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Sex with My Step-Daughter Lima

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My stepdaughter Lima celebrated her eighteenth birthday three months ago. She is, in my eyes, a pretty young woman, 170 cm tall, has medium-blonde shoulder-length hair, dark eyes, and a slim figure. In jeans she has a real bubble butt. I have been following her development with interest for a long time and have always been quite jealous of the guys who were traveling with her. So far I didn’t know if something went with them. But that should change.

I had just driven my wife to the train station, she wanted to go to a friend’s house on the Baltic Sea from Thursday to Monday and came home around noon. In the meantime, I had been shopping and before I put things away I wanted to change. It was quite warm that day in May, so I took a pair of shorts out of the closet, took off my jeans and only went to the bathroom in boxers and a T-shirt to freshen up. Since everything was quiet in the apartment, I assumed that Lima would not be home. Her room door was also wide open. I opened the bathroom door and stopped dead. What I saw there made me speechless and initially paralyzed me. Lima lay in the bathtub and shaved her legs. I saw her small breasts and since she had put one leg on the edge of the bathtub, I could look closely at her slightly hairy column. Since the hair was wet, you could see her labia and a small red dot peeped out at the tip. Lima was just as scared and looked at me with wide eyes. I quickly turned around because at this sight my best friend straightened up and closed the door behind me. I took a deep breath in the hallway, went into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. It took me a few minutes to calm down and my swollen friend also had to normalize again. But with what I had just seen, it was difficult. At first, I wanted to lend a hand to myself, but I rejected this thought.


When I was calm again, I put on my shorts and went into the kitchen to put the shopping away. Shortly afterwards Lima came into the kitchen. She had put on a loose shirt and jeans and looked at me with a look as if nothing had happened. So I went over to the agenda and asked her what was left. Lima wanted to meet with a friend and would only come home in the evening. So she said goodbye to me and I was home alone. I spent the afternoon on the balcony, watching what I had seen before, and then phoned my wife to change my mind.

In the early evening, Lima wasn’t home yet, I went to take a shower and then I just lay on our large couch landscape with shorts and a muscle shirt and turned on the TV. Lima came home shortly afterwards. From the hall, she called me to change and then come to my room. When Lima entered the room she was wearing a wide T-shirt with the sleeves cut off. This allowed me to look under the shirt under her arm and see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She sat on the side of me on the couch and when I sat I could see that she was only wearing panties. It was unusual for Lima to sit down in the room like this. Since puberty, she’s always avoided someone from seeing too much of her body here at home. She looked at me briefly

“You, did you like what you saw from me in the tub today?”

I had to swallow first, looked at her big, and hesitated with my answer.

“Go on, tell me now. What I saw, anyway, did me liked it before. But would love to see more. ” she pushed after.

“Hey Lima, you’re asking me something,” I replied. “I didn’t know you were bathing. But yes, I liked it.” I noticed how something was stirring under my shorts and it was not long hidden because I had no panties on. I also saw with Lima that this conversation excited her. Her nipples straightened up and were clearly visible under her shirt.

“You do not have to apologize. It is ok for me that you saw me and I want you to initiate me into the art of love. You should show me everything and use me. Just like you do with mom. ”

I started to stutter:” Lima, you can’t do that. You are my stepdaughter and what do you mean, as I do with your mother? And above all: what does yours say Mother when she learns that I have sex with you. ”

“Exactly, I’m your stepdaughter and not a blood relative. So we can have sex with each other. Now don’t pretend you know exactly what I mean. “Lima replied.” I know your collection of sex toys, the dildos and vibrators, the shackles, and the latex sheets for your wet games. I’ve watched you a few times and that always made me hot. But I could never really relax, it doesn’t work alone, I also don’t know how to do it right. And because of mom, you don’t have to worry about it. I will fix it. ”

I must have been dark red with shame on my face at that moment. So Lima had been watching us and knew our collection. And the meaning of the sentence that Lima regulates with her mother only became clear to me later. I got very brave and asked her: “What turned you on and what should I do with you?” I put my hand on her breast and irritated her nipple with the fabric of her shirt.

She took a deep breath and pressed my chest against me. “Go on,” she said, “It’s so nice. I was watching you in the kitchen recently. I was home earlier and you were in action, didn’t even notice me. Mom was sitting on the worktop and you have it You rubbed her clit with one hand and you both came at the same time, you chased all your sperm into her intestine, I could see that because when you pulled your penis out, everything ran out and then you got You knelt in front of it and mom rubbed her column. Suddenly she cried out and then a gush of urine came out. You tried to drink from it, but most of it ended up on the floor. I went outside very quickly, didn’t want to that you see me, but since then I want

During her story she couldn’t lie still, her shirt slid up and I could see her panties. A damp patch appeared between her thighs. There was also a lot going on with me, my cock was rock hard. So I put all my courage together, pulled Lima onto my body so that she was sitting on my stomach and said to her:

“Ok, if you want I will show you. But everything gradually, nice and slow and nothing you don’t want. You can always say no if you don’t want to. ”

I took off her shirt and took her small tits in my hands and massaged her. I could feel the wet panties on my stomach. Her young cunt had to leak a lot, Lima also slid restlessly and purred like a cat.

