Tinder Date


 528  My name is Ahil, I’m 18 and I am small town guy belonging to rural areas of Punjab. I went to the city to live with my aunt for studies. When I started living in the city, I observed a lot of things that were happening there. Girls in my college would ask me…

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Staff room Converted into Bedroom


 473  My name is Haider and I go to private school. I am in grade 10th and my age is 17 years. I belong to a rich family and my family is very influential as well. I loved going to parties, getting high and of course, fucking girls. We had a very sexy teacher name…

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Pune Train Trip With My Girlfriend Sana


 495  It was the middle of August. My girlfriend of 4 years had come to see me in Mumbai. We were in a long distance relationship and keeping up with the physical meetup became quite difficult due to the hectic work routine of both of us. I used to work in a private company in…

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Late night fun with Father-in-Law


 809  I’m Suman and I’m a 38 year old married woman. I’m not much sexually satisfied with my Husband. My father in law always tried to touch me whenever I was in the kitchen or went to his room to give him something. One day I was feeling extremely horny and my husband was not…

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College Days Goa Trip Fun


 493  My name is Mohan and I’m a catalog photographer. I have my own photography studio and agency and I used to make a lot of portfolios for aspiring models. I’m a 5″6 inch guy with a slim but strong body. I always loved looking at beautiful girls pictures. So it turned into an ambition…

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Auntie Pussy Heated up in the Rally. Part-2


 381  Me- ma’am why don’t you have an affair with anyone    Vandana – No I can’t do that.  No matter what, I don’t want to cheat on my husband.    All these things had brought more boom in my cock.  And my cock was going up and down.  On which Vandana was being watched…

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Sex with the Widowed Professor Part – 2


 446  It had been 40 minutes after fucking, now I was about to fall.  So I said Archana, I am going to fall, then she said that I want to take water from your cock in the pussy, take out your cock and then she quickly lay down and dragged me on top of her…

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Sex with the Widowed Professor Part-1


 518  Hello friends, how are you all?  I hope you will be fine.  Friends, my name is Rinku. And I am 28 years old.   As you all know, I share the incident that happened on myself till all.  This story is also about a true incident in my life.  By the way, I am…

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Sickness of feet and Doctor Savita Treated my Cock


 382  Story of Lady Doctor Ki Chudai This incident is of the time when I was in engineering college, my name is Vinay and people fondly call me Binny.  I was 22 years old at that time and I used to play football for the college team.  I injured my leg during a match, I…

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Widow Aunt and Her Thirsty Pussy


 535  Tears started flowing from Aunt’s eyes. I also held her by the neck and said, I am an aunt and will not take care of you. Don’t you feel alone? Hearing this, she squeezed me harder. His nipples were very hard. My cock started getting hard now. And he felt it. Because my cock…

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Smooth Pussy Undressing of School Head-Mistress


 461  Madam shamelessly said what happened. Age is not seen in the game of pussy and cock. And anyway my pussy is very thirsty. For some young hard cock. Because my husband comes once in two years for a month or two and most of the time is spent in visiting relatives. That’s why my…

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