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Omega Bi was not your typical sorority. It was not made up of cute, pink wearing, girly girls. They were cool, butch and did not care. It would be easier to compare them to some of the fraternities on campus than the sororities. The girls from Omega Bi liked to drink and they liked it a lot. They had lots of parties that always got wild and out of hand, but that was part of the plan. All of the other sororities on campus were trying to sell themselves as Good Samaritans that devoted their time to charities and tea parties. Omega Bi were honest, they spent their college years fucking and drinking and Rani would not have it any other way. She loved the girls, the sorority, the house and the culture that they all had, together. She had always been a bit of a tomboy and a rebel and did not care about the societal norms imposed on her. From a young age she refused to wear a dress and opted out for black jeans and a flannel shirt instead. It was not that she didn’t like dresses, but Rani preferred them on the girls she fucked.


Today was going to be one of those days. A big party was being planned and it was Rani’s favorite theme: white trash. There was something special about dressing up like a poor, classless redneck. People just seemed to act even more crazy and slutty when in costume. She herself had a wifebeater, a marijuana leaf covered baseball hat and an overall. It was not traditionally sexy, but for this party it definitely stood out and it was a good conversation starter. Not that Rani needed one anyway. She was very confident in her social skills and did not have much of a problem approaching girls, but any help was welcome. There were all kinds of people that came to the Omega Bi parties. Guys and girls, from other frats or sororities, or just any average college kid. It was always fun to hang out with some new people and there were loads of opportunities to hook up with someone you have never met before and never will meet again. One-night stands were what Rani liked, so a party like this was a great opportunity for her to try and charm some innocent and unsuspecting girl.


The party started off at around ten and in no time, things got wild. There were college students dressed in all kinds of weird, trashy outfits. A lot of horrendous temporary tattoos, sleeveless flannel shirts and girls with fake,pregnant bellies. There were people doing keg stands, body shots and allsorts of different college hijinks. A lot of people showed up to the party and this gave Rani a good selection of girls to choose from. She liked the more innocent kind usually, but would settle for pretty much anything, especially as the night grew longer. After a couple of beers, she spotted her target. It was a cute, blond girl with daisy dukes a shirt tied across her waist and a crop top. The girl looked sweet, innocent and lost, exactly what Rani was looking for. With a girl like that all that needed to happen, most of the time, was to exchange a couple of words and drinks then take her upstairs. That was the great thing about those parties, the sorority girls lived upstairs, so the entire conversation about bringing someone to you place was immenselysimplified. It was not hard to get laid and Rani had a lot of experience and confidence about her skill. She made her way towards the target fortonight.

“Hey there. Great costume.” – she opened.

“Thanks, I was not sure what to wear. But, yours is really cool.” – the cute blonde responded.

“Yeah, well it is not my first white trash party. I also have some family members I can draw inspiration from. Do you want a drink by the way, I noticed you are empty handed?” – the girl agreed and followed Rani to the bar.

“It is always fun, isn’t it? Having a dress-up party. Everyone just acts differently, more open.” – the girl began talking, after they did a shot.

“Hey, what is your name by the way, I’m being rude. And also, I’m Rani.” “Nice to meet you. I’m Molly.” – the pretty blonde said.

The girls talked a while longer about the usual stuff. Rani had developed a fool-proof method of hooking up with those college chicks. She let them talk about themselves, which everyone loves, and if things started going a little stale, she began talking about other people at the party. They made jokes about people’s costumes and the way they carried themselves. It did not really matter what they talked about. What was important for Rani, was to judge if the girl was into her. It was about noticing subtle hints, the way they looked at her, their body language, the intonation in their voice. After that it was simply a matter of being confident in yourself and asking the girl to go upstairs. This usually worked for Rani and after half an hour of talking to Molly, she decided it was time to pull the trigger.

“Hey, listen I like talking to you, but this party is a little distracting. Do you want to go upstairs?” – she said confidently.

“What’s upstairs?”

“Well, there is a balcony a couple of bathrooms and also my room. I was thinking we can go and hang out there.”

“I don’t see a reason why not” – the cute blonde replied.

