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Naughty Cheerleader First Time Lesbian Experience

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It takes a lot to become a college cheerleader. There is high competition and the girls are supposed to perform at a very high level and practice almost daily. You need to be athletic, work well in a team and of course, be pretty. Sarah was all of those things, and then some. She was an all-around great girl, very innocent, from the South. With a boyfriend at home, she did not mess around, like all of the other girls. And she could get anyone she wanted. With long, dirty-blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a pretty face, she was a looker. Her body was, as expected from a cheerleader, amazing. Always in shape and very athletic. Sarah spent most of her time studying or practicing, while her free time she liked to devote to extracurricular activities, like debate club and charities. She did not drink and do drugs and generally only went out, with her girlfriends, from the cheerleading team.

The other girls in the team were much more promiscuous. They were known around the college for being slut and fucking with every guy on the football team. After all, that is to be expected when you get a bunch of young, hot, and fit girls, dress them up in skimpy outfits and have them dance around. The cheerleaders were a very tight-knit group. They had to practice together almost every day and after a while became friends. For Sarah, they were the only girls she hung out with. Within the group, she was known as the good one, that rarely drank and did not fuck with random dudes, or girls.


She liked her cheerleader friends, even though she looked down upon their promiscuity. There was no point in judging their private lives, as long as they did not deter the team. It was a lot of work being a cheerleader and having all the girls be on the same page and get along together was essential.

The training for a college cheerleader really was tough. Every day Sarah got up early and went for a run. It was necessary to have good conditioning to keep up with the often-demanding routines. On most days after that, she would have classes, but even when she did not, the pretty girl would go to the library and read up on the subjects. Cheerleading practice was always in the afternoon. The squad of 25 girls met at and trained under the supervision of coach Farah. She was a stern and disciplined woman that held the girls on a tight leash. Everyone needed to perform as well as that everybody got along together. She had been a cheerleader herself in the past and remained in great shape. Now she was in her late thirties, with curly red hair and a beautiful face. Her body was fit and athletic and she could still perform many of the cheerleading tricks. All of the girls respected her a lot and were also a little scared. Sarah was a teacher’s pet and always did what the coach told her. After practice, she often stayed a little longer and did some strength training by herself.

On such occasions, Sarah would finish about 45 minutes after all of the girls were done with their practice. She would then head to the showers, dress up and go for dinner. Today, however, things were different. When she entered the locker room, there was a shower going and peculiar noises coming from there. Sarah was not sure what to do. She was usually the only person there at that time, so she was interested in seeing who it was, on the other hand, it was a little rude to just peek in the shower, perhaps it was not a cheerleader showering, but a stranger. She decided to check it out discreetly, went over to the shower, and peeked, just enough so threat she could see what was going on, but she remained hidden. It was her two friends, Meghan and Kriti that were showering, but that was not all that they were doing.


Kriti was a beautiful black girl, very fit and pretty, while Meghan was a blonde, a first-year. When Sarah peeped, Kriti was pressed against the wall, while Meghan was on her knees, eating her pussy out. The black girl was moaning and groaning, and her hands were on the fresher’s head. Kriti seemed to enjoy what was going on quite a lot, judging by the pleasurable noises she was making. Meaghan was also enjoying herself, rubbing her clit, while licking the fit, cheerleader’s delicious pussy. After a few minutes of that, Kriti pulled her lover up, and the two began kissing. The black girl’s hands quickly found themselves between the other girl’s legs and she began fingering her. Their naked wet bodies were fully embraced. While Meghan was being fingered she did not stop making out and explored the other girl’s body. They were going ruff, with Kriti often biting her lover’s lips, kissing her on the neck, and fingering her very hard.

