Fucked Hot Girl


Fucked Hot Himachali Girl

This is a story about my female friend Dikshita, a sweet Himachal girl. This is the story of my journey from being her best friend to getting her into bed.

Let me tell you how hot she is before I go any further. She is a boy’s dream come true. She also has a pair of flawless boobs, which she is well aware of and proud of.

Dikshita used to send us every photo she took because we were best friends. Even when her other assets were hidden beneath those clothes, she always appeared voluptuous.

Her face is so lovely that I often fantasize about kissing her lips for an extended period! My friend had the perfect hourglass figure, just like the girls in our dreams. Whenever she sent a full picture, I’d get enraged seeing those curves, and I’d devote two or three masturbation sessions to that hot figure the same day.

In terms of statistics, I knew this hot Himachal girl’s bra was a size 36, her waistline was around 26 or 27, and her sexy ass, which is one of the many attraction factors, measured 34.

Despite being such a lethal weapon of mass destruction, my female friend’s best quality was that she was quiet and shy, which made me want her even more.

I’d always imagine Dikshita without those clothes on her hot body, and the treasure she hid inside. Even the thought of her stripping down to half her clothes would make my rod tingle.

Dikshita would frequently sit in the front seat of my car, and I’d become envious of her seat belt for obvious reasons.

So, back to the story, one day she said to him, “Yuvraj (my name) if you get a chance, what would you like to do with me?”

I was taken aback because such a question from her was not even in my wildest dreams. I confessed that I had always wanted to take a steam bath with her in my arms. She blushed at that remark and didn’t say anything for a few moments because she wasn’t expecting such a direct response from me.

We were both secretly looking forward to meeting each other after that conversation. I went to pick her up one day, and oh my god! Dikshita was dressed to impress!! The girl, who has never shown any cleavage in her outfits, was dressed in a low-neck top with a cover-up shirt over it. It was open in the front, and the low-neck top revealed plenty of cleavages for me to gaze upon.

The sexy Himachal girl was setting fire to the surroundings. “Somebody is looking damn hot,” I said as I complimented her. When my friend noticed my gaze at her cleavage, she blushed and gave me a questioning look, to which I winked to set the tone.

Dikshita arrived in my car, sat in the front seat, and removed her cover-up shirt, giving me plenty of her to look at. I was mesmerized by her movements, and this time, with her permission, I examined her from head to toe.

This girl has to be the most intricately carved masterpiece. Curves in the most precise places that would make any guy fall head over heels just to get her in bed. That low-cut top and blue jeans made her irresistible at the time. And then it happened: I got to kiss those tempting lips!

I kissed her slowly and gave her small pecks just to see if she was willing, and she opened her lips. I started savoring the rose petals. I flicked my tongue across her delectable lips. She also entered the competition, and our tongues kissed.


We began to pick up the pace, and things began to get crazier. Dikshita abruptly separated and whispered, “Let’s go from here.” I asked where, and she replied, “Jahaan koi dekhe na home (where nobody shall watch us).”

I took it as an open invitation and began looking for a room, which was not difficult to find in this age of technology. I gave the gorgeous Himachal girl a wicked look and checked her out again. This time, she, too, enjoyed having my eyes all over her gorgeous body.

Dikshita knew that the next few hours would change her life forever. I was also excited because I was about to get the girl of my dreams on the bed!

I hurried over to the location and asked my friend Dikshita to cover up with her shirt. We checked in, and as soon as we stepped inside, I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me, kissing all over her face. My hands ran all over her back, removing her shirt in the process.

Our lips locked and we began to explore each other’s mouths. Dikshita was now under my control, so I inserted my hand behind her top and explored her hot back while our smooch grew longer. Finally, we parted our lips to take deep breaths.

We exchanged glances, but my hands remained busy. As my hands explored the contours of her back, I noticed her lips curl and her face twitch. She was sleeping with her eyes closed. That’s when I slapped the hot Himachal Pradesh girl’s sexy ass over jeans with my hand. She appeared to have awoken unexpectedly.

Dikshita blinked her eyes open. I tightened my grip on her ass and she melted in my arms. “Ab in kapdo ka kya kaam hai?” I murmured in her ear. (Why are these clothes still on?)” and began raising her hands.

“You are the boss now, do the favor please,” Dikshita replied, winking at me.

