Flirting with a Stranger


Flirting and Sex with a Stranger

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

The bass stomped and it made my blood boil. Again and again, she danced very close to me, her crisp buttocks rubbed briefly against my swimming trunks; but when I reached for her she avoided me, snake-like she escaped my hands, was unbelievable. And somehow I didn’t want to catch her by force. Not cool enough.

But it was getting hot. My swimming trunks began to bulge, I didn’t know how long I would be able to hold out without causing a scandal.

We were about 35. Everyone was working somewhere in the city, some were friends, and many were brought by someone. The head of the event, Hamid, celebrated his 35th birthday and quickly rented 3 large villas in the mountains above the Costa del Sol. For a week, everyone was free to come and go, and do what they wanted. Only the presence on Hamid’s birthday on Saturday evening was mandatory.

And so we had spent the whole week with golf, the beach, excursions, the swimming pool, and sizzling by the pool on the terrace. We had all gotten used to life in swimming trunks and bikinis and were tanned like the Negroes. No, little correction. Everyone was tanned, only the three Swedes and the Irishman were constantly crimson and peeling. But they drowned the pain with fuel at any time of the day or night. Not that we lived abstinently, but not on the same tour as the four.

And today was the big day. The coolers with sangria had been on the terrace since noon, the sun was shining just like in the days before, someone was always putting meat on the grill and we were lounging on the sun loungers, in the shallow water, or simply on the white stone terrace.

At some point someone turned on the music, speakers on the terrace and before we knew it we were all dancing. 35 people, stimulated by sangria and the slowly setting sun, gave themselves to the music.

And there she was. Somehow I had never heard her name during the week. She also came from the city but was an acquaintance of one of the three Swedes. Not that he took care of her. He shot himself out of the classification every evening with good regularity and was usually around nine in the evening shortly before the collapse.

But that didn’t seem to bother her. She didn’t seem to be with him at all, rather she was just here with him.

Because I didn’t have a name for her, I called her “pretty shoulders”. And that was no joke: she probably had the most beautiful upper arms and shoulders that I will ever see: broad shoulders, athletic, slender upper arms, not lean, a slight hint of muscles like a dancer, dark from the sun of the last few days tanned.

I also don’t know why I was so crazy about her. But it was enough that she showed up in the morning with her light yellow pinafore. When I saw her bare shoulders, I got such a stand that I had to put a towel over my lap regularly so as not to spoil breakfast for the others. Stand in the morning, grief and worry. I spent a good part of the week in a “high” mood, thanks to pretty shoulders.

The shoulders were by no means the only thing worth seeing about her: long dark hair framed an oval face with a snub nose, spraying green-brown eyes and a wide laughing mouth, the broad shoulders went into a slim but trained back and widened again to round hips. The buttocks were neatly padded, round, but not too wide with a very low rear sight (which you can see with a wet, sticky bikini …), the legs are not overly long, a bit more than a crop, but nicely shaped and crisp brown.

I had looked at her more than once during the week as she lay on the terrace

in the sun. Her lime green triangle bikini covered all essential parts of the body, not chaste at all, but just about decent.

But he didn’t hide any of their shapes. When you lay on your back, you could see her shame appearing between her tightly closed thighs and the venus mound, which bulged up before it merged into her flat stomach. No washboard belly, a slim woman’s belly, and then the real bang: your breasts.

Large, heavy, round. That had to be about 85 C. I couldn’t take my eyes off her big melons by the pool. As a precaution, I lay down on the other side of the pool, the mirrored sunglasses also helped.

85C. I wasn’t sure about the number. Who cares about the underbust. I was sure about C. Appreciating a woman lying down is always difficult. With pretty shoulders’ tits neither lying on their backs nor flowing apart on the side, as I knew from other women. Large, firm, like silicone boobs, only that the telltale scar was missing under the breast. Really. Awesome!

And yet my shoulders hurt me a lot more. I spent the whole week in a kind of comforting frenzy. We flirted from time to time, not unlike the others, pleasantly, but nothing out of the ordinary. Occasionally the pressure got too much and I got relief. Already in the morning in the shower, in the midday heat, or in the evening in bed. However, it was not always that easy since we all slept in shared rooms. It was a pure release of pressure, hasty, quick; the pressure eased somewhat, and the excitement remained.