“Yes i want it. You should show me everything. “She breathed and pushed her upper body towards my head. Her arms went back and tried to reach my stiffener. I reached for her hands because I wanted to check what she was doing.


  • Watch out “Sweetie,” I said, “you only do what I tell you. Ok? ” ” Yes, Dad (so she called me always) I do. I can not wait. “

I took turns taking her erect nipples into my mouth and sucking on them. A slight goosebump gripped her body. I slowly pulled her further to my head so that her column was right in front of my mouth. I gently licked the fabric with my tongue and noticed how she breathed violently and her body stiffened.

“Not so, you wait until your climax until I tell you. Do you understand? ”

  • Yeah, dads, “she moaned. I threw her on my back, took off my panties, and squatted on her body so that the tip of my tail was right in front of her mouth.

“Come on, blow my cock.” I whispered to her. She opened her mouth and put her lips over my glans. Slowly her tongue felt over the tip and then slowly sucked it off. I pushed my cock deeper into her mouth and hers sucking became more intense.

“Lick the shaft last and suck my balls in” I gave her the next clue.

She did what I told her and did very well. Since I am completely shaved, I felt her tongue really intensely. Especially how she sucked my testicles into her mouth and played with it. I noticed how slowly my juice was boiling and that’s why I eluded her. I carefully kissed her on the mouth and tasted my own juice. Slowly I licked over her neck, over tits to the navel, dipped my tongue in it and then further over the stomach to her pubic. I carefully took off her panties and spread her thighs. I could look deeply into her slightly hairy cleft, the labia had opened and the clitoris protruded plump and red. I leaned forward and licked the hairs gently. The smell that came to me was totally intoxicating. Somehow it smelled and tasted so sweet. With her mother, it was a bitter taste, but always awesome. Slowly my tongue dipped between my lips and looked for her grotto. I noticed Lima shivering with excitement and writhing.

“Hush, stay calm,” I said to her, and with a swing, I turned her around with me. I was now on my back and she was sitting with her column exactly on my face. I sucked her clit into her mouth and with a finger, I traced the column of her buttocks until I dipped into her cunt. Slowly I pushed my finger in and then another to widen it. I felt her vaginal muscles slowly relax and my fingers could dip deeper. Suddenly she pressed herself with her knees up, pulled her cunt from me and slid down my belly until she bumped against my cock with her column. Her head was next to mine and she whispered softly in my ear:

“Take me now, make me a woman.”

I took her head between my hands to see her face and asked her: “Are you still a virgin?”

“Yes, I am. There was no one I wanted to give myself to. But now it should happen, so PLEASE “PLEASE do it now. I’ll also take the pill. But please be careful, I don’t know if your splendor will fit.”

“Yes, I will be very tender. Don’t be afraid and because of contraception you don’t have to worry, I’m sterilized. “I replied. I let go of her head and reached under her buttocks, lifted it a little and directed her column directly over my pint.” Pull your labia apart.” I said to Lima. She did what I told her and steered my acorn to open it. I slowly put her down and bit by bit I entered her. Loud moans came from her mouth and she trembled all over.

“Quiet, stay calm. I whispered in her ear. She nodded briefly and then reared up. The first orgasm rushed through her body. She pushed my hands under her buttocks and dropped down. My cock completely disappeared into you, I felt the inside of your uterus on my glans, suddenly she started to move, slowly she moved up until my glans was between her labia and then she dived again until it stopped I saw a horny milky mucus on my shaft, which was interspersed with fine blood threads. This sight made me even hotter and my eggs boiled over, I could no longer. Therefore I took her clit with two fingers and rubbed it. I wanted to get together with Lima and that happened very quickly. I noticed on my cock, which was deep inside her again, that her vagina contracted and then a lightning bolt chased through her body. Lima cried out in pleasure and shook herself. I had trouble keeping it on my cock and then it came to me too. I shot my sperm into her womb in several batches and noticed how Lima overflowed from her and my juices. The juices squeezed out on my cock and dripped onto my stomach. holding it on my cock and then it came to me too. I shot my sperm into her womb in several batches and noticed how Lima overflowed from her and my juices. The juices squeezed out on my cock and dripped onto my stomach. holding it on my cock and then it came to me too. I shot my sperm into her womb in several batches, noticed how Lima overflowed from her and my juices. The juices squeezed out on my cock and dripped onto my stomach.


Lima dropped forward, kissed me on the mouth and whispered softly: “Thank you, that was so nice. I want more. ”

I held her tightly and pressed her to my body to feel her small, firm tits with her hot nipples. My cock was firmly clamped in her cunt and I whispered back:” Yes, sweetie. It was beautiful and we will still experience a lot together. Now get your breath back. ”

We stayed in our embrace and looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Lima’s eyes sparkled with happiness and deep inside I could feel that it wasn’t the end today.

And I was not wrong, the evening and the next time we were very intense. But more of that in new chapters.

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