Sarah was perplexed. She could not believe that two members of her cheerleading squad were doing such a thing, but at the same time, could not look away. The innocent Southern schoolgirl had never seen anyone else have sex and most certainly not two girls. Something was arousing about it, but she knew it was forbidden. Soon Meghan also began letting out passionate noises, moans, and groans. Kriti pushed her against the wall and continued fingering her, but also started choking the fresher. The other girl seemed to love it and soon enough her hips began moving wildly and it seemed like she would almost fall when her knees buckled. Sarah did not believe what she had seen. She went out of the shower room and headed home, still in her uniform, in shock. The young girl did not know what to do and did not how she felt about the shower sex scene she had just witnessed.


The young and innocent southern girl was in shock. She made it back home and had to lay down in her bed. What she had seen completely baffled her. Two of her teammates were fucking each other in the shower. Sarah did not know what to do. Should she tell her coach? It was a matter related to the team after all. But, at the same time, it was also a very personal thing and not at all against the rules. Meghan and Kriti could express their sexuality in any way they wanted and there was no rule in the cheerleading guidebook to stop them. At the same time, it was a little awkward. What if they broke up? That would cause huge problems and divisions amongst the squad. The situation was very confusing, and Sarah regretted she had to see it herself.

The young college girl had grown up in a religious family, back in the South. She had very little experience with sex and especially with lesbians. It was the first time Sarah saw how they did it and was a little fascinated. Her boyfriend from back home never went down on her, so she had always wondered what it would feel like. The girls in the shower really seemed to like it. There was something naughty and forbidden about being with another girl, but that also made it quite hot. She would not admit it, but seeing them, naked, wet, and fucking in the shower was a little arousing for her. But Sarah was not going to act upon that feeling, it was too far out of her comfort zone, she decided to call up coach Farah and tell her about the situation.

“Hello, Coach Farah speaking.” – she sounded very strict, even on the phone. “Hi, it is Sarah. Coach I need to talk to you.”

“Sure, no problem. I am open to discussion. What do you want to talk about?”

“Well, I think it would be best if we talked about this in person. Can I come to your office, tomorrow morning.” – it was going to be an awkward conversation, but Sarah had to have it.

“Alright, no problem You make me a little worried, is it something important?”

“Uhmmm, no I think it can wait. I will come by tomorrow. Thank you. Bye.”

In her head, Sarah was already thinking about how she was going to bring the news to her Coach. It was a very personal thing, but at the same time, it was her responsibility to tell. She felt like she was betraying Meghan and Kriti by saying something, but this was definitely something the coach should know about her team. Besides coach Farah was a smart intelligent woman and she would be able to handle the situation well. Considering she had been in this position for a very long time, she had probably dealt with something similar in the past. When you have a squad of 25, young and fit cheerleaders, you are bound to have a couple that will fuck with each other. Sarah was not judgmental about her friends, but she was a little curious.

She had never seen anything like it and did not intend to ever witness two women going at it. But she was a little curious. There was not much talk about lesbian sex where she was from and she did not really know much about it. Sarah had never done this before, but she decided to look up some lesbian porn on her computer. She had only seen porn once or twice, so decided to simply google “lesbian porn” and see what would pop up. A few sites popped up, she clicked on the most normal-sounding one and started browsing the videos. There seemed to be an infinite amount of videos, with girls fucking in them and she was a little perplexed about which one to choose, after a while, she saw a decent-looking one and gave it a shot.

The porno started with two girls, quite pretty making out on a bed. It looked very generic and staged, not like the raw fuck, Meghan and Kriti had. They continued making out for a while, while slowly removing articles of clothing. Off went one t-shirt, then the other, followed by the bras and panties. In a couple of minutes, they were making out completely naked on the bed. One of them slowly began making her way down to the other’s pussy. In a few moments, she had buried between the other girl’s legs. The one that was being eaten out immediately began screaming and moaning, which seemed a little forced. But Sara could not hide it from herself, she was wet. She was not sure why but figured that it was normal to get a little aroused when seeing two beautiful people fucking. She decided that the best way to alleviate the stress she had from seeing the two girls in the shower tonight, as well as her horniness, was to fuck herself.