Somehow she must have sensed my interest because after a few glasses of sangria she only danced in front of me. Wiggled her butt, leaned forward slightly, let her cheeks twitch under the bikini, twisted, grinned at me over her incredible shoulders. Approached slowly, touched my swimming trunks with her warm cheeks, and rocked gently against me for a beat. Through the thin fabric, her warm round ass cheeks rubbed my little friend who was just waiting to be allowed to jump up and show his best side. And then she took a small step forward and I struggled to maintain decency and stance.

At some point, I couldn’t. I was ready to grab them and grab them. And suddenly the hard, aggressive stomping stopped. Someone had put on a slow. And not just any. “Shine on you crazy diamond” by Pink Floyd, sixteen minutes of the finest soft rock.

I did not miss the chance. Pretty shoulders stood undecided a little step ahead of me. Continue dancing or sit down? I put my hands lightly on her hips. She turned to me a little surprised, but then answered with a smile and came up to me, put her hands on my upper arms, and began to weigh me. I grabbed her around the waist.

We danced for a few minutes, her hands had wandered around my neck from my upper arms, she nestled against my chest and grinned at me occasionally.

«Has anyone ever told you that you have incredible shoulders? I murmured in her ear.

  • What do I have? »She looked a little surprised.

I whispered “upper arms and shoulders” into her hair, “incredibly beautiful”.

She was still looking into my eyes, slightly curling her snub nose, looking up at me like this. Her pink lips are so inviting. I couldn’t help it, I leaned down to kiss her. And then again and then a long kiss on the tongue.

I had let go of her waist and put my hands on her shoulders from below. Warm, firm, and soft at the same time. Not only did they look fantastic, but they also felt amazing. Lively, energetic, exciting …

The kiss, her warm body, the sun, the sangria … with my temper it was over, my little friend straightened up in my swimming trunks, pushed between us, unstoppable, insolent, impossible to hide.

Her tongue paused briefly, then I felt it soften in my arms. She kept kissing me.

A little breathless, she asked me about the endless kiss:

“Is that just because of the shoulders? ‘Her green eyes flashed defiantly.

“Don’t know, let’s test”. I put my arms around her waist and kissed her again. Long, moist, intense. And my stand kept swelling between us.

“Not just the shoulders,” she said. I could hear the grin in her voice, I had to grin myself.

We danced, chuckled, and savored the excitement until suddenly she said:

«The song is over, what are you going to do? »To make her position clearer she rubbed her abdomen more strongly against my now fully extended stand.

It was getting dark, but not dark enough. I looked around us and then said:

“Let’s dance over there on the left, my towel is hanging out to dry. »On the other side of the terrace was a clothes dryer with my big bath towel.

She looked up at me, became somehow almost serious, and then says:

«I have a better idea. Let me do it ”

I waited in amazement that she would do anything; but we just kept dancing, exciting, exciting, but the song was almost over. And suddenly I realized: we were dancing in the direction of the narrow stairs that led to the roof. Two waist-high walls, the steps in between. When she pulled me in there, nobody saw my condition. But she didn’t push me.

Shortly before the stairs, she pulled away from my arms, held my hand, and climbed the stairs. I stumbled after her in surprise until we reached the flat roof. Protected by a wall from the view from the terrace, she turned to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, kissed me, and looked at me from below:

“So, you like my shoulders. »

« And how … you realize. »

« Only the shoulders? “

She dropped her hands on my upper arms, backed away a little, and pushed her elbows slightly together. Her big breasts rose even more from her bikini top.

I just had to look down. Aha, so that’s what we’re playing, I thought.

“I don’t know, we hardly know each other,” I replied with a grin.

Unexpectedly, I received a push in the chest, stumbled backward, and roughly sat down on the stone-built bench behind me.

Her eyes sparkled as she bent down to me, reached under her big breasts with both hands, and presented it to me on her hands. Heavy, large brown woman’s breasts, barely covered by a triangular bikini, as if presented on a

silver platter.

