Threesome with Husband and His Friend


 230  My steamy threesome with my husband and his friend This is a story about my first engagement in a sexy threesome. I am happily married, My name is Priya and my husband is Ranbir. We have no children. But our sex life is great. I had a sexy figure and as a tall woman,…

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Student Fucked me Harder


 215  My Student Fucked me Harder Hi friends, I am Payal and I am a teacher at college. I am 37 years old but still in proper shape with radiant skin. I have taken divorce from my husband and I am single. My husband was abusive and a drug addict. But the main reason…

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Foursome Sex


 318  Our Sexy Foursome My name is Aisha, I am a banker. My husband is a businessman. This is a story of our couple swinging with our neighbors. I and Vikram are married for the past 7 years, we have two children. I am tall, a bit chubby with the sexiest pair of boobies. Vikram…

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Sex in Haveli


 267  Sex in Haveli with My Guard My name is Pooja and this is a tale of my steamy sex with one of my guards. We live in a city and my husband stays in London mostly. I am alone back here and manage little assignments for business assigned by my husband. We have a…

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Big Mistakes


 142  The Big Mistakes by Katrina in the USA Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of Young, shy Katrina guardedly ambled towards her supervisor’s office. It was a dreary and foggy Tuesday afternoon in late February and just minutes before quitting time at Hedwig and Sons, a dull textile firm, a longtime…

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Best Things of my Life


 148  The Best Three of Rahul’s life Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of My name is Rahul. In terms of my sexual escapades, I have been extremely lucky…or perhaps extremely unlucky. You, the reader, maybe the judge of that after you finish my short tale of torrid triumph. (Don’t you just…

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The Curious Moment


 162  The Anonymous & The Curious Moment Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of “Hello? Is anyone home?” My daughter, Tanni, had been talking to me about her upcoming party, but her mind had drifted. She was a junior in college, but her best friend Kristy was a senior this year and…

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Exchanging Naked Photos


 126  The amazing moment of exchanging naked photos Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of   The best present that Lima got from her grandparents for her 18th birthday was the voucher for a photoshoot at Harish’s Photo Studio. The week after her birthday she went for the shoot. She dreamt of…

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Two Thirsty Pussy Part-1


 154  Two Thirsty Pussy with one Cock part 1 My best regards to all the readers of Friends, this story is about the sex-chudai of my 2 aunts.  My name is Arnab.  I am 23 years old and my cock-penis is 7 inches.  I live in Surat, Gujarat. My younger aunt’s name is Nandini…

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My Thirsty Pussy


 175  My Thirsty Pussy:  And the three Cock of my Husband’s friends. Friends, my name is Payal.  My husband is a businessman.  He often goes out in connection with the business.   He had to go out like this once.  He was gone for two days.  A wedding invitation had come to us on the…

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My Thirsty Pussy Part 2


 177  My First Sex and My Thirsty Pussy Part 2 Now my virgin smooth pussy was in front of her.  I had already made a plan to fuck, so I had cleaned the hair of the pussy.  He told me- Baby your pussy is absolutely smooth.  Hearing this from Rudra’s mouth, I felt very happy.…

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Cock in My Juicy Pussy


 646  My teacher’s cock in my juicy pussy My warm greetings to the dear readers of   How are you guys? I hope you will be fine.  Friends, my name is Jannat Khan.  My height is 5, 5.  And my figure is 32-28-36.  My skin looks like an Englishwoman and absolutely milky white.  I…

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LandLord Aunty’s Love


 299  Landlady Aunty’s love – Makan Malkin Aunty ka Pyar   Hello friends, my name is Sahil. I live in a rented flat in Mumbai.  I am 28 years old and I am working.   This story is of me and my landlady (Makan Malkin) Sumita Aunty.   Sumita Aunty is 45 years old and…

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Forcefully Fucking


 166  What a quality time between Tara and Roy! Tara Bridges opened the door to her new apartment and breathed a sigh of relief. “Finally,” she thought, “Time to relax…” The room had the scent of freshness about it, a nice change from the heavier, musty smell of her old apartment. Tara held a cardboard…

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The Defloration Hurts a Lot


 231  Testing the Virginity of Kamola There are some things in life that are not planned. They just happen! My sister Kamola is 4 years older than me and we have never been really tight. We were just typical siblings with an age difference. We would fight all the time over just about anything, but…

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