The girls finished their drinks and headed upstairs. From Rani’s experience there was an 80% chance she would get laid now, that Molly was coming to her room. After all, she could probably figure out why the sorority girl asked her to her room and even if she couldn’t, it would soon become abundantly clear. Rani shared a room with another girl, but her roommate usually was not there and on a night like this, was most likely going to sleep at her boyfriend’s place. Just in case, Rani sent her a message not to come in. The room was not very spacious consisting of two beds and two desks, as well as a closet. There was not really much to do in there, besides fucking.

“So, this is my room. I would give you a tour, but there isn’t really much to it.” – the sorority girl began.

“It looks great, but still not sure why you took me upstairs.” – there was something coy in the blond girl’s voice.

Rani decided to take her chance and went in for the kiss. Molly reciprocated, and their tongues soon found themselves swirling with one another. The blond girl put her hands-on Rani’s lower back and the back of her head, while the naughtier sorority girl put her hands-on Molly’s butt and breast.

She wanted to see what the other girl had to offer and was pleasantly suppressed. After a few kisses they moved on to the bed, and Rani found herself on top. She quickly removed the other girl’s crop top and with one swift move unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor. Molly had a niceset of perky tits with cute nipples. The sorority girl began playing with her breasts and nipples, but soon had to stop and remove her own top andbra.

Both kissed a for a while longer, with their hands now confidentlyexploring each other’s bodies. Rani liked what she felt, so moved on forward and removed the blonde’s daisy dukes and her own pants. Now all that was left on the two college girls were their pantie. The sorority girl did not let that stop her moved Molly’s string to the side and inserted a finger in thegirl’swarm, wet pussy. She let out a little moan when that happened, signaling she liked it. Rani gave her a few more kisses on the lips and moved down. All the way towards Molly’s vagina she kissed and licked the sexy college girl. Her breasts, her flat stomach, then her thighs. Finally, she settled on the clit and began licking it, while still fingering her pussy with one hand.

Rani loved the taste and smell of a horny, young girl’s vagina. She also loved pleasuring chicks and after eating a lot of pussy, she had learned how to do it. It was all about the rhythm and reading your partner’s subtle hints. Body language, moans, placement of the hands. It was knowledge one could gather simply by practicing a lot. Rani figure that the other girl liked it rough, so she began fucking her ferociously with her finger and after a while inserted another one. She also massaged the clit with her tongue, moving it up and down, as Molly apparently liked. It became evident that the orgasm is nearing when the cute, blond chick wrapped her legs tightly against Rani’s head. It was hard to breath, but she went on licking and fingering, the message was clear, she had to go on. After a few seconds Molly was groaning loudly had her hand on Rani’s head, pushing it deeper towards the vagina. After it was all said and done, the sorority girl climbed up to herlover gave her a few kisses and the girls wenton.


Next morning the sorority girl woke up alone in her room. It was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Molly must have sneaked out some time in the morning, because the two girls were having fun until the early hours of the following day. It did not matter really, Rani had no intention in repeating, perhaps just once, in the morning. She was young and in college, there was no point in having a relationship with another girl. Hooking up was not that hard for her, so she liked to stay single, get the most out of her sorority and student life. From her experience people that got into a relationship, immediately became more boring and she did not want tofollow that path, there was simply too much fun to be had. In a week, there was going to be another party and many more pretty girls would attend. Ranilaid in her bed for a while longer, scrolling on her phone, until she decided it was time to get up and face theday.

One of the best things about living in a sorority house, was that there were always other girls to hang out with. There was a dinning hall downstairs, where they usually ate together, as well as a study room and aTV/entertainment room. There was something very appealing to getting with your friends and watching a movie, especially after a wild night. They all shared stories about what they did and who they fucked. It was one of the best parts of living in the house. Rani made her downstairs where, as always there were couple of girls watching TV and gossiping about last night. When they saw her, one of her better friends Mallica, immediately asked:

“Did you hook up with the Gamma Tetra first year?” – Gamma Tetra was one of the sororities on campus. Known as being girly, cute and in many waysthe arch nemesis of OmegaBi.

“Uhm, I don’t think so. Why?” – Rani answered.

“The blonde girl that tip-toed an hour ago, I think you hooked up with her. She’s a freshman from Gamma Tetra.” – Mallica informed her.

“Oh, God.”

