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The next morning Diana left early for work. I feel bad for myself. How could I put it all on? I harder with myself and report sick for the day.

At 10 a.m. I can’t help but register with hamsters. No news from the Turk. I look around a little and can’t avoid getting horny again. I think to myself that I should delete everything and that it should never happen again. But without realizing it, I have opened the conversation with the Turk again. I think again I shouldn’t do that.

But I look at my cock and write “did you like it?” I quickly press send before I can change my mind. No answer. I get restless I can see that it is online. “Please answer,” I write. no answer. What am I doing here? “I want you to decide” … send. an answer shortly thereafter. “Put a picture of her with your face, leave it online for 10 minutes and write under it to fuck everyone.” I can’t help but do it.

Diana comes home in the evening. Nothing can be seen in her, everything is as usual. We watch TV and sleep cuddling.

An answer from Him comes the next day. “Ok, so that you do not withdraw a link here” I will be directed to a Russian page. There I see several pictures of the actions with Diana but also excerpts from the chats with me. The connections are clear to see that I am Diana the Turk Nevertheless I have to jerk my cock while looking at the pictures.

Two days later I get a message from you again. “From now on you will compliment Diana whenever she wears sexy clothes. All that is not more. More information will follow.”


What does he mean, I think to myself, I often compliment her. Only on Friday at breakfast did I notice the first difference. Diana was wearing jeans and a blouse as always, but for the first time, she was not wearing a bra. As always, I gave her a goodbye, stroked her breasts, give her a kiss and tell her you look great, I’m looking forward to tonight. I also go to work and start hamsters straight away.

I’ll write to him right away that she’s not wearing a bra. 10 minutes later your answer. “She meets me at noon today at the train station, come to the Turkish coffee there and you will be admitted at the back entrance. I’ll send you the address “. I go to my superiors and tell them that I have to go to the doctor and say goodbye. A WhatsApp message hardly comes out.” Come to the main station at 1 pm and keep a lookout for me and follow us unobtrusively. When we get to the store, go in the back. By the way, your number was a sign of confidence from your Diana. ” I look at the profile picture … Diana with a cock in her mouth. I drive to the station and park on the side and lookout. Then you tap my shoulder. Ok stop here and follow in the distance. You disappear to the main entrance. I also see Diana she has discovered you and is walking towards you with a smile. You stand rigidly in front of her as if you are waiting for something. I don’t think what I see, Diana opens her jacket and turns in front of him. Even at a distance, I can see that her blouse is wide open. You say something and despite the cold Diana takes off the jacket and gives it to you. Diana’s nipples rise due to the cold and are now clearly visible. You take her by the back of the head and kiss her hard on the mouth. Then you go hand in hand towards the city. I will follow you at a safe distance. Unfortunately, I cannot understand what you are talking about. Then you arrive before coffee. The panes are made of frosted glass and you can only guess what is going on in them. I close up to you and turn to the back entrance. I stop at the corner and can hear Diana speak. “Please, it’s enough,” she says. I like you and I like your cock but it is better if I drive home now. “You answer” I will show you what you need now, if it is not so you can go but then I break the contact “. “Please don’t,” Diana says sheepishly.

Loudly you say “You sow, hands on the glass and ass stick out nicely” Diana immediately makes it “legs apart” Immediately she opens her legs wide. You grab her between the legs and then hit her on the ass with a swing, which makes you groan. I go to the back entrance and knock. A fat cook with a dirty shirt opens the door. What do you want he asks me? I’m supposed to come here for my girlfriend. He nods and waves me in. Passing pots, he takes me to a small room. I stand in front of a window and can see the restaurant, the noises coming from loudspeakers. If he is a mirror, he tells me and leaves. The room has a bar with 3 old men standing and playing on a few tables and a pool table with 2 younger ones.

Then the door opens and you come in with Diana.

All heads turn to you. You lightly stab Diana in the back, “I’m Diana, his girlfriend,” she says. You hold Diana in the hair from behind, pull your head back and lick her half the face, and stick your tongue in her ear. On the other hand, you knead her breasts. You spit on her face and rub it. Diana moans loudly and says “I’m Diana, his dirty worthless fuck whore”.

You push them towards the counter. Diana gets a redhead. Then I can’t believe my ears, what have you done to her? Diana stops in front of the three. “May I show you my breasts?” You intervene. “That’s not how it works cunt”. You pull up a bar stool. Pull her to you. “If you come to this place from now on you will behave like a cunt. No matter with whom or why you come in here. You will also describe yourself accordingly. “You open your belt and pull it out of the loops with a jerk. Then follow the jeans that you pull down with the sting down to your shoes.


The buttons of the blouse fly across the room with one jerk. Her small tits are now swinging openly. You push it over the bar stool. You firmly hold her from behind on the cunt that glistens with moisture. Diana groans out loud. “You will ask her again now but correctly” Diana looks up at them. “Please also look at my breasts” Hardly spoken you let the belt clap on your ass. A red stripe appears on Diana’s bottom. “Ahhrrrgg” comes from Diana. “Do it right” you say. “Please use my tits”, gossip “Arrggg” “Only the tits? you sow, “you ask.

