Fucked By Bus Driver in Forest


Three men and Me- Fucked by a Bus driver in the forest

Hi, my sexy and horny readers! I’m your favorite girl Neha, once again with a hot sexual experience!

I’m 23 years old hot girl with an attractive figure of 34 32 34. My body drives anyone crazy, both men and women. So this time, I’ll share with you guys how I made 3 men get fucking horny and obsessed with me that they fucked me on the roadside!!!

So this is my story of when I was fucked and fucked hard by the bus driver and his friends.

So I was traveling from Gurgaon and I used to take this local bus for the commute. That day it was raining so hard. I got all wet as I stepped onto the bus. My whole body was wet and my Kurti and salwar were sticking to my skin. I was wearing a light bra underneath my Kurti and I wasn’t wearing any panties underneath my salwar. You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

When I entered the bus, the driver and the conductor were sitting near the door. They looked at me from top to bottom and my hot navel and sexy cleavage made them fucking turned on.

I sat on the seat which was right next to the driver’s seat. Now he was looking directly at my boobs. His eyes weren’t even moving. He was a dark-skinned guy in his 40s. The conductor was standing behind him. He was also looking at me, but with even more dirty and horny looks.

I was enjoying the attention and played along. I released my hair from the hairclip and let them loose. Now my wet hair was also driving these men insane!!!

The bus started its journey after 20 mins. I could see a slight bulge in the pants of the driver. And he was constantly looking at me, even while driving.

I plugged in my earphones and started to watch a blue movie. I made sure to keep the volume loud so it can be audible to the driver from my earphones. You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

When the girl in the movie was moaning hard and hard, I started to sigh a little. My hands were slightly touching my pussy and I was making sure he was looking at me while I was doing that. I kept on rubbing my pussy slightly and kept breathing a little faster and faster.

He was going nuts. And it was so hard for him to keep driving.

Now, as I was watching the video, and the volume was also loud, I didn’t notice that the conductor was standing right behind me. I was busy rubbing my clit over my salwar in a way that only the driver could see.

I didn’t know that the conductor was eyeing me too, by standing right behind me.

He got tight in his pants too. So what he did was, he fingered my ass from the back. I got shocked but controlled myself and made it look like I didn’t even notice that touch.

Now the sight was:

I was sitting on the front seat, right next to the driver and the conductor was standing right behind me, fingering and touching my wet ass, trying to push his fingers in, from my salwar and the driver was getting his bulge high in his pants.

The rest of the passengers were sitting at the back so no one knew what was happening at the front.

Now the conductor’s hand slipped inside my salwar and his fingers were touching my bare ass. The driver looked at us with dirty looks and he spits on his left hand. After spitting, he loosened up his pant button from the other hand and took his dick out. He was holding the steering wheel in his right hand and his cock in his left hand. He kept on spitting on it and then jerking his dick and the conductor was pushing his fingers in my ass.

I was getting so fucking horny at that time that I took my salwar off. Now my legs and my pussy were naked in front of those two men. And my hand was rubbing my naked pussy now. I kept on rubbing my pussy with one hand and the other hand? .. ahhhhh… I pushed my other hand into my mouth!!!!! You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

I was sucking my fingers while rubbing my pussy.. and my ass was being finger fucked by the conductor too!!!

The conductor started to get out of control and he told the driver to stop the bus.

As it was raining and the passengers weren’t too many, the driver stopped the bus at the nearest tuck shop. He got down from his seat, and the conductor came right in front of me. My naked legs were open in front of him as well. He pulled me out through the door by pulling my arm and there were quite a lot of trees in that area. He kept pulling me into the forest and threw me to the ground. Now it was me and the two men.

The driver took off his pants and the conductor removed my shirt.

The conductor jumped onto my navel and the driver took my legs up on his shoulders and started to insert his dry cock inside my pussy.

The conductor was wildly sucking and biting my boobs. He was giving me dirty abuses like “Saali kuttiya!!!!!! Randi saliii !!!! Kutti haramzadii!!!!!! Kutyyy ki bachiii!!! Haram ki piliii!!!!! Kuttiya haram zadiiii!!! Behnchod sali!!!!!”

I was going out of control and these two men were going wild on my body!

The driver was thrusting his cock in, he was spitting on my pussy as much as he could!

He was spitting hard and hard and his dick was going inside my pussy, tearing its lips apart!!!!

I was screaming with pleasure and also with pain!!!!!!!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhh ahhhhhh ahhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Ahhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhh!!! Ahh ahhhh!!!!! Ahhhhh ahhhh”

Now the conductor got off of my body and he came right from my back. He threw his pants off too and he targeted his cock on my asshole!!

The driver was fucking my pussy with full force and the conductor was pushing his cock in my asshole!!

Ahhhhhhhhh I was going insanely wild with the pleasure!!! Ahhhh ahhha hhhhhh ahhhh fuckkkk fuckkkk fuckkk ahhhhh yesssss ahhhhhhh ohhhh Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!

Saali kuttiya!!!! Randi bn k atiiii hai!!!!! Meray loray ko khara karti hai kuttiya!!!!!! Tujhe sabky beech chod dunn kutiyyaaaaa salii!!!!!!!

He was constantly absusing me and I was being fucked by two men!!!

Then we could hear someone coming our way. It was the tuck shop owner!!

When he saw the sight of me being fucked by two men, he couldn’t control himself too.

He took his pants off and thrust his cock inside my mouth. Ahhhhhhhh his cock was salty to taste and black!! You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

Uffffhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhh ouch ahhh!!!!!!

He started pushing his cock in my mouth and I was sucking his cock like the yummiest lollipop ever!!

My asshole was so tight and the conductor’s cock was making it turn red!! He was pushing it so hard that my ass was about to tear up. Ahhh fuckkkkkkkk ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh!!!!

The driver’s cock was fucking my pussy mercilessly and he started to give three big shots!! AHHHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

And with the third jerk, his dick exploded in my pussy!!!!! His thick white cum was all over my pussy.

He took his dick out the moved it to my mouth. The tuck shop owner got hold of my pussy now and the driver started to push his cock into my lips and mouth!!!! Ahhhh ohhhhh ummhhhh ahhhhh. I licked it all clean with my lips. His cock was full of cum and I cleaned all of it by sucking his cock.

The tuck shop owner changed my position. He made me lie down on my navel and he pushed his cock into my pussy from below.

Now the conductor was still banging my ass and he wanted to get on top of me.

Again, both men were fucking my whole body and the driver. Ah, the driver!!!!!!! He was pushing his cock inside my mouth while I was laying down.

I was giving him a blow job and suddenly the conductor was about to cum!!!!! And started spanking my ass hard and hard and then all of a sudden he also came all in my ass!!!!

Ahhh!!!!!!!!! Now he pushed his cock into my mouth which already had the driver’s cock in it. Now I was sucking two cocks all at once ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tuck shop owner took control of my ass now and pushed his dick out from my pussy, into my asshole!!!! You are reading this story at nightqueenstories.com

Ahhhhhh I was sucking two cocks and being ass fucked once again!!!!

After 30 minutes of being wildly fucked by three men, the tuck shop guy also came and he also came all over my body. My body was full of cum and I was exploding with the white sticky liquid!!!.

Then they dressed back up and gave me my shirt. I couldn’t even stand up so I stayed at the tuck shop while the driver and the conductor left me there.

It was such a wild fucking night for me.

In the next story, I will share with you another story named “Finally Fucking Hot Neighbour Bhabhi”

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