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Fucking My Hot And Sexy Manager

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Good day, Readers! I hope everything is going well for you. I’m Rahul, and I’m from Hyderabad. With a height of 5.5 feet, I am a small man. However, I exercise every day and eat a healthy diet that includes protein powder.

I’m a strong woman who enjoys having sex with married women. It’s simple for me to have an affair with a married coworker because I work in the IT industry. In my professional existence, I had sex with over 35 coworkers. My count has been static due to the Work from Home situation.

I’m going to share one of my sexual experiences with you all today. Julie is her name. She is a brave and practical young lady. When I met her in 2011, she was from Pune and the mother of one child. As a senior analyst at my previous business, I was assigned to another assignment. It’s a massive undertaking. That project’s project manager is Julie. The project will last 2.5 years and is related to the banking industry. Julie has excellent communication and management skills.

She is one of the organization’s youngest project managers, and she is five years my senior. Her height is 5.2 feet, and she has plump cheeks and huge eyes. Her boobs are 36 inches long. The waist is 30 inches, and the abs are in great shape. For almost a year, I haven’t had any feelings for her. In the meantime, I’d fucked five married ladies. Julie is a kind lady, and she began to tease me. Later on, she began to expose her cleavage to me. I used to see her valley when she started wearing deep-neck gowns. That hurts my dick, but I did not attempt to impress her. I assumed it was my fault for looking at her valley. I began to keep a social distance from her. We were both in a meeting room during the day due to a phone call.

On my end, I had a few things to do. I was talking to her about something. However, she altered the subject, and our conversation proceeded as follows.

J: Do you like me, Rahul?

I’m perplexed by her tone, which is neither horny nor serious. I was speechless and had not anticipated her question.

J: Don’t be shy. Do you think I’d make a good friend?


J: You don’t like the way I look?

Me: What do you mean?

J: You don’t like my ass cheeks and cleavage?

I’m at a loss for words when it comes to responding to her. But I was out of my element with her on that subject.

J: You’re free to say whatever you want. I appreciate the fact that someone is keeping an eye on my figure. I have a youthful appearance and operate efficiently. My intention was for you to view my cleavage and panty. In private, you can even chat nasty. It’s fantastic.

Julie: All right, I’ll do it.

After that, we both exited the meeting room. I didn’t take it seriously at the time. The next day, we were both in the same meeting. She was dressed in a black shirt and grey slacks. Her shirt is very long, and she hasn’t fastened the top button. I observed her nipple during our conservation because she didn’t wear a bra indoors.

From the button gap, I could see her navel. My dick has risen, and my mood has changed. My boner has been raised. Even though our chat had concluded, Julie began to cast mischievous glances at my boner.

J: Is it true that your dick adores my bare boobs?

I grinned.

J: Don’t worry, you’re still young. Now I see what you’re going through. So, will you fuck Priya after work?

I simply grinned.

J: While fucking her, don’t think about my boobs.

I’m at a loss for words when it comes to responding to her. I simply smiled and walked out of the meeting room. I fucked Priya after business hours in the evening. I’d finished my dinner and was ready to retire for the night. I was lying in my bed when I got a message from Julie.

“Did you think about my boobs while fucking her?” Julie inquired.

Yes, you have a bigger one than she does.

J: So you gave her good stroking?

Me: What are your thoughts on this?

J: You must’ve suffocated her pussy.

Me: How did you figure that out?

J: It’s very straightforward. After witnessing my enormous boobs, your dick has risen like a tower. Your desire for my bigger boobs is understandable.

Me: Why didn’t you put on a bra?

J: I’m teasing you.

Me: Do you want to have sex with me?

J: Certainly not. I enjoy torturing you. You are not permitted to touch me.w

Me: Why is that?

J: I enjoy teasing men. It serves as a stress reliever for me.

She asked me how I fucked Priya the next day at the office. She was pressuring me despite my shyness.

J: Did you rape her like a dog? Are you a missionary who fucked her in? Have you licked her pussy before? Say.

I pretended to be shy and stated we had a lovely time in bed together.

J: Rahul, say it! Don’t be afraid to speak up. All nasty things are included in sex. It’s a natural occurrence.

Her statements caught me off guard. She is completely at ease when it comes to discussing sex. She uses words like pussy, dick, and assfuck to describe herself. I began to tell her about my experiences. We used to have a half-hour of sex conservation every day.

“Rahul, my hubby is not fucking well, I am not content with him,” she told me after a month. “My pussy is dripping.”

Me: Oh, my goodness! Sad.