The innocent girl did not do that very often but felt the need to now. She was still wearing her cheerleader’s outfit, so it was a simple matter of removing her panties and she could start. Sarah also left the lesbian porno on, not because she liked it so much, but rather to just have something on, or at least that is the excuse she gave herself. When her finger entered her vagina, she let out a silent groan. It had been a while since she had pleasure herself and even longer since someone else had done it for her. She started fingering herself at around the same time when the two girls switched it up. Now the one that was licking the pussy was sitting on the other girl’s face, being pleasured herself. The cheerleader could not help but wonder what it feels like to sit on someone’s face or to lick a pussy. She was fingering herself quite energetically, while she flee the hand she used to play with her clit. She liked masturbating by doing both of those things and soon found the right rhythm. After a while, Sarah was not paying attention to the porno, but instead had her eyes closed, was breathing heavily, and moaned and groaned wildly.

When she came her legs were twitching almost uncontrollably, kind of like Meghan in the shower earlier. She removed her wet finger from her vagina and gave it a little lick, just to have a better idea of what it would feel like to actually go down on a woman.


The next morning was pretty ordinary for Sarah. She woke up, took a shower, ate her breakfast, and got ready for the day. She was going to talk to coach Farah about Meghan and Kriti fucking each other, today. The cheerleader still was not sure how to approach the conversation with the mature and stern coach. On the one hand, she should be able to handle it better than Sarah ever could, and the girl had full trust in her coach. Farah always seemed to make the right decisions and was a great coach for the girls. On the other hand, Sarah could not help but feel like she was betraying her teammates. Was it really right to go and snitch to the coach? But, it was too late now. She had already called and told the coach she wanted to speak to her. Besides, maybe they could just keep it between themselves that they knew, it would certainly take a bit of the burden off of Sarah’schest.

On her way to the coach’s office, the girl could not stop thinking about last night. There was something about her watching lesbian porn and then masturbating, that she could not wrap her head around. Sarah was sure she was not attracted to women, after all, she had a boyfriend. But there was something very erotic and sexy about the way the two women in the video and the two cheerleaders under the shower fucked each other. The southern girl was not sure what it all meant but figured it was just curiosity and completely normal. She liked boys her whole life and there was no point about worrying too much. Besides, college is not really the time and place to experiment with that kind of stuff. Before she knew it, still lost in her thoughts, Sarah made it to the office of coach Farah.

She entered the office and the coach welcomed her. All of the girls got along well with the coach, who was in a way a mother figure for them, in college. She took care of the practices, always accompanied them to competitions, and was there for her cheerleaders, when they had a personal problem. Today’s conversation was going to be a bit weird, but Sarah did not doubt in her mind that the coach was going to handle the situation appropriately and resolve it. The entire team looked up to coach Farah and however she decided to handle this situation, they were going to listen.

“Hey there, Sarah. Come in, have a seat.” – the coach said. She looked pretty as always but was also very serious. – “So, tell me. What do you want to talk about?”

“Well, I don’t know where to begin.” – the cheerleader was still not completely certain this was the best move.

“How about from the start. Listen, you know that you can trust me, and whatever problem you have, I will help you resolve it.”

“Ok, it is not really my problem.” – Sarah took in a deep breath. –“Yesterday after practice, after ai was done with my own strength training, I went in the locker room. To take a shower as always. But, once I went into the locker room, I heard some weird noises, so I decided to check them out. And, uhm, inside, under the shower, I saw Kriti and Meghan. They were you know, doing it.”

“Doing what Sarah?” – the coach seemed interested in the story.

“Well, they were having sex. Licking each other’s private parts and fingering them.” – the cheerleader finally said it.

“Oh, wow. I see. That made you uncomfortable?”

“No, not at all. But, you know, I figured it might be of importance to the team, so I wanted to tell you.’

