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Lose Virginity in College

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Hello, my name is Simran (26) and I’ve been married for three years. This story occurred during my undergraduate years.

I am from a typical family. My family consists of my mother, father, and younger brother. Until college, I knew nothing about sex. My buddies were the ones who introduced me to the world of sex. After that, I had been waiting for a man’s touch. Because my institution was a women’s college, I didn’t have a boyfriend. I used to watch porn and masturbate while fantasizing about movie heroes.

My appearance is fairly appealing. I am a fair-skinned woman with a body shape of 36-26-34, a height of 5 ft 5 in, and a weight of 59 kg. “B” is the size of my bra cup. I’m neither thin nor fat. I’ve gained a couple of pounds around my midsection. I have long, thick hair that reaches my hips. I have dimples on my cheeks and wear glasses and braces.

Dr. Rakesh was the first person I saw in my final semester. He was my Applied Statistics teacher. He was a tall, strong-built man in his forties with a little baldness on his head. He was a very tough teacher, and it was difficult to please him to receive internal marks. We all feared him, and he was not a popular lecturer.

He used to ask me to collect his books for him while he was in class because I was the class topper. He requested me to bring his code book one day while he was teaching distribution in class. I walked into his room, examined his table, and discovered his book.

I reached for the book when his computer captured my attention. It was turned on, and when I moved the mouse, I discovered there was no password on the computer. I decided to take a brief look because there might be question papers for upcoming tests. However, it contained pornographic footage of intercourse between teachers and students! I was stunned and left the room, leaving the computer as it was. I had feelings for my professor after the incident. It’s lust, not crush. I started masturbating just thinking about him. It increased my horniness and enjoyment. The prospect of him fucking me roused me like nothing else. As a result, I was determined to seduce him! There were other sluts in my class who had fucked professors and staff for credits and attendance, and they were all uninterested in him.

I was afraid to make a move, but I mustered some bravery and began to take action. I switched from traditional clothing to sexy dresses. Skirts and jeans were not an option because modern dresses were not permitted at my college.

As a result, I began to wear tight leggings and low-cut transparent tops. The outline of my bra would be apparent, and the pattern of my bra could be traced inside my clothing. I wore my bra in such a way that when I bend down, my cleavage is exposed. I stopped wearing dupattas to cover my boobs. My legs were obviously visible through my leggings.

During class, I began looking at my middle-aged professor and would ask him for permission to use the restroom anytime he came in. It made me a little heated. I used to sit in such a way that he could see my boobs. He used to approach me to solve sums in my notebook. While he was completing the math, I would purposefully creep forward till my boobs touched his elbows!

I went to his room frequently to ask questions, and while he was lecturing me sitting in the chair, I would drop my pen and bend down to pick it up, displaying my boobs and making sure he got a good look for a few seconds before adjusting my clothing. His cock used to swell in his jeans. My lecturer requested me to visit him in his office after class one Friday. I was ecstatic to be able to do so. I was waiting for the college bell to ring when it finally did. I went to the restroom to clean up and touch up my makeup before heading to his room.

He opened the door and let me inside before closing it again. I was tense. He inquired about my education and how I was progressing. I assured her that everything was OK and that I was doing well. We had a light conversation. Then he handed me a stack of test papers and instructed me to record the total marks in the ledger. He began working on his computer, which was on the table, and I began counting the marks on the documents in front of him. We were separated by the table. I was dressed in a white sleeveless top and black tights. Through the transparent top, my black bra was clearly apparent. It was a pretty tight shirt, and my boobs were itching to escape. Then I yawned with both hands while showing him my shaven armpit! I was certain that my teacher was having a good time with this lovely view. Then I decided to perform a practical joke on him. I dropped a paper under the table and, when I bent to take it, my face bumped across his groin! I stood up normally and apologized. He said that was fine, and we both went back to work. Then he stood up and walked to the restroom, which was on the table’s left side. I became excited and approached the room, peering inside through the keyhole.

At the same time, I was stunned and amazed. My professor was massaging his 7-inch black cock! I was certain he was thinking of me. Suddenly, a damp patch appeared on my pantyhose. I tried to touch my pussy with my hand in my leggings, but I lost my grasp on the door and smacked my hand against it!!

When he heard the noise, he hid his tool inside his pants. I didn’t know what to do, so I immediately returned to my chair and pretended nothing had happened.

He emerged. My heart was pounding like a drum. My lecturer was aware that I was spying on him while stroking his cock.He returned to his desk, sat in his chair, and resumed his work on the computer. Suddenly, I felt his leg touch up against mine under the table. I did nothing except count the marks. Now he slowly slipped his right leg up to my left thigh and stroked it. I didn’t respond with my face, but I locked my entire legs, trapping his leg between mine! He gained confidence because it was a green signal for him.

He rose, walked around the table, and placed his hands on my shoulder. It was the first time I had been touched by a man, and it sent a shock wave through my body. I stood up and approached him.

My teacher began kissing me on the lips and inserting his tongue into my mouth. But I didn’t say anything. So he gripped my hips and drew me closer to him.

I opened my mouth, and his tongue was all the way inside. His hands slid up and down my back. But I didn’t react to his kiss; instead, I just kept my mouth open and enjoyed it. He quickly pulled my leggings and panties down to my knees. He grabbed my ass, raised me, and forced me to sit over the table. I parted my legs unconsciously. Professor Rakesh inserted his tongue inside my pussy. It was a hairy one because I never shaved it. He struggled with my bush before reaching my vagina. He used his fingers to open my pussy lips and insert his tongue! We hope you enjoy our story please stay tuned with nightqueenstories.com so we can continue to provide you with the best sex stories.

Ahhhhhhh,” a soft groan escaped my lips. Hearing the sigh, my hot professor drove his tongue even further inside, and I yelled, “Sirr His beard rubbed against my pubic hair. He licked my pussy as if he were a hungry animal sipping milk from a bowl. My pussy was wet and dripping like a fountain.

Then he walked over to me and took off my tops, leggings, and panties.

I was simply wearing my bra at this point. My severe professor stripped naked. For the first time, I saw a man naked. He snatched my ponytail and forced me down so he could lick his cock. It was a 7-inch cock, and I began licking it like an ice cream cone.

Simran sucks me… “Make me cum…” moaned the professor. I licked every drop of his cumin and spent a few minutes playing with his balls. The harder I sucked it, the tougher it became inside my mouth.

My saliva began to pour over his tool as I began to suck it quicker. Then he picked me up and forced me to lie down on the table. He slid two large books under my buttocks and sat between my legs. My pussy began to itch and I was eagerly waiting for my teacher’s cock.

FUCKKKKK MEEE” I yelled. He began rubbing his cock across my pussy lips. As my pussy was hidden in the bush, he was hunting for an opening. He shoved his cock inside my pussy hole after a few seconds.

AHHHH My professor began to thrust on me harder and harder. Even though my pussy was wet, he couldn’t push it as easily as he could because it was my first time. I started yelling his name with every push that shattered my hymen and continued to pound my pussy.

After a few minutes, I trembled violently as a result of my first orgasm with a man, and my cum spilled out of my pussy. My professor pulled his cock out and sprayed his come all over my belly a few seconds later. His come had filled my belly button. He then collapsed on the chair.

We were both sweating profusely as if we had just finished a marathon. We both washed ourselves up and dressed after regaining our wits. We swapped phone numbers, and I left college to return home. He fucked me every weekend that semester after the incident, and I still remember the sensation of his cock inside my pussy, the warmth of his come, and the wetness of his tongue.

We hope you enjoy our story please stay tuned with nightqueenstories.com so we can continue to provide you with the best sex stories.


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