J: You’re right. It makes me sad. He’s not fucking for another 5 minutes. I’m down in the dumps. I’ll catch up with you later. She then proceeded to a meeting. Due to her hectic schedule, we didn’t speak for a week. She arrived at my flat later in the weekend. It’s a pleasant surprise for me, as I live alone in a one-bedroom apartment. I never expected her to drop by my apartment without warning.

She’s dressed in a tight-fitting deep-neck shirt and little jean shorts. In that clothing, she looks really stunning. Her shaved legs and large boobs are visible beneath her shirt. My dick has grown like a tower because I didn’t wear boxers. Inside, I was dressed in a tee and shorts, with no underwear. She sat down in bed and began talking.

J: I’m only 5 kilometers away from my parents’ house. I was bored and decided to spend some time with you. Did I annoy you in any way?

No, you did not bother me.

J: Why do you have such a large bulge?

Me: You were dressed seductively.

J: It’s a vintage top. They were purchased for my honeymoon. This is what I wore today to get your dick moist.

Me: If you don’t want to have sex with me, why are you soaking me?

J: I’m laughing. I enjoy teasing you. Which condom do you use, please? Durex is a favorite of mine.

Me: I’m a fan of the same brand.

J: Interesting! How does Priya behave during sex?

She grumbles.

J: Did she say anything hurtful? During intercourse, I constantly say derogatory things. My husband adores it.

Me: She moans, but not in a terrible way.

We both left the room after an hour of filthy chat. I felt at ease and shut the door behind me. My dick is high, and she dries me out with her free-flowing sex discussions. My calling bell rang after a minute. I pushed open the door.

Julie, She’d left her phone at home. I didn’t shut the door; she took her phone from her bedroom and said goodbye once again. She also didn’t take off her high shoes. She exits my flat after picking up her phone and enters it again.

J: Your dick is still at an all-time high. Are my large boobs still on your mind?

Yes, would you like to see it right now?

J: My pussy is dripping wet. My husband is unsatisfactory to me. In any case, I’d like to tease you.

Me: You’re making me drool.

J: Bye,

I shut my door, but she came knocking again. I pushed open the door. She walked in wearing a stiletto.

What happened, exactly?

J: I love to tease you, so I shut the door.

No, I say.

Rahul, your bulge is enormous! J: I’m interested in seeing your dick. Otherwise, I won’t be able to have a good night’s sleep.

Then she got close enough to pull my shorts down. My dick has grown up, and I’m fed up with her antics. It was the last thing I expected from her. My dick has spread even more since she caressed it with her delicate fingertips.

J: Fuck you! You’re a scumbag! Your dick is lengthy and thick, Rahul. Fuck you, dude! My husband’s dick isn’t as long as yours, and it’s only half as thick. I’m a big fan of your dick.

After she touched my dick, my mood shifted. With her gentle hands, she is caressing my dick.

Rahul! J: I’m a big fan of your dick. Now I’m looking forward to it.

Then she slowly began to lick my dick. Fuck! It’s a fantastic sensation. Then she kissed my dick’s head and sucked my dick into her mouth. I pushed her head towards me by putting my hands within her hair. Oh! In blowjobs, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her licking abilities are incredible.

My skin crawled with goosebumps, and my blood boiled with desire. She couldn’t take my entire dick inside with her. I was horny, and I started yanking and yanking her hair. She’s licking my dick and making a noise.

Julie, I say! I’m all set for cum.

I put my tongue inside her mouth. My dick is still inside her mouth, even though it was a massive cum. For about ten minutes, she gave me a blow. For a long time, no other girl has sucked my dick. She is fearless when it comes to delivering a blowjob.

J: Your dick irritates me. Rahul, your dick is fantastic. Do you have any condoms on hand?

Yes, I’ve done so. It can be found in the bedroom.

J: I’m fucked.

After that, I went to my bedroom and took the condom from the wooden almirah. I heard her heel noise in the interim. She took a step into the room. When I turned around, she was naked. She’s tying her hair up in a bun. Her boobs are enormous and have dark nipples.

I had no idea what happened to me. I give her a firm hug. With my chest, I began squeezing her boob. I then shoved her onto the bed. Julie, on the other hand, wants me to fuck.

Rahul, stop it and fuck me. J: Rahul, stop it and fuck me.

Me: I’m going to appreciate your boobs.

J: You’re a jerk! It’s strictly for boobs. My pussy is dripping wet. My hand was then placed on her pussy.

Me: Biting her nipple and rubbing her pussy.

J: Oh, that’s really sweet! Rahul! My Pussy is dripping wet, as you can see. Please fuck it up.