There was not anything against the rules or forbidden about fucking girls from other sororities, even Gamma Tetra. But Rani knew that this would make her the laughing stock of her friends, for at least a couple of days. She herself often made fun of how fake and girly Gamma Tetra was, so it was very ironic that she hooked up with one of their freshmen. Stuff like that happened fairly often, but Rani certainly did not appreciate being the butt of the jokes the girls made. There was a certain hierarchy within the house and when one of the girls did something stupid everyone let her know. She had to watch out and shut down any joke about herself fucking Molly, it did not really matter in the grand scheme of things, but it was important for her own pride.

There was also the issue with rumors spreading around the college and especially the Greek system. Everyone knew someone from a different sorority or fraternity and the news about who you fucked traveled quite fast. Of course, Rani, did not care about such petty gossip, but she also preferred to have her image as a staunch opponent of the poser sorority Gamma Tetra, untarnished. She was not sure what to do. Surely by now Molly was home and if she had not yet, she was about to tell all of her friends about the evening she spent at the Omega Bi house. It was a little awkward, but Rani figured she should give her a call and tell her, that it would be best for the two girls to keep what had happened, between themselves. Luckily, no one in the Greek system is more than 6 people removed, so in 15 minutes, Ranihadher phone number. It was a weird call to make, but she figured it had to be done.

“Hello.” – came from the other side. “Hey, Molly. It’s Rani from last night.”

“Oh, wow. Isn’t it a bit too early to ask me for a second date?”

“Hah, yeah sure. No. But, listen I just found out you are a Gamma Tetra first year. You probably don’t know but our sororities don’t usually get along that well. I would prefer it if you don’t tell too many people we hooked up last night. Or anyone for that matter.” – it was a very cringe worthy phone call, but Rani felt she had to make it. Thing like reputation do matter in college and she hated it when people talked about her.

“Yeah, of course. Don’t worry I get it and I still haven’t told anyone. Anyway, I enjoyed last nigh and it was good talking to you.” – Molly hung up.

Rani felt a little bad about the phone call she just made, but figured it had to be done. There was nothing she hated more than people talking behind her back and knew that if the bitches from Gamma Tetra knew she fucked with Molly, they would ask the blond about all kinds of details. Rani felt a little uncomfortable, thinking that the girls she always made fun of and laughed at, would know something so intimate and personal about her. It was not really rational, everyone fucked and there was nothing shameful about getting laid, but she still preferred to keep that part of her life away from the Gamma Tetra girls. As for Molly, she could tell form the conversation that the freshman did not appreciate the call, but it did not really matter. Rani didnot plan on meeting heragain.


Aside from the fucking and partying, Rani still had to attend college. It was easily her least favorite part of college, but she knew in the end it was the main reason for her being there. She had to go the stupid classes and try and pay attention. The biggest issue was that everything was boring to her and the monotone, old professors were. One would assume that after 30 years of teaching they would learn how to captivate an audience, but it simply was not the case. They would get up there and explain whatever they had to, while the students would sit there, tortured by the sheer boredom. Rani often daydreamed about how awesome her college experience would be if shesimply had her sorority and no classes. Drinking whenever you feel like it, hanging out with friends, doing trips and other cool stuff. But, it was not the way the world worked, and she knew it. Lectures had to be attended, notes had to be taken and the exams had to be done. Perhaps, the only thing on campus that she enjoyed and motivated her to go to class, was the excellent coffeeplace.

It was not your ordinary Starbucks. The college had leased the place to a small, hipster coffee business. Everything they made was fresh and delicious and the prices were not even that high. Rani loved going there before her class, in order to get a cup of coffee, to keep her awake during the lectures. It had a cool ambience the drinks were good, and it was Rani’s only guilty pleasure in her otherwise healthy diet, that and copious amounts of alcohol. Just like any other day, when she actually did go to her lectures, she stopped by to get a coffee first. As soon as you walked in, you could feel the aroma of coffee in the air. It was like small caffeine particles floated through the air, intoxicating and energizing you. Perhaps it was simply a routine that Rani had, that she enjoyed, a ritual she had before going to her dreaded classes. It was her alone time, a few minutes she could enjoy before going out and facing the fray and boring reality of college. Today however, as she was waiting for her drink, Molly walked in.

“Oh, Hey!” – Rani greeted the blonde girl.

“Hey, I did not really expect to see you so soon. Or ever.”

“Yeah well, I get coffee here a lot.” – this was followed by a moment of short, but excruciating silence, after which Rani continued. – “But, listen I know I was being a bitch on the phone. It was a bit rude, but I hope you understand. I just don’t vibe with Gamma Tetra that much. Or, well, the rest of them.