“Please use me I need that” she moans loudly. The 3 in front of her take out their tails. Immediately she takes Diana in her mouth alternately. The two boys stand next to it and film it with their cell phones. The fat cook comes to you his cock out and looks at you questioningly. You nod and take a step to the side but hold him back. You pull Diana up and put her in front of the cook.

He is much smaller than you and his belly tightens his shirt. His tail looks out from under the belly. Diana looks at him disparagingly and looks at you. “No, I’m not going to do that.” You take Diana by the hand and take her to the bathroom. About 5 minutes later you come back. Diana’s breast is visibly red. What did you do with her? Diana goes to the cook and stands in front of him. “Excuse me,” she says, leaning down and kissing him. “I ask you to fuck me I’m your pig” She leans over the barstool and pulls her labia apart.

The guy silently sticks his cock in Diana and starts ramming her. You take the belt and swing it against the tits with a little swing from below every time Diana groans. She seems to like it because with one hand she grabs her breasts and pulls him long.

Then it comes to the cook he pulls him out and grunts on his back. Also two of the old ones that Diana started to blow again seem to have come because they withdraw from the corner of Diana’s mouth, dripping sperm. She licks the last of the tail and kneads his balls when he starts to fuck her in the mouth. I hear Diana choking more and more until he pulls his head up to the base of his tail. Diana’s eyes widen as he cums deep in her throat.

You slap the belts on the ass again. “Do you want to be my whore?” “Yes, yes … but please fuck me,” Diana replies. “Show it.” You throw her a plastic bag. She gets shaky on her feet. Diana unpacks a hose top and high wheels from a mini skirt. Diana looks at you questioningly. “The novelty cinema is not far, I expect you here in 60 minutes for 50 euros.” “I can’t,” Diana stutters. “Your decision” You kiss her sensually. Diana puts on the clothes and goes shakily out of the coffee. You get me out of the back room. “Run afterward maybe you can save her and she won’t come back”. I run after it but cannot discover you.


She is not in the Novumshop either. I buy a ticket for the cinema. Once at the top I find you in one of the cinemas where you are just a guy who is certainly a head taller than me and who blows the tail like a closet. I am going to her. “Diana what are you doing here,” the guy pushes me away. “Old age I paid 20 euros for the whore.” I pull away and Diana lets him continue while you look at me. I see how he comes. He jostles me to the side and disappears.

Diana comes to me “Please don’t ask anything” she says “Give me 30 euros I will explain it to you later” I am rummaging in my wallet but I only have 20 euros that I give her. “I love you” she says. “We are talking tonight” she goes into the hall and says loudly who wants to get a blown for 10 euros.

She gets nervous when nobody comes. She calls again “Bubbles for 10 euros” Then a little guy comes out of one of the cinemas. He looks at Diana spitefully. Then he walks up to her. Diana looks nervously at the watch. “If she fuck,” he says. Diana hesitates. He holds the 10 euro in his hand “Los du Fotze” I want to step in but Diana shakes her head while she looks at me and kneels and pulls her mini up. Then she goes on all fours. The guy comes to her and me see that he has a rubber over it kneels behind her and fucks her. “You’re a great cunt.” he says.

I can only look incredulously at what is happening in front of my eyes. He will pull it out faster and squirt the juice onto her mini and back.

Then you straighten your things with the top torn and barely covering your breasts and disappearing.

I wait a few seconds and follow her, going back to the backroom when the cook grins at me and opens the door. I can still see Diana giving you the 50 euros. “Well done whore,” you say, “from now on you’ll show up here for an hour every Friday evening, undressed without a word, and understood how to bend over here for my friends?” Diana nods wordlessly. “Ok, you get your reward now.” With that, you take off your pants. Diana gets shiny eyes.

You put them on the pool table and pull them to the edge. Your acorns are slowly penetrating you. “Yes, fuck me at last,” says Diana. You fuck Diana for almost 10 minutes and in 3 orgasms. She is like in heaven and does not even notice that the audience changes. When you are done Diana wants to get up but you push her back. You take one of the Duquesne introductory ce it. “Fuck yourself to orgasm”. Diana takes him closes her eyes and fucks herself to orgasm while being looked at by several.

You help Diana give her her things and say goodbye. You come to me. “I’m going to decide on you now,” you tell me. Because you were so kind to bring it to me, I will let you participate.

I went home. Diana was already there. Freshly showered, she was waiting for me. “What are you doing in the porn cinema” she received me. I was perplexed. “What were you doing there”. The better question is whether I reacted indignantly. Diana’s mood changed, “Yes sorry I had a bet with my girlfriend and I thought after the swingers club you would have no problem with it and I also didn’t want the little one to fuck me with a blow that should be ok.” “Where did you get the things you were wearing?” I asked “Has my girlfriend got me too?” Diana comes up to me “sorry,” she says, gripping my crotch.

Come fuck me “then the accident happened when I squirted out Diana. After the day I could no longer hold myself.

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