This was new to me: Dikshita, a shy north Indian girl with a wild side, was a lethal combination. I took off her top, and she was now only wearing a bra and jeans.

I savored her hot body and those delectable boobs, which revealed a lot more cleavage than before. She took a step back and turned away, embarrassed. I took a look at her back, which was bare except for her bra straps.

I wanted to rip her bra off and start feasting on those gorgeous boobs, but then I realized she was still wearing her jeans. So I teased her by grabbing her crotch from behind. Dikshita was taken aback, and she looked at me with a gaping mouth and wide eyes.

I didn’t waste time and kissed her on the lips right away. While kissing those delicious lips, I began rubbing her between the legs over her jeans. My girlfriend became agitated and began grinding her ass to my erect dick.

The heat emitted by our bodies was pulsing. It was becoming increasingly hot by the second. I made my next move and unbuttoned her jeans before she melted in my arms. Those hands that had been gripping me so tightly began to slip away from me all of a sudden.

I took advantage of the situation by gliding the jeans down to her toes, and she was free of her clothes! My hot Dikshita was now standing in only her bra and pantyhose. I snapped a few photos of her at the time.

With a black bra and panties on her heavenly figure, the Himachal Pradesh girl was dressed like a sex goddess. Her fair skin provided the perfect contrast, making her extremely hot.

I wanted to pounce on her like a beast, strip naked, and fuck her brains out. But I decided to make a joke out of it. I took off my shirt to show her my toned muscles, then I took off my jeans. I was still in my boxers, with my hard-on visible.

Dikshita looked at my dick, who was making a tent in his boxers, and I could tell she was nervous about what was about to happen. I grabbed her waist and drew her close to me. She buried her face into my chest, embarrassed to be in that state in front of a guy, and that erect dick only added to her embarrassment.

But I had no intention of stopping. I drew closer until my hot friend’s hot melons pressed against my chest and my tent poked at her panty. She was completely out of control. I kissed her lips again to calm her down, and she responded well.

Her trembling body settled after 2 minutes, and the hot figure melted in my arms.

I was squeezing and pressing her all over her back, onto her slender waist, then onto her sexy ass. We kissed again, and I began kissing the hot Himachal girl’s cheeks, earlobes, neck, collarbone, and then her cleavage, licking and pressing both her yummy breasts towards my face.

Dikshita was pressing my head against her boobs as well. That place was divine. I could kiss her all day there.

Dikshita was going insane, so I took advantage of the situation by squeezing her ass over panty and kneading her butt cheeks like dough. I suddenly inserted my hands behind the panty and began playing with those soft bums and hot ass.

I rolled her panty down, at which point she came to a halt and turned her back to me. My hands reached for the top of her love hole in the process. It was supple. She had shaved her vagina, and it was only now that she realized what she was doing and looked back at me with questioning eyes, which I responded to with lust in my eyes.

I took one of her panty hands and lifted her chin to suck those yummy lips, while the other hand began parting the vertical vaginal lips. She made a feeble attempt to stop my hand while I was in no mood to stop.

I stroked my hot friend’s virgin pussy with my fingers. Dikshita was having a good time. She was on her back, resting her head on my chest. I didn’t want her to relax, so I jolted her again. I inserted one of my fingers into her virgin love hole and pushed it to her innermost limits.

Dikshita was taken aback, and I squeezed her left boob at the same time. Her heavy breathing told me she was in heaven.

A few more flicks and another finger dipped into amp up the excitement tenfold. As her vagina began to prepare for the dick entry, later on, it became tighter over there.

In my excitement, I squeezed her melons so tightly that they almost jumped out of her bra. Those boobs, I thought, should have been removed by then, and that gorgeous set of breasts should have been revealed and enjoyed.

At that precise moment. “I want you to surprise me now,” I said into her ears. Let’s see what you’ve got planned for tonight.”

Dikshita leaned back and said, “Just wait and watch now,” before leaning in for a quick smooch. Then I took my hands off her pussy and gripped both boobs tightly over her bra, causing her to bend and my tent to press against her ass.


Dikshita shoved her ass as far back as she could. I couldn’t have asked for a better day! It was now her turn to be the aggressor, and she turned to face me. She held my dick over the boxers with a grin on her face.

(From here on out, we’ll hear the story in her own words.)