“Yeah, I get it. I am not mad. I didn’t have any expectations or anything. But, it was a bit rude and so was me going home in the morning. I guess we are both bitches.

“I guess so yeah.” – at that moment Rani was saved by her drink which arrived. – “Got to go to class. Bye.”

It was another awkward conversation with Molly, but the Omega Bi girl felt like it did not go too bad. They both acknowledged that it was never going to amount to anything and at the end of the day a hook up is sometimes just thata hook up. Though the thought that they might meet up again, randomly and awkwardly did creep up into Rani’s head. With the Greek world in college being the way it was, intertwined and full of social events, the odds of them meeting again at some party were pretty high. They also went to the same college, so not even the coffeeshop was safe. But, Rani knew from experience that the awkwardness caused by seeing someone you fucked, but do not talk to, does pass after a while. You both move on, fuck other people and soon forgot the way you felt in that intimate moment. It became a fleeting memory, just a fuck without any meaning to it. It was a shame,Molly was a pretty girl and was also fun. Rani would not have minded fucking her at least a few more times, before saying goodbye, but she also did not feel like having anything to do with a Gamma Tetramember.


Things in Rani’s life quickly came back around to their usual rhythm. A week after she fucked with Molly, she was preparing for another party.

College life is full of opportunities to get fucked up and fucked, especially for a member of Omega Bi. The girls were always invited and never said no to a good party. Tonight, it was going to be a Dow Jones one, in the local student bar. That simply meant that the price of drinks was going up and down, theoretically based on the demand, but in practice it was probably just random. You had to pay at the bar, but beer was cheap, and it attracted a different crowd than your average frat or sorority party. For Rani it was a good opportunity to hook up with someone, preferably not from the Greek system. She also enjoyed dressing up normally and looking good for a change. Tonight, she wore a deep V-neck t-shirt and skinny, black jeans. It was her usual party outfit and generally got good results with the girls. She did not like the girly clothes for herself, just the chicks she banged.

The place was full, as was expected. There are certain parts of the year, when all of the students are in between exams and they are free to attend any college party they please. It was the best time to party and everybody knew it. Rani arrived at the bar with a bunch of her sorority sisters, though they did not like to call each other “sisters” and started drinking. They drank a couple of tequila shots, that were currently underpriced, due to the Dow Jones, and chatted a little. This was a part of her method. She knew that she became much more extroverted and fun, when a couple of shots were inside and hanging out with her friends gave her a good opportunity to scan the roomand see if there are any cute girls that she can hook up with. There was a totally different set of rules in place, when she was not at the Omega Bi house and getting a girl to go home with you is harder. But Rani was up for the challenge. After hanging out with her friends at the bar for about an hour, it was time for her to dive in the crowd and find tonight’s target.

Ironically, when a party is too crowded it is actually harder to see or talk to people, you want to fuck. This was a little counterintuitive as most people think the more the merrier, but from experience Rani knew that there was a certain ratio between people per square foot, that was optimal. She was frantically looking for a girl to bang, walking confidently through the crowd, pushing people to the side, when she came face to face with Molly. It was their second awkward and random meeting and Rani really did not feel like it right now, but figured it would be too rude, to simply walk away.

“Oh, hey there! What are you up to?” – Rani shouted in the noisy bar.

“Hey! Just the usual, out on a Friday night, maybe a couple of drinks and a hot chick.” – Molly seemed somewhat cocky, possibly drunk.

“Well, I admire your confidence. Who are you with?”

“No, one really. The girls at Gamma Tetra didn’t feel like coming.” – that did not surprise Rani whatsoever, they were way to good and well-behaved to show up at a party like this.

“That’s a shame. Have fun!” – the Omega Bi tried to avoid the conversation.

Instead of leaving the cute blond did, pretty much the complete opposite. She leaned in and gave Rani a kiss. She returned it and the two were soon making out in the middle of the bar, much to the pleasure of some of the college boys. Rani was a bit unsure what to do in the present situation. It most certainly was not her plan to ever hook up with Molly ever again, but the girl was undeniably hat and willing to fuck. Besides, there was little chance that she would be able to get with another chick tonight. Besides,who cares about the whole sorority feud thing. The girls kissed a little while longer and were soon out of the door on their way towards Rani’sroom.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about tonight either.” – Molly said. “You know, I don’t actually care that much. Now that I think about it.