“Ok, I understand. Now, let me tell you something. There is nothing against the rules for two of the girls to hook up. But, I see where you are coming from, so I will have a talk with Meghan and Kriti about this. It can cause some problems for the team down the road. Now tell me, how did it make you feel, seeing them fuck each other in the shower.” – the coach asked.

“I, Uhm, it was a little weird I must admit, but I don’t judge. I have no problem with women having sex with each other. I was just thinking about the team, you know.” – the cheerleader found it a little uncomfortable to answer.

“And have you ever had such an interaction, with another woman? Maybe not sex, but something erotic, that turned you on?” – the coach’s question made Sarah feel even more uncomfortable, but it was so direct, the girl could not stop herself from answering truthfully.

“I, well, yeah in a way. I watched lesbian porn once, but that was it.” “Did it turn you on? Did you masturbate?”

“Yeah, but not while watching the porn. Why are you asking me these questions?” – the cheerleader did not feel comfortable answering anymore.

“Oh, I was just wondering. Now, come back to my office after today’s practice and I will let you know what happened with my conversation with Kriti and Meghan.’


The rest of Sarah’s day went as usual, but she could not shake the thoughts in her head. There was something very weird about the way coach Farah asked her about her sexual experiences with girls. But it did not matter. The mature coach had been through a lot in life and was surely going to make the right decision regarding this issue. The cheerleader had full trust in her. She was a little worried about how the other two girls would react but had faith that coach Farah would approach the situation well. The practice went fine and neither Kriti nor Meghan said anything to Sarah. She was not even sure the coach had talked to them until intended.

“Hey Sarah, we need to go to the coach’s office, the three of us. She needs to tell you something.” – Meghan said.

Sarah was not sure what had happened, or what the coach had told them, but the two girls seemed quite enthusiastic about the whole thing. The girls went to the office, chatting the whole time about some college gossip, and did not even bother removing their cheerleader outfits. After a few minutes, they were inside the office.

“Hello, girls. I have talked to all of you today, but just so that we are on the same page I will recap. Yesterday, Sarah saw you two” – she pointed at Meghan and Kriti – “and you were having sex in the dressing room’s shower. Now, there are no rules about that, but I think you can understand why Sarah may have felt a little intimidated by that. I already talked to you about that, but Sarah, I need to talk to you now. I sense that you feel a little uncomfortable with girls having sex with one another, but the reason why is that you are confused. So, I called in these two, to help you sort yourself out.”

– the cheerleader was not sure what all of that meant.

It quickly became clear, however. As soon as the coach finished talking Kriti got up, walked to the beautiful and innocent cheerleader, and began making out with her. It was shocking for the southern cheerleader to be making out with a girl, but she could not help but give in to it. Meghan was still sitting on

her chair, watching them, but decided not to interrupt, besides it was quite hot watching. Kriti’s hands began moving all over Sarah’s body. She grabbed her ass, playing with her boobs, and was generally quite aggressive. From where Meghan was sitting, it seemed she was also biting her lip. After a few seconds of making out, the two girls turned around and hand in hand walked over to Meghan. The coach signaled them to use the desk, that had already been cleaned off of everything. Before laying down, Kriti took off Sarah’s cheerleader outfit but remained in hers, and then pushed her on the desk.

Now Sarah was laying on her back, while the other two girls were at her side. They took turns. While one was making out with Sarah, the other was kissing neck or abdomen. They took off her bra, reviling a perky pair of tits. Meghan loved teasing her fellow intern. She pinched, licked, and sucked on the nipples, but also lightly bit them. Kriti slowly began moving her hand more and more south, while kissing, until she reached the panties. She rubbed her friend’s clit, through the panties for a little, but then Meghan came in for the kissing and Kriti could focus all of her attention on Sarah’s pussy. She lifted her legs and took off the panties.