I was pleasantly surprised by the length and thickness of Yuvraj’s shaft as I grabbed his dick and became concerned about how I was going to fit it inside. Yuvraj had teased me enough that I couldn’t back down now. So I put that thought aside.

I entangled my lips once more with his for a wild smooch. He drew me in closer to his body. But I was thinking about something else. I reached into my friend’s boxers and yanked the monster out of his cave, rolling my hands all over his throbbing dick.

I was being turned on and off all the time. The more I touched it, the more I desired it to be inside of me. I was about to go down when I heard a snap, and damn, he had opened the clasp on my bra! Even though I had shed many inhibitions in front of him in the previous few minutes, I had always been that shy type of girl. The opening of a guy’s bra was still a big deal for me.

I was stunned and let go of his dick, hugging him tightly in a futile attempt to keep my bra from falling off!

I had always been proud of my boobs and worked hard to keep them in good shape, so I was more nervous about showing them to someone else. And it was at this point that I closed my eyes tightly as he took a step away from me.

My hands were clutched to my bra as he straightened both of my arms and began removing my straps from my shoulders. I could see the lust in his eyes because more than 70% of my boobs were visible. However, I was enjoying the attention my boobs were receiving. After all, that was the reason I kept them.

I was smitten by this guy’s patience as he paid equal attention to every part of his body. If I had been in his shoes, I would have grabbed hold of my body and begun feasting on it. But he didn’t just want me in the bed; he made true love to me.

Returning to the bra, it was only clutched to my milk pots. I was standing almost topless, my bra dangling in some way. And he abruptly removed the last piece of clothing from my stunning pair of breasts.

Out of shyness, I turned my back on my friend as he gazed greedily at them. I crisscrossed my hands over my boobs to cover them. That’s when I noticed something on my naked back.

Yuvraj took my arms in his and began kissing my back, beginning at the back of my neck, which I tell you is a girl’s most sensitive point. He kept nibbling there until my arms relaxed a little. That’s when I started to give up and gave him a signal to continue.

He started kissing and licking my naked back, biting occasionally and leaving a trail of kisses and love bites all over my back.

(This time, the story is told in Yuvraj’s words.)

I kept licking and savoring the gorgeous Himachal girl’s voluptuous back, which was so smooth and full of flavor. Meanwhile, her hands relaxed and moved nervously to the area I was kissing and the body part I was clutching. This also meant that my gorgeous friend’s breasts were free.

I took advantage of the situation and grabbed them. What a rush it was to be in charge of those heavenly milk factories! They were soft, but the nipples had already hardened. That softness was unparalleled.

I squeezed her breasts to assert my dominance over her. Dikshita tried to stop me, but it was too late. I was not in the mood to let go of those squishy melons. The more she tried to pull my hands away from her, the more pressure I put on her breasts. Her breasts were the most beautiful pair I’d ever seen.

Dikshita removed her hands, allowing me to enjoy her as I pleased. I pinched her boobs, and she let out a moan, which made me tighten my grip even more. For the next ten minutes, I kneaded and pressed her boobs, occasionally pinching her nipples.

Then I made her bend over the table in front of me, her ass pressing hard on my dick. Dikshita had switched sides and was now facing me. I pounced on her gorgeous boobs and grabbed her tightly without further ado.

I sat on the floor, kissing and licking her boobs, and had her sit in my lap, my dick poking her pussy. But all eyes were on her stunning boobs. I clutched her tightly and continued sucking her boobs in turns.

I was going insane sucking those milk pots while also biting on her fabulous breasts. The hot north Indian girl was also having difficulty resisting as she pressed my head into her boobs.

Dikshita arched her back and couldn’t stop herself. I positioned her on her back and began kissing her navel, occasionally licking her. I decided to put her to bed now and lifted her into the same position before lowering her onto the bed.


I let go of my monster and took off my underwear. Dikshita looked at it and pressed her pussy against her panty, uncertain whether she could fit this monster into her love hole.

I didn’t waste any time removing her panties as well. My Dikshita was now naked. Her pussy was shaved, her pink lips waiting for my dick, but I chose to entertain her other lips first.

I lifted her and requested that she suck my dick. Surprisingly, she agreed and began licking my balls and sucking my dick. Oh, what a moment it was – a hot girl like her sucking my dick down. My dick choked her on occasion, but she didn’t stop and kept blowing me until I was satisfied.

