fingers slid between my lips. I was so wet and wide open for his greedy fingers. My nipples were rock hard, just like my clit, hot and throbbing. I sank lower into my seat, my hands gripping the backrests like a lifebuoy. His voice in my ear, ‘You’re wet you little bitch,’ I started rubbing my finger. ‘He’s right,’ I thought, ‘you’re a bitch, let a stranger touch you, fondle you, and you’ll get horny too. Your husband is at work, your girlfriend takes care of your son and you let yourself be fingered in public. ‘

The man continued to whisper mess in my ear as he fingered my cunt, and suddenly I gasped as I came under his finger. It was good, it kept me at my peak for a long time and then slowly let me down, not too soft and not too rough.

It took me some time to think again. ‘Did you just get it done in the cinema by this young guy? Oh god, it was cool. You bitch, you sit here almost naked, what if someone comes and sees you like this? ‘

I was still very excited and the man seemed to feel it. His fingers on my clit were slowly getting faster, just like my breath. Suddenly he took my hand and pulled it towards him and put it on his hot, hard cock, which he had pulled out of his pants at some point without my knowledge. I winced, but somehow I wanted to. He had let me come, too, and as he fondled me it wouldn’t be long before I came again.

I wanked his cock. I sat next to him almost naked, and he fondled and fingered me and put two fingers in me, and I wanked him. His cock was pretty small, but hot and rock hard, and I wanked it until it hosed down. At the same moment, it came to me for the second time. I wasn’t looking, but he must have sprayed everything over his shirt. Immediately after his orgasm he packed his cock again, got up, and almost ran out of the cinema, almost like an escape. And I sat there alone, with bare tits, no panties, and with a wet cunt, and grabbed my legs and did it twice while imagining that someone would find me like that. I felt totally dirty! None of my friends had ever done anything so corrupt.

Shortly before the film was over, I was pretty much straightened out and out. Goed home, slowly and without panties under the short skirt. I didn’t know what to say to you, so I decided not to say anything. But I thought about it for months, ashamed of my behavior. And … and often masturbates while thinking about it. ”

Monica was silent, and I didn’t know what to say either. After an age my wife asked softly, almost shyly,” and now? What do you think about me?”

I should get up, go to the bathroom, who knew how Monica would react, but I couldn’t leave her alone in this mood. So I put a hand on her back and pulled her towards me until she felt my stiff, wet cock on her sabbath. I could feel her surprise, not only because of the hardness that pressed into her sabbath but also because of the moisture that ran down my back from my hand.

“Is that … you are … but you are still …” she stammered.

“Yes. I wanked when I listened to you and I came over my hand. This is my sperm that is running down your back now, honey. And as you can feel I’m still horny, maybe even more than what you did … I neglected you and I’m incredibly sorry it is not your fault that you were no longer satisfied at home and I don’t care what you did, I just wished I would have been there. I imagine you sitting there almost naked in the cinema, horny and sweaty, and dripping wet between your legs. How you wanked around with the people around you. I imagine how ashamed you were how someone could have seen you and how you still did it without getting dressed. ”

Monica lay back, spread her legs wide, and pulled my cock between her thighs. I slid easily between her wet, hot lips in her glowing cunt. Suddenly I was blinded by the lamp on the bedside table. It was a few seconds before I saw Monica’s eyes in front of her, her mouth open, her full red lips, her smile, and a few tears of relief in her eyes. She looked at me deeply and said, “I was a sow. I just let myself be fondled and I got the guy down. In the cinema.

Naked. I want to look you in the eye while I tell you, don’t hide. Do you like to conclude after your groan?

“I told you before: I like it when you behave dirty, and you like it too. Even if you were afraid to tell me the story, it made you horny, didn’t it? ” ” Ohh, yes. ”

  • Tell me what a pig you were? How messed up did you behave? ” ” Yes, yes, it was … “
  • Would you like it if I ordered you to do something like that? If you had to

do it no matter what? ”

  • I don’t know, maybe … Oh God, please … please fuck me at last. “

How could he resist such a request? Please

let me know if you have any more stories want to read from my past.

The End.

In the next story, I will share with you another story named “Christmas Party

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