Kriti moved to lick the pussy. It was very wet already, but after a few licks along the slit, the girl was ready. The coach got up from her desk, opened a cupboard that was behind her, and took out a large purple dildo. Kriti took the massive dildo and slowly inserted it into the innocent girl’s vagina. Sarah let out a sexy moan, she had never felt something like this, penetrating her. As this was happening, Meghan was busy kissing and biting her neck, while using her hand to play with the cheerleader’s nips. Down below, Kriti was already steadily fucking the southern girl with the massive dildo, and soon began licking the clit. She licked to tease a little, kissing around it, then sucking on it, and then finally, when her partner was begging her, began licking the clit itself. She coordinated the motions with the dildo fucking and Sarah seemed to like it.

The innocent cheerleader herself was very horny. Two sexy girls were servicing her, doing their best to get her off. It was a great situation to be in, and she really enjoyed the dildo. From now on, she would definitely start masturbating with one. The feeling of the massive object, stretching her vagina, going in and out, while her clit was being stimulated was amazing. She also loved what Meghan was doing, the nipple play and biting were very sexy and kinky. She loved it and showed it by the movement of her hips, she

had found a rhythm and was edging closer and closer to the orgasm. When she knew she was going to come, the cheerleader began pushing the dildo deeper and faster into herself, taking control off of Kriti. It was a loud and strong orgasm. She could feel her walls constricting around the massive dildo, and her clit became insanely sensitive to the tongue that was pleasuring it. She let out a few loud moans and began moving her hips more ferociously. After a few seconds, the dildo was out, and Kriti was kissing her on the lips. Sarah loved the taste of her own juices.

Once it was all done, the sweet, once innocent, southern cheerleader could not believe what had happened but knew that this was not going to be the last time she was going to fuck with girls. The way the two cheerleaders had taken care of her was above and beyond anything she had ever experienced with her boyfriend back home. The girls just knew where and how to touch another girl, to make the whole thing more pleasurable. The way Meghan had teased her nipples, or the amazing rhythm Kriti had while fucking her with the dildo, both were something she would never forget. Now Sarah could not hide it from herself, that she liked girls, but she also did not intend to hide it. She regretted not doing this sooner, that she did not join the other two girls in the shower. She was so lost in her thoughts, she almost did not notice what coach Farah had been up to.

As the sexy, young, college girls were fucking, the coach had pulled up her skirt and was fingering herself. She liked to lick her fingers until they were sufficiently wet before inserting them. This time it was not really necessary, as she was wet enough from the sex show in front of her. It had been many years since she was involved in any wild sex. Most of her day was filled with dealing with college students and administration, she never got much time to herself. Gone were her wild college days, filled with promiscuous sex. Back in her day, the cheerleaders would have wild orgies, sometimes with the football team, sometimes by themselves. There is a lot of fun to be had with 25 fit, college-aged girls. She started with one finger, then introduced the other one. While fingering herself, she liked to rub her clit with her palm.

After a while, her legs were wide open, she was breathing heavily and letting out a moan now and then. Coach Farah had not had sex or masturbated in a few weeks, so once the orgasm came, it was powerful. Her leg began jerking and her hips were moving wildly. She gasped and came; the sight of the college girls fucking was too much.

“Now Sarah, believe we are on the same page.” – the coach said in between heavy breaths.


This was truly a defining day for the young cheerleader. She had never experimented much with her sexuality before, but now that the flood gates were open, Sara exposed herself to a whole new world of pleasure. She started regularly fucking with Meghan and Kriti. Sometimes with one, other times with the other, but most often with both of them. The girls often had wild threesomes in the showers after practice. They also did not forget about their coach. She did not want to fuck the girls herself but enjoyed watching now and then. There was something very bonding about the new relationship the girls formed with one another. It was beneficial for the team after all and they all pushed each other to achieve more and come out of their comfort zones.

Sarah’s boring routine changed completely. From now on she lived life to the fullest and got the full college experience. She broke up with her boyfriend from back home, who was a bit of a loser anyway. She started going out with the girls and every now then picked up some random chick to fuck. Finally, she would get satisfied the way she deserved to, the way only s a woman can pleasure another woman.

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