“Yeah, more like now that you are horny. I should probably expect another cringy call in the morning.” – the Gamma Tetra girl was still not over theinsult.

“It was bad, wasn’t it? But, the thing is, I don’t care, but I also do.” – Rani tried to clumsily explain.

“I think that you care quite a bit more than you let on. Which is fine, it is kind of cute actually. Behind the confident persona you have some self-doubts.” – Molly could see right through her.

The conversation could not evolve much further from there, because the two girls were soon at the Omega Bi house and once again started making out.

They quickly made their way upstairs and went back to the room where they first fucked. This time Molly was the one that imitated the undressing. She took off the black V-neck t-shirt and threw it on the floor. Rani reciprocated, by removing Molly’s t-shirt. They both decided it would be easier to take off their pants, before climbing into the bed. Once done the two girls embraced each other, began making out and collapsed onto the bed. Rani wanted to go a little more ruff this time, so she started biting the blonde girl’s neck gently. She seemed to like and responded by unhooking her lover’s bra and then her own. Now that they were braless, they both also removed each other’s panties. Their breasts were touching, and Molly could feel the warmth and softness of Rani’s naked skin. She was not shy anymore and let her hands wonder. The blond was gently caressing Luci’s side, and began finding her way lower and lower. As soon as the blonde’s hand reached her lower abdomen the experienced girl could not help but shiver a little, with anticipation.

Molly’s hand moved back up, this time cupping Rani’s breast. She pinched her nipple and at the same time bit down on her tongue. It looked like they were both in for a little more hardcore session. Molly’s hand then resumed moving south, until she found Rani’s clit. She began rubbing it slowly at first, but then increased the speed. Not to be outdone the Omega Bi girl also found her lover’s clitoris and began playing with it. They continued to exchange kisses and bites for a little while, until Rani decided to take control of the situation. She put one of her legs between Molly’s, so that their pussies were touching and rubbing in one another. She was on top and dictated the rhythm.

Just like with anything in lesbian sex, scissoring is all about finding the right balance and rhythm. It was amazing how quickly the two girls found a way tomove, both in synch, pleasing the other and themselves. It was a slow beautiful dance, that slowly started to amp up. Soon their sweaty bodies were moving quickly and aggressively, rubbing in one another. Both of their vaginas were wet, and it was hard to tell whose juices were whose any more. Rani, who was on top had to take a break from the kissing and focus on the scissoring. Her orgasm was impending and hoped the other girl’s too. It became clear from the loud moans she was making that that was the case.

After a few more powerful thrusts the two girls finished each other off. They shared a few more sensual kisses after which Rani got off of Molly andthey cuddled for awhile.


After a lot of doubt, regrets and awkward situations the two girls finally got together again. It was great sex, but also much more than just that, for Rani. She realized that there was no point in caring what other people thought or talked about you, behind your back. Especially if it was people you did not really know and hang out with in the first place. As she was there, cuddling with Molly, she really felt dumb for almost not giving this cute blond chick, a second shot. The entire Greek system, Gamma Tetra and Omega Bi were just names, what really mattered were the people. Everyone in her own sorority had her own individual personality ant that was the case for all of the other sororities on campus. It was stupid to try and impose your view of a fraternity or sorority on every single individual that was a member. Molly was cool, fun and spontaneous, despite being a member of the otherwise boring Gamma Tetra.

Rani was glad she learned that lesson and that she and Molly hooked up for a second time. All of the insults and awkwardness were completely forgotten as soon as they fucked. They actually developed a more serious relationship, the longest that Rani had had at that point. The butch, disagreeable girl quickly learned that there was more to life than simply fucking random chicks at college parties. There was nothing bad about that per se, but there were certain things that could only be done and enjoyed with a partner you know and trust. She also quickly came to learn that sex became better once you fuck with somebody a bunch of times. The two girls experimented and had fun in many ways that one would simply not dare purpose to a one-night stand. A lot of kinky lesbian occurred between the two and Rani was glad Molly was just as much into it as she was.

But, perhaps the best part of them two seeing each other was not the naughty sex. Instead it was enjoying the simpler thing in life, the more mundane, but also intimate moments. Things like going to the coffeeshop, that Rani loved so much, together. Having a coffee there and sitting down, instead of taking it to go, made her love the place even more.

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