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Ranbir got home from work exhausted, wanting to unwind and forget about his day. It had been a very tiring week for a lawyer who had been in court for a week.

He threw off his shoes as he walked through the front door of his flat with a panoramic view of the city. Something was amiss, he realised as he looked about.

A basin of water sat on the floor, with water splashing around it. There are crumbs on the floor. Paperwork was scattered out as if someone was going through it. Ranbir was first concerned that there had been a break-in, but nothing appeared to be missing. He grinned when he heard scratching from the other room.

Rita was present.

Rita, also known as Jane in her “regular” life, was Ranbir’s sweetheart. She was so much more. She was his daughter. She was entirely dedicated to him. But she was Rita today. She enjoyed playing house as his pet.

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Ranbir entered the bedroom while still wearing his suit and discovered Rita wearing her fox ears and tail. A plug in her little bottom held the tail in place. She gave him a hard look and returned to her food, a small tartlet that she ate with her hands. Her bottom wiggled and her tail waggled.

“Rita? Come on in, baby “Ranbir said. She did not respond.

Foxes frequently did not respond.

She handled foxes differently than she did other pets. Kittens were adorable and sometimes a little mischievous. She was usually surrounded by puppies. But foxes were not like that. They were wicked, mischievous, and fun.

“Fox?” he said again, but she didn’t respond. As he approached her, she took the muffin in her mouth and started running on all fours, attempting to get by him.

He followed her into the living room as she dashed in. Everything was easygoing at the time. Rita frequently made Ranbir pursue her. He might have become her master, but she was naughty and enjoyed hunting.

While the half-eaten cupcake was still in her lips, he cornered her in the living room. They were right next to the large window that stretched from floor to ceiling and provided a view of the city.

“You’re a good girl. Put down your food and come up to Daddy “Ranbir said.

The fox was obedient and performed what she was instructed. While she glanced up into his eyes, he looked down. He began silently caressing her hair and fiddling with her ears. Her lovely physique was visible in front of him.

“You’re a good girl. Please assist Daddy “Ranbir said.

Ranbir unzipped his trousers while still wearing his suit. He drew his tail, which was already half-hard, and approached. Rita smiled as she took it in her lips.

It was only the head of his cock at first. It started to develop in her mouth. She could feel it pulsing. The tension of the day vanished from Ranbir’s face.

“Mmmmm. What a sweetheart.” He claimed that as she pushed him farther, his cock became wet from her lips and began to act on him. He was now totally hard and buried in the lips of his pet.

He caressed her hair and guided her mouth, but he let Rita decide how she wanted to fulfil him. His hand kept caressing her.

He came to a halt as he reached climax. He didn’t want to wind up in his pet’s mouth today, even if Rita would have wanted to do so.

“Rita, please get on the sofa.” He spoke to her. Without permission, pets were never permitted on the furniture. Her eyes glittered as she strolled towards the couch, letting his tail come out of her mouth. She grinned at him and rushed away on all fours.

“Rita!” he yelled, sternly. But she was lost in her own world and fled. To avoid him, she walked inside the guest room. He instantly located her on the floor between the bed and the wall. She glanced up at him, aware that she had disobeyed him, but she didn’t care.

She glanced at him with wide eyes, unsure where to go.

“I’m on the bed.” He stated it without the easygoing tone he had previously used. She complied.

Rita was a sight to witness on all fours on the bed. She was bare all the way up to the tip of her tail. Her lovely breasts are large and firm, and her bottom is protruding and inviting. It was so inviting that Ranbir couldn’t resist.

As punishment for her transgression, his hand discovered her ass.

“Are you no longer listening to me?” he inquired. Her eyes twinkled. While the pounding was painful, it was exactly what she desired.

His hand touched her ass again and made an indelible imprint. She squawked in response. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter despite the terrible agony.

He made contact with her again. She fought back. Her body shook as a result of the shock.

He gripped her ass and pushed her up towards the edge of the bed. He was still dressed in his work attire, exposing his now totally erect cock. He was standing behind her. His erection was crushed against her soft lips.

“Would you like me inside you, Rita?” he inquired. Her objections faded, and she pushed back, the only response she could think of.

His tail rubbed across her lips, slowly stretching them. He could feel her dampness around him. As he pushed her further, she began to moan once again. When he was finally totally within his small pet, her silky cock tickled him.

“You’re so tight, baby.” He informed her. She smiled and wiggled her ass even more.

Ranbir became infatuated by her squirming and tightness of her ass. He forced his way into her and began fucking his pet. His body collided with hers.

“ungh…ungh…ungh…” With each stitch, she groaned and growled. Pets did not speak.

“Experiment with your clitoris, Rita.” He spoke to her. It was a command, not a recommendation.

Rita obeyed and reached down to play with her clitoris while he punched his pet. She was his at the time, and she lived to please him. Her sassy, foxy personality was nearly forgotten.

Her groans got louder as he pounded her and smacked her rear to remind her who was in charge.

He abruptly drew away from her. She moaned and begged to be fed once again. He yanked her around and plunged himself back into her dripping pussy. She yelled. The yearning grew stronger.

“Did I tell you not to fiddle with your clitoris?” he inquired.

She quickly returned her fingers to the button and pressed herself closer to him. He had her on display for him. Her legs were splayed out at the foot of the bed, her tail dangling. The plug was visible in her asshole.

She began to shake. Her squeaking and whimpering got more frantic once more. Her muscles began to stiffen.

“All right, honey, you may cum for me.”

All she needed was that. As the orgasm poured through her body, she tipped over the brink and shouted.

“Come for Daddy, good girl. That’s a lovely young lady.” That was all he could say as he fought his own need.

He came to a halt, his dick buried in his pet. Her orgasm had subsided, and her body had ceased shaking.

He yanked himself away from her.

Ranbir kissed her pussy as he knelt on the floor. He tasted his lovely pet.

Rita then felt pressure. She had the plug removed. Ranbir carefully withdrew it from her asshole. As the large plug was taken from her ass, she felt a thrill. That made her vulnerable to him.

Rita detected a warm fluid at her little entrance. Ranbir lubricated her, and she was well aware of what that meant. Her muscles temporarily tightened. Ranbir dipped his cock into the lubricant, which was already saturated in her sperm.

He moved her legs up while she was still laying on her back. When she stared at him, her eyes were wide open.

His cock’s firm head rubbed against her tight ring. It was forceful but not harsh. Her tension eventually gave way, and he slowly into her.

“Oh, Daddy!” she exclaimed as he gripped her behind. The chatting was against the rules, but Ranbir didn’t want to punish his pet for such a little offence.

His dick slipped into her gently till he grasped her ass. She groaned incoherently. He gradually began to caress her. She had an extraordinary mix of pleasure and anguish. She gave in to virtually total pleasure.

He worked his way out of her and back in again, slipping in and fucking her tight asshole. He groaned loudly now, unable to suppress his own pleasure. He was gripped by her tight ass.

“Good girl, shit.” That was all he had to say.

“I’ll be right there, Rita.” She also groaned.

“Oh, sweetie…” His voice went away. He drove himself all the way inside her, emptied himself, and filled her little entrance with his sperm. He remained inside her, watching her eyes roll and her squirm.

“Good girl,” he whispered as he let himself out of her. His sperm could be seen flowing from her.

He knelt beside her, still dressed in his suit. He drew her close and kissed her passionately.

“You are my nice girl.”

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