Sex in forest with my Hot Cousin


In the forest with my Cousin Samiha

It all started at some point when I realized that I would much rather be somewhere outside “Relieve me” than on a toilet, and by that I mean all three options…

Whether it is something urgent for the quiet place or I just have pressure in the testicles, it is always the best outside. The thought of being half or completely naked outside, and maybe getting caught doing what I do has always been fascinating to me.

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I am Pavel. When I was about 19 years old, I had the first opportunity to show my inclination to a being of the opposite sex. Back then I was more often with my cousin Samiha who is a year older than me. Once we went for a long walk in the forest when she suddenly stopped and said that she urgently had to “go”. That was my chance and relatively spontaneously I replied that I was looking for a tree all the time. She grinned at me and pulled me down a few meters past the undergrowth behind a large oak tree.

Once there, she opened her pants and pulled them down with their panties. Both were now on her white sneakers. Her pink blouse was cut fairly short, so that from the Belly button now stood completely naked in front of me.

“Now you!” She said as I stared speechlessly at her flashing shaved labia.

Needless to say that I didn’t have to spontaneously anymore. I didn’t have to be sooo terrible anyway.

I did the same to her and let my shorts and panties down I got out of them right away, however, completely spellbound, my cousin stared at my penis, which was pointing straight up like a one.

It was clear to her that she wanted to do more than just look at him, so I took a step towards her and nodded in agreement with her carefully, she raised a hand and reached for him, very carefully, as if she was afraid that she could break him, touched him, and I reached for her hand and ran her fingers so that they touched me completely Then I let go of her.

He very gently and then a little stronger she started to jerk me. Suddenly she stopped and looked at me. There was tension in her face.

“I can no longer, I’m about to burst!” She says and was about to crouch down. I told her that I would very much like to watch her, but I could only really look if she too took off her pants so that she could take hers could legs spread wide.

she straightened up, holding on with one hand on me and with the other she pulled her pants and her panties over her white sneakers. Now she stood half- naked in front of me and asked how she should squat “So I can see everything.

“Squat down with your legs apart and I’ll watch you from behind, “I said.

“From behind?” Since the sweat was already slowly growing on her forehead, she didn’t wait for an answer but crouched down as desired. Schweppe I was behind her and watched what she was doing now. Without any pre-splashing came the same a thick, steady stream of it pouring out of her in all directions on the forest floor.

I had had sex and seen naked women several times at that time, but I had never had such insights until now. Because of the spread legs, your Schum Pippen were far apart and I could not only see her peephole very clearly, but also the opened vagina, a sight that has burned into my memory and is certainly responsible for many later adventures.

When she was finished she got up and said that she wanted to watch me now. The first thing I would have now was the problem that I wasn’t as excited as I was in life. I have to relieve myself differently first, I told her.

I stood in front of her and started jerking myself off. Alternately, she looked me in the face and on my penis. I enjoyed their looks and had trouble not coming in after 10 seconds. At some point I couldn’t take it anymore and sprayed my sperm onto the forest floor in strong bursts.

When the last push was out of me I let go of my penis and looked at it. She had her mouth open and was still looking at my penis, which was slowly starting to lose his erection. When he was just sleeping down she looked up at me and just said “Wow”.

“So you liked it?” I ask .

“Yes, it has. And did you like what you saw? ”

“And if it did. And now you have even more pleasure to see more, because now I have to too. ”

I grabbed my penis, jerked it two or three times, pointed it at my cousin and grinned at her.

“Oh yes, do that.” She grinned back. She lifted her pink colored blouse up over her breasts, which were packed in a cute bra, took another step towards me and stood in front of me with my legs slightly apart. My penis stood no more than 30 cm from her stomach or rather her pubic bone and was aimed at her. I could hardly believe what was happening.

“Go ahead!” she cheered me on.

I let go and the fixed beam hit her belly button first. First I circled her belly button with the beam, but then slowly walked down her pubic bone towards her labia. At that moment she reached down and pulled her lips wide apart so that I could hit it even better.

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While I was still not getting sharp again, she started to rub very gently and then more and more violently. She didn’t care that I kept pissing on her. Nor did she seem to notice that I was finished at some point. She increased the rate at which her labia and her clitoris rubbed more and more. I no longer know how long it took, but at some point her whole body cramped and she came.

I would never have guessed that I am not alone in the world with my “special” streak. But I have to admit that my cousin has been the only person who has shared this preference with me for a very, very long time.

Unfortunately, there were only very few occasions when my cousin and I could meet in the forest. So I basically lived out alone. But I’ll tell about that in other stories.

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