Me: I enjoy foreplay and began to lick her large melon and softly stroke her pussy.

J: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa I’m your naughty girl! My cunt is fucked.

I ignored her and proceeded to suck her boob after boob and stroke her cunt. I inserted my index finger inside her cunt slowly. “Oh!” she began to scream. Oh! Rahul, no! Please don’t get me any wetter! I’m looking forward to seeing your dick.”

I inserted my middle finger inside her cunt as she began to tug my hair. I touched her g-spot, and her pussy is wet. She’s groaning a lot. I savagely bite each of her nipples. Her moans were audible, and she demanded fuck.

She put on the condom and asked me to fuck after a while. But I couldn’t stop myself from licking her luscious pussy. “Rahul!” she began to groan. Don’t make me shy, bastard. I’m a shameless person. This pussy licking is so much fun! I’d never had anything like it before. “Suck! Lick!” says the narrator. After a few minutes of licking her pussy, I’m ready for the missionary position. She didn’t take off her high-heeled shoes. ” Rahul!” she exclaimed as she spread her legs wide. Slow down. Don’t push too hard because your dick is thicker.”

I began to carefully put my dick into her pussy. I began to press my dick at a slow rate because her pussy was wet. She clutches me firmly and moans incessantly. Her groans were audible. My dick was shoved into her cunt by me. Then I started shooting too and fro, and she started moaning.

Tap, We both enjoyed about 10 minutes of high-intensity sex after she asked me to fuck hard. We were both exhausted, so I took off my dick.

Julie is gasping for air. Her eyes were welling up with tears. For a few moments, we were both silents. Julie continued after that.

Rahul! J: I’m a big fan of your dick. It pierced my pus-filled lips and sank deep into my hole. This is a sensation I’ve never had before. I’m your heiress. Get rid of the condom. I’d like to try some of your salt dick.

I took off my condom, and she resumed blowing for a few minutes. She then puts herself in a doggie pose. I put on a new condom and fuck her in a doggy fashion. She is sitting on a cushion. She covered her boobs with my hands.

I was vigorously stroking and pressing her boobs. She’s wailing. In a doggy posture, her moans were horny. Her boobs are huge, and I enjoy squeezing them. For about 5 minutes, we both fuck.

Rahul! J: Your dick penetrated my pussy. I won’t be able to participate in another round. Now I’m satisfied. My ex-husband and I never got to that point. I’ll always be your bitch.

She then changed into her gown and exited the room. She didn’t wash her pussy after the sex. We both spent around 45 minutes together, yet it seemed like a high-intensity workout to me.

I felt awful the next day because I hadn’t meant any harm to her. As a mentor, I hold her in high regard. After that, she began to keep her distance from me in the office and only interact with me professionally. I liked her attitude because I didn’t want to continue having an affair with her.

After a month, she paid a weekend visit to my flat. It was a Saturday, and she arrived at my flat about 3:00 p.m. after my lunch. She slammed the door shut, flashed a crazy grin, and began removing her gown. She took off both mine and her clothes in less than a minute.

My mind is blank, and I’m not sure what to do. After viewing her nude boobs, my dick has built himself and is standing like a skyscraper. She’s on her knees, sucking on my dick like a lollipop. She suffocates my cum and drives me insane.

She slapped my ass cheeks after the blowjob and shouted, “Let’s lick and fuck me fast.” “I only have an hour.”

I obey her commands and lick her pussy. I put on a condom, but she took it off and pushed me to continue without it. I began fucking her without using a condom. Her groans were deafening.

“Yes, Yes, Rahul, go deep!” she mutters. “I am a whore’s mother.”

She left the flat after I penetrated her ass and pussy for over 40 minutes. She did, however, show up on Sunday. We had sex without using a condom.

She then became a regular visitor to my apartment. She used to arrive early in the morning, sometimes before the office or post office opened. In bed, I couldn’t say no to her. But I’d like to end my affair with her because I’d like to sample the pussies of my coworkers.

Me: You don’t have periods, do you? You’ve been visiting every day for almost a month.

J: You’re a jerk! You’re a dunderhead.

Me: What do you mean?

J: I’m expecting a baby! As a result, I don’t use periods. You’re such a dunderhead.

Me: Surprised, What gives that you’re expecting a child? Did you take any pills?

J: I’d like to have a second child. You and my husband fuck me every day without using a condom. So, I’m expecting a child.

Me: I’m at a loss for words. Please don’t make me afraid.

J: Don’t worry, my husband and I have a trust factor. He is completely unaware of your contribution. But her audacity and lack of fear astounded me. Following that, I left the company in less than a year.

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