«Are you sure that my breasts won’t make you sharp? “She calls it bosom, runs it through my head completely without meaning.

She lets her wonderful melons wiggle a little, stroking her thumbs lightly on the outside over the bikini fabric.

I can look her in the face. The eyes still sparkle, but the amused sparkle from earlier is back.

«Or is it my butt? “She turned around, her crisp butt is now in front of my startled face. I see every single thread of the fabric that stretches over her round ass, smell her stimulating smell of sun oil and sweat. She makes a cheek twitch slightly as before and looks expectantly at me over her shoulder. Enough is enough, I think, grab her around the hips and pull her onto my lap.

«YOU make me horny, the whole package! »I whisper in her ear and put my hands on her full boobs, feel her hard nipples through the bikini in my palm and grasp firmly.

Her head falls back on my shoulder.

Enough played, I push myself up a little from the bench, slide my swimming trunks down, and put them back on my lap. The rough stone under my cheeks is hot.

Pretty shoulders are now almost on top of me, very quiet, very calm. Only her heavy breathing reveals that she is not sleeping.

I claw my right back into your heavy firm chest, my left pushes over your hips, under the thin ribbons of your bikini, into your panties.

Moist heat welcomes me, I push on, and my fingers sink into their damp, slippery heat. She moans, I pull my finger back, penetrate again. And out again, a second finger disappears in her hot body, then a third.

I can’t take it anymore, put my hard stand on your soaking wet bikini bottoms, press it hard on her column, rub myself against her.

“Make him clean,” she moans in my ear, “make him clean, make him clean”. I push her panties aside, press the tip of my tail against your heat, find her

cleft, and my acorn sinks into your moisture. I lift the pelvis, my shaft slides into its wet cave. She groans gratefully in my ear:

«Hmmm, yes ohmmm yes. “And then I’m completely inside her. She

straightens up, leans forward, and leans on my knees between her legs. Leans slowly up and down again on my stiff post.

I put my hands on her wonderful shoulders, enjoying how she spits on me when she suddenly gets up.

“Come on,” she leans forward, pulls off her bikini bottoms, and leans over the bench. Impossible to resist. I step behind her and ran into her. She squeals and pushes hard when I start to fuck her with long hard thrusts.

I grab her soft shoulders again, shove them back and forth on my turnpike, and that finally seems to push her over the edge.

She starts sweating profusely and sighs deeply a few times, I feel her cramp around my stand and then fall sideways on the bench with me. We lie on the bench panting for a few minutes before she breathes a kiss on my mouth, quickly picks up her bikini bottoms, slips them on, and then hugs my arms again.

Glowing through, we enjoy the relatively cool evening wind on our sweaty skin, kiss us gently, she plays lost in thought with my wet hardstand and

suddenly there is a noise very close to us.

I frantically look around for my swimming trunks, shit! at least 2 meters away and then a dark figure bends around the corner. I sit down as if nothing were and I recognize Hamid.

Heavily chipped, he staggered towards us in the dark, dropped onto the bench next to pretty shoulders, and babbled:

“What are you doing here? ”

I’m a little flabbergasted about the direct question, but pretty shoulders aren’t: ”

Take a breath, all the dancing and all that ” ” You should come down.

Much fun there. Come on, come on. My birthday. ”

  • We’ll be right there, “I weigh,” just go ahead. »

« Okay, see you soon … »he slaps, gets up, and heads towards the stairs. Petty shoulders giggles,

grabs my hard stand again, rubs it pensive, and asks: «Do you think he noticed

something? »

Now I have to laugh too:

«Don’t know, it’s dark and as full as it was? “

After a few minutes, I find my swimming trunks and put them on.

We go hand in hand down the stairs. We eagerly await applause, hoots, or shouts, but nothing of the sort. Everyone is still dancing as before, the bass is booming, the cups are circling, the cicadas are chirping and one of the three Swedes is still on his feet.

We mingle with the dancers, dance another two or three numbers, drink another glass or two and end the evening in a more comfortable place. She quickly moved out with her roommate.

We still don’t know whether Hamid noticed anything, he has never let anything through in the years since.

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