Dikshita expected me to repay the favor. So I sat down between her legs and smelled her first. I blew some air on it at the same time. She began to move erratically.

I kissed her pussy lips, causing Dikshita to go insane with delight. Her body shivered as I flicked my tongue through the entire slit in her vagina.

She pressed my head over her pussy as I guided my tongue deep into her. I started eating her pussy, occasionally licking her pussy lips full length. Her virgin lips tasted the honey flowing from her womb. I licked her and began flicking her frequently.

My tongue flicks, or should I say tongue fucks, were sufficient for her to experience orgasm. Her juices began to flow, and I welcomed them with my tongue and lips, sucking everything from her vagina. I could tell she was happy by the look on her face.

The happy Himachal girl thanked me, but I wasn’t finished yet. We’d both sucked each other up until that point, but I never did what I wanted to do inside her. I wanted to plant my seed in her vagina. Dikshita was a virgin, which worried her, and she expressed her concerns, to which I agreed to proceed slowly.

So we were finally going to have sex. My dick was placed on my virgin female friend’s pussy, and I slapped it with my dick. Dikshita, my best friend and secret crush, was about to give up her virginity to me.

Dikshita was nervous, so I did something that made her want me even more than I did. Rather than inserting my dick, I brought it to her face and made her feel it on her face. I rubbed her cheeks with it and rubbed her eyes and nose with it. Then I put it to her lips, and she kissed it on the tip and flicked her tongue on top.

Dikshita wanted more of it between her lips, but I didn’t want to give her what she wanted right now. I wanted to increase her desire to be fucked, so I lowered my dick further. And I kissed her neck with my dick, just like my lips would.

My dick then moved on to her shoulders, sexy armpits, and gorgeous breasts, kissing her nipples with the tip and pressing my dick between those milk factories. I then applied it to her smooth, soft tummy.

I then proceeded to enjoy the hot Himachal girl’s navel; to my delight, her navel was semi-deep, which drove me insane licking it in and out. My dick mistook it for her love hole and tried to get in! My girl was ready and desperate to get me inside her by that point. Her legs had begun to expand.

Dikshita was now shivering with excitement. I decided to give her the ultimate pleasure by placing my dick directly on top of her hole. Her face became tense as she closed her eyes. I kissed her nipples and bit into her breasts. She was desperate to get me in right away.

I kissed her lips while pushing my dick into Dikshita’s virgin pussy. We’re all going to lose our virginities at the same time. My dick was inserted into her pleasure hole. She started shaking, which I expected.

I pushed it further, and a sort of wall formed, halting my dick. I realized it was her hymen and decided to take my dick back and forcefully push it through her virgin walls. But I knew it was going to hurt, so I gripped Dikshita tighter and gave a quick, hard push. Goodbye, virginity! Dikshita wanted to scream, but I restrained her with my own. Her eyes seemed to pop out, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

Dikshita was pushing me away as her hymen ruptured and she began to bleed. However, I kept her in the same position for a while. Meanwhile, another tear fell from her cheek, and I kissed her there. She hugged me tightly as the pain faded gradually. I realized it and repeatedly took back my dick for a hard shot. Her pain turned to pleasure after 2-3 shots, and she began to enjoy it. The expression on a girl’s face during her first fuck is something to behold.

We exchanged glances, lust in my eyes and pleasure in hers. My hot friend’s tight vagina had now adjusted to my dick size, so I pushed faster and harder. Meanwhile, we kissed, and our tongues joined in on the act, increasing the speed of fuck by a factor of ten.


I was now pushing my dick to its limit inside her constricted vagina. I opened Dikshita’s mouth so she could scream, shout, or moan. She didn’t scream or shout because the pain was mostly gone. Her moans were filled with pleasure.

We fucked for about 15 minutes in the same position, and then I came inside her after holding on for so long. I poured streams of hot cum into her love hole. At the same time, she arrived for the second time.

We lip-locked once more, and it was the wildest smooch we’d ever had. We were smacking each other on the lips. After that, my hot Himachal girlfriend and I had many more sessions, even getting her ass in the process, but that’s a story for another time.

In the next story, I will share with you another story named “Threesome Sex with